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Last Updated: Friday, 30 January, 2004, 18:31 GMT
Your views: Peter Kay's soap role
Dolly (Janice Connolly), Shelley (Sally Lindsay) and Eric (Peter Kay)
Two's company but three's a crowd
Comedian Peter Kay makes a cameo appearance in Coronation Street on Friday night.

The Bolton-born performer sports a ginger wig to play Eric, a dithering drayman who takes pub landlady Shelley Urwin (Sally Lindsay) out on a date.

Kay has appeared in the long-running soap once before, as a fitter working in the corner shop in November 1997.

Did you see the show? Was Kay as entertaining as you expected? Did the story stretch credulity?

Send us your views on the form below.

I thought he was creepy and a real slime ball, played the part perfectly. I have to say that I felt very sorry for him. How many others out there are under the thumb of their mother ? I take my hat off to Mr Kay, a true star!!!
Danny Burrell, England

Brilliant. Total comedy. Corrie can't be taken seriously at the best of times, but this was the funniest thing for years.
Chris Whyatt, UK

Coronation Street is by far the best soap on TV, so to add Peter Kay to the mix was a stroke of genius. sheer brilliance.
Dave Miller, UK

I thought Peter Kay was fab and would like to see more of Eric in Corrie. I thought he went down a storm!!
Lisa Boocock, UK

Peter Kay was superb! He should be a permanent member of the Corrie cast
Katie, UK
I thought he was very funny and should become a regular. I liked that he was blunt and what he said to Shelley was laugh out loud hilarious.
Marina, England

Coronation Street has always had an old-fashioned sitcom feel to it and Peter Kay fits right in. It's a shame that his character was written, though not played, as such a stereotype.
Kate, UK

I think Kay is very overrated. Being chubby and cuddly is not the same as being funny. He is a one trick pony and I found his appearance in the street tedious - he couldn't hold his own among real actors.
Harry, Northampton

I saw him and although I love Peter Kay's work I thought that it came through that he is much better when he is performing his own work. I just didn't think he shone like he deserved to.
Bec, UK

Given the fact that there are hard working actors on the dole who would die for a part in this (or any other) soap I think it's wrong that comedians like Peter Kay are given prime jobs just for a ratings kick.
Martin, Northern Ireland

I thought it was smashing, funny and moving too. I know lads in situations like that with their mams and my heart goes out to all those Erics. I thought Janice Connolly was smashing as the mother. Something of the Julie Walters about her I thought.
Mrs. Barbara Nice, Great Britain

I thought Peter's character was very realistic - in fact the most realistic story portrayed in the soap that week. Peter brought humour and life into the character - it was believable, as was Shelly's response. I think it had the Phoenix nights humour about it.
Mark Kenyon, England

A breath of fresh air. It was nice to see some nice clean humour
Ian Hughes, Wales
Peter Kay was superb! He should be a permanent member of the Corrie cast.
Katie, UK

PK was excellent as always, despite his high profile outside Corrie he never let his ego or persona get in the way of the character or storyline. It was a classic exercise in how to bring in outside 'names ' into a long running soap without upsetting the balance of the ensemble. I hope he reappears soon.
Smike, London

Peter Kay has shown he is capable of taking on the persona of a multitude of characters with ease. Perhaps the new Peter Sellers?
John Shaw, England

Good character, loved the teeth and wig. I assume he had a hand in the script as bits of it were classic Kay!
Katherine Baynes, UK

Peter kay is the funniest bloke in Britain! Coronation Street has always been the most realistic of soaps because at least people can have a laugh at it, including Peter Kay in a role he so dearly relished was a masterstroke. Other soaps may be gritty but let's be honest, how depressing are they becoming? Peter Kay's marvellously dry delivery of some lines (such as to Shelley's mother about her neck giving her age away) were simply wonderful. His performance was brilliantly played for laughs and well done to Corrie for a brave what next - BBC's Ricky Gervais in EastEnders, don't think so do you?
Chris Hewitt, UK

Loved it... is was very good & very much in keeping with the programme's Northern humour!
Keith Lucas, UK

Pure Peter Kay comic genius. He played his character to the extreme yet he still remained a believable character. No-one does it like Peter Kay!! Brilliant.
Bryan Scott, UK

He was fantastic, absolutely hysterical, I bet filming was fun!!!! Hope this is the start of things to come, he will prove a great asset to the Street, fingers crossed for more of Eric and his mum.
Lisa Hardman, Manchester, England

I thought the cameo was an absolute gem, every bit as funny as Pheonix nights, Coronation Street were wise to have him!
John Rutherford, United Kingdom

A breath of fresh air. It was nice to see some nice clean humour.
Ian Hughes, Wales

Genius, He was very funny. Fair play to Corrie for writing him in.
Lee, Liverpool, UK

He was good, despite the bad wig and teeth. But I don't see the point in bringing in a character for just one episode
David, UK
I thought Peter Kay was brilliant! The real star on the street! It's a shame that he hasn't got a more permanent role.
Matthew, UK

Peter Kay was wonderful as Eric. I could not stop laughing when Eric's mother came in and totally embarrassed him! Bring him back for more!!
Sam Vine, UK

If Coronation Street needed something to boost the ratings, they've just had it! It's great to see a bit of comedy in soaps instead of moaning cockneys making cups of tea!
Jimmy Jash, UK

Whilst I doubt that Shelley would have gone out with someone so awkward as Eric it was a delight to watch this toe-curling episode. The props department deserve a special award for Eric's comedy wig and protruding teeth. Peter Kay and Sally Lindsay were excellent, I loved the bit about the 'leaves' having blown onto his plate. Hilarious TV.
Lindsay, England

The best episode in a long time! I was laughing at all his appearances. Made Coronation Street that bit closer to being like Phoenix Nights - which in my opinion is one of the best comiedies ever!
David Lewis, Shetland, UK

He was good, despite the bad wig and teeth. But I don't see the point in bringing in a character for just one episode. They even had to get someone else to ask Shelley out on his behalf. Coronation Street really should leave the gag-casting to soaps that need it.
David, UK

I love Coronation Street for the humour that runs through just about every story line. The cameo appearance of Peter Kay was just another comedy element to the programme and I found it funny. If you want to be serious about your telly watch something else. I love the light hearted Northern humour....reminds me of home.
Anna, Scotland

Fits the bill perfectly, I'm even considering watching the programme now!
Paul Harris, England

I thought it was fantastic. He played the part to perfection!
Jonny, UK

Excellent. Slightly disappointed that with the restaurant scene there wasn't any garlic bread or cheesecake ordered
Jason Spencer, London
Brilliant piece of work by the boy Kay. Exactly what I would have expected from him. I laughed out loud.
Steve Redfearn, England

Bye eck, he wasn't arf bad, was he?
Rob Dilks, Guildford, UK

Peter was excellent! Corrie is the perfect soap vehicle for this sort of humour... I don't think it would've worked half as well in 'Enders. Corrie historically gets away with storylines like this and I hope Peter's cameo will lead to a Friends-like influx of celebs wanting cameo roles. Well done to all the actors in those scenes and well done to the writers for resisting the temptation to mention garlic bread, rola cola, big lights or cheesecake. Bravo Peter and The Street!!
Jakki, UK

Another example of soap-writers using a quick-fix of a known celebrity in order to make up for dire and dull story-lines. Just as EastEnders is doing too.
Jason Anderson, United Kingdom

Being a big fan of Peter Kay I was looking forward to seeing his appearance in Corrie and he didn't disappoint. He was warm and funny and his wooing of Shelley was classic. Am looking forward to seeing him in Corrie again. Brilliant stuff!
Ian Cole, UK

Excellent. Slightly disappointed that with the restaurant scene there wasn't any garlic bread or cheesecake ordered.
Jason Spencer, London, UK

The funniest episode of Coronation Street since Reg Holdsworth popped his waterbed. Peter Kay is a national treasure. Top stand up comic and top actor. My heart broke when Shelley kissed him goodbye. Let's hope he pops into the street again some time in the future. Classic line: "It's the neck, that's the give-away."
Darren Cox, United Kingdom

Brilliant. A natural actor who looked at ease. Lovely to see Janice Connolly playing the mother. Bring the pair of them in on a regular basis and I may start watching Corrie again!
Emma, UK

I thought that Peter Kay's cameo in Coronation Street should be the first of many, but each time he should come back as a different character. Maybe there should be 2 Peter Kay characters competing for Shelley's affections!
Maurice Taylor, United Kingdom

An amusing cameo performance full of pathos and well acted. Comic asides are nothing new in the soaps so I don't think it matters if the plot was a bit unlikely (a lot of soap storylines these days are!)
Matthew, North Yorkshire, UK

Absolutely hilarious as per usual. Loved the wig too. Peter Kay, I salute you.
Hannah, Cardiff, UK

Peter was really great tonight. He reminded me of a younger Brian Potter, and it was nice to see Janice Connolly ('Phoenix Nights' Holy Mary) making an appearance with him. I thought that some of Peter's lines - especially concerning the salad - were brilliant.
Richard Wainman, Poulton-le-Fylde, England

I thought he was fantastic, the funniest character and the most believable situation the Street has had for years!
Stephen Gordon, UK

Hilarious! Reminds me of the weirdo next door!
Zak, Leicester, UK

That was quite possibly the weirdest thing I've ever seen.
Becky, UK

What more can I say that hasn't already been said? Brilliant, especially the script which I believe he had a part in writing. Although I was waiting for him to order some garlic bread in the restaurant...
Jo, Wales

Did I see the show? Yes. Was Kay as entertaining as you expected? Oh yes - if a little predictable. Did the story stretch credulity? Indeed it did, but in the Street, anything goes. Priceless stuff - Kay had his pen all over those lines.

I thought for Coronation Street it was a massive coup to get someone of his talent on the show. He is of course very funny regardless of how small the part was. it just felt a little bit gimmicky and staged to be totally successful however they should have kept it a secret the surprise element was gone before the episode started.
Alex, Scotland

Peter Kay's performance was a lesson in hitting every comic beat. Surely everybody's gonna say this, but his cameo embodied Coronation Street at its best: hilarity and sadness juggled with great skill to great effect.
Bob Creggan, Ireland

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