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Last Updated: Monday, 22 March, 2004, 16:29 GMT
Have Your Say: Sex and the City
Sex and the City
The series has been running since 1998
The final episode of Sex and the City was shown in the UK on Friday, bringing the exploits of its four Manhattan socialites to an end.

In six years, they broke television taboos by bringing the sexual adventures of strong, single women into the open.

But the characters are now growing up and settling down, with Carrie - played by Sarah Jessica Parker - choosing between a life with Mr Big (Chris Noth) or artist Aleksandr Petrovsky (Mikhail Baryshnikov).

Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), Samantha (Kim Cattrall) and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) are also all off the singles circuit.

What do you think will happen to the fictional foursome now the story has come to a close? See a selection of your views below:

Nicely set for the movie. Carrie marries Big, Charlotte gets her baby (one way or another) and Miranda cares for her dying mother-in-law. Just don't kill off Samantha, she's a riot!
Trev, UK

It's just a TV show! For God's sake, get over it. It's fiction, so nothing will happen to the girls now. It's all made up!
Chris, Bristol, UK

I empathise with the fifth lady too!
Clare, Sandown

Everything is how it should be with the four girls. Sex and the City was the one and only programme that women could empathise with in some way. I guarantee that every woman has shared one thought or feeling with Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda. And, having just returned from New York I feel I empathise with the fifth lady too!
Clare, Sandown, Isle of Wight, UK

Andrew Lloyd Webber should turn it into a musical on Broadway - kind of a Les Mis/Chicago/Rent.
Chris, US (ex UK)

What an amazing end to the most exhilarating, innovative and true to life series! Friday nights will never be the same again!
Stuart, Edinburgh, UK

Sex and the city is Star Trek for girls
Mike Smith, Belfast

Sex and the city is Star Trek for girls, it appeals to the equivalent geek qualities. Instead of fighting with honour and starships to rid the galaxy of intergalactic racism they have inexplicable large incomes which they spend on shoes and refining the ultimate facile life. And by the way, they already are fashionably old, and more. Sometimes its like watching Ab Fab and CosMo collide.
Mike Smith, Belfast

A perfect ending to cult viewing, it made staying in on Friday night fashionable!
Jenny, Guildford

Sex and the City is a recipe for women for how not to be happy. They all will be single/divorced in 10 years' time.
Garbo, UK

I think there should be a reunion in about 10 years to see how they have all changed and if indeed they have at all. They should just do a few episodes, nothing too huge.
Natalie Raperport, London, England

Perhaps they should have done a Crossroads
Gerard, Dublin
I am very disappointed. It would have been more meaningful if Carrie left the show as a happy single woman sitting alone in a cafe planning a vacation.
Angela Smith, Washington DC

It was sad to see the show end but it had a good finale. I think the producers and writers of the show should do a reunion in about seven years. It would be great to see what will become of Carrie and Samantha.
Caroline McGann, Chelsea, London, UK

This series was designed to show a new type of living for a woman where they did not need a man but the ending showed all four women with a man. I am confused!
John, UK

The fictional foursome most likely will live a comfortable life of material luxury and high urban social standing. They will grow old with their creature comforts and each other, never questioning the ramifications of their existence. Sex in the City is about lives of privilege, a fantasy that most could never even imagine.
Quinn Haber, San Francisco

Perhaps they should have done a Crossroads, where Sarah Jessica Parker wakes up and it was all a dream, she is living with 15 children and only a pair of cheap, falling apart runners and torn trackies. Liked the series but, like Cheers, they will be able to replace it with something.
Gerard, Dublin

Their friendship spoke volumes, that's what made the show for me
Sabrina, London
My prediction? Judging by Samantha's hairdo and outfits in the final episode she's turning into Pat Butcher!
Rick, Oxford, UK

What I shall take with me is the fact that, although they may or may not be with their partners down the line, you're left with a feeling that these four women will always have each other. Their friendship spoke volumes, and that's what made the show for me.
Sabrina, London, UK

They should do a spin-off with Stanford, following him around with Carrie and co having guest appearances.
Joe, Birmingham, UK

I bet $10 that Big does the dirty on Carrie again.
Cynical, Essex, UK

I don't think any more episodes should be filmed. We should be content with six years of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte and it would be nice to imagine that all the characters find happiness in their relationships and their lives.
Kerry Southwaite

There are plenty of pastimes to choose from if the girls get bored. Making exciting things with paper, sorting out all those cupboards beneath the stairs. Oh, and needlepoint is a fabulous option.
Serena and Lee, Seaford, UK

Big will not change and Carrie will end up unhappy
Trudi, London
Rather than stay in on a Friday night and watch fictional characters - I've had a real life and been living the Sex and the City lifestyle for myself.
Alison, Aberdeen

John is confused that they all ended up with a man. That's life. Youngsters brag about not needing anybody - it is a mindset that is required to leave the nest. Then they grow up and suddenly realise life is wonderful if you share it.
R W K Gardiner, Kirkbymoorside, England

Big will not change and Carrie will end up unhappy that her relationship failed with him again. The girls will become remote due to the fact that Miranda will end up too involved in her marriage and family, Sam will end up just focussing on Smith and Charlotte will become a refuge for orphaned children.
Trudi, London, UK

What an awful ending, seemed so boring and didn't really seem to wrap things up. A shame really because the series was great.
Andrew Heath, UK

The ending shows life is great without a man but even better with one!
Rachel, Dewsbury
I think Carrie will marry Big and Sam will marry Smith, but I think that Sex and the City never should have stopped. It was a fantastic show.
Katie Whitehead, Halifax

It was great to see the ongoing lives, dramas, fun and fashion of four fabulous women. No ending was ever going to be good enough! Now that it's over we all have to stop pretending we're New York socialites and get on with real life - shock!
Lisa, Durham

Never before have I seen a programme so degrading and belittling of the male sex - it should have been taken off years ago instead of promoting blatant sexism.
Bob, Aberdeen, UK

I think the ending shows life is great without a man but even better with one! I reckon Carrie will stay with Big, Miranda and Steve will have more kids, Charlotte and Harry will adopt more children and Sam will stay with Smith. Even Sam could settle down... a bit!
Rachel, Dewsbury

I hated the show at first, my girlfriend used to make me watch it. Finally I got into it, about four episodes from the end. I think they will all settle down now, but I do think a film will be a good idea. Thanks for making my girlfriend happy and strong, you rock Sex in the City.
Guy Wickenden, Huddersfield, UK

They will discover food and balloon into the typical American's dimensions
Peter Hawkins, Belfast
Yes, they did all end up with men, but the important thing is that none of them ended up darning his socks.

This "modern" way of living is to portray a more independent way forward for single women who enjoy their sexual natures. It has been a joy to watch and great things have come of it.
Tim Singh, Bedford

They will discover food and balloon into the typical American's dimensions. The heels have to be reinforced to carry the weight.
Peter Hawkins, Belfast

The documentary beforehand showed people in Hollywood feeling the show had "made it OK to be late 30s and single". However, the message of the last show was... keep looking girls, he's out there. A sell out?
Matt, London, UK

How about a spin-off, only this time the women are actually believable characters i.e. they don't all have an infinite source of money and they actually do some work once in a while to earn what they do have? On a lighter note what I saw of the show was quite entertaining. I can name much worse American TV shows.
Nick, UK

I reckon the future will see Carrie and Big happily married with a couple of children; Steve and Miranda will also still be together and have further additions to their family. I think Charlotte and Harry will adopt just the one daughter, and Charlotte will return to work. It's more tricky to predict the future for Samantha and Smith. They are both gorgeous and they should have a lot of fun for the next few years anyway.
Angela Norman, Romsey, Hants

Samantha will join a group of nuns, Charlotte will open an orphanage, Miranda will become a shrinking housewife and Carrie will get old, going from one man to another, before running for Mayor of New York.
Roger, Wetherby

Are you sad to see the Sex and the City stars hang up their shoes?
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