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Last Updated: Friday, 21 November, 2003, 10:24 GMT
Liquid News show axed in shake-up
Claudia Winkleman
Claudia Winkleman is a regular presenter
BBC Three's flagship entertainment show Liquid News is being axed, as bosses decide to refresh the digital channel.

Station controller Stuart Murphy said "tough decisions" had been made over its future to ensure the audience was being best served.

The programme, presented by Claudia Winkleman and Paddy O'Connell, will end in April 2004.

Liquid News was originally presented by Christopher Price, who died in 2002 from a rare brain disease.

Mr Murphy said on Wednesday: "I'm really proud of what Liquid News has achieved in the four years it has been on air.

"During that time it had passion and irreverence for celebrity in equal measure and brought the smiles of pain and amusement to those either side of the celebrity divide.

"However, BBC Three is a constantly evolving channel and tough decisions have to be made to make it constantly refresh its output to best serve the audience."

Christopher Price
Former presenter Christopher Price died in April 2002

Walk out

Winkleman and O'Connell will continue to work on BBC Three projects.

The show's history has seen it evolve from the late-night Zero 30 slot on BBC News 24 before transferring to BBC Choice, which was later relaunched as BBC Three.

Shortly before they split, pop group S Club walked out of a Liquid News studio interview when they were asked how much money they had earned during their career.

This line of questioning upset their PR representative who came on to the set and called a halt to the interview.

During the summer Liquid News announced that it had appointed its own David Beckham correspondent to track the footballer as he left Manchester United to join Real Madrid.

Will you miss Liquid News when it comes off air in April? Should it have been scrapped? What have been the highlights and lowlights of the show?

BBC News Online users sent in their views.

As a channel I feel BBC3 is underused, but to axe the only show worth watching is madness. I dont know anyone who does not enjoy Liquid news. All the spin about 'refresshing changes' is completely unconvincing.No doubt they are desperate to commsion more house buying/reallife/ z-list celeb reality programmes. Tragic.
Steven Cargill, Scotland

BBC3's schedule: rubbish rubbish rubbish *Liquid News* rubbish rubbish Nice job bbc, please increase the license fee even more.
Ian, England

What are they playing at? This is the only show I like on BBC3. In fact, I cannot think of anything else BBC3 actually show! Can You? If anything, I thought this should have been moved to prime time BBC1!
Paul Evans, Scotland

What??!!?? AXED!!! How can this be??? It is one of the BEST shows on BBC Three (apart from Little Britain)! All there will be now is repeats of BBC One and Two shows. What is the point of that? We already have three UK Gold channels!!! Please please please keep it!! My evenings will not be the same without Claudia and the gorgeous Paddy!!
David Howe, Belfast, UK

I have been watching Liquid News for several years, and admittedly although the programme has lost some of its spark since losing the immense talents of Christopher Price, it is still the most consistently watch-able programme on BBC3. I don't feel the show has been helped by its presenters changing or appearing sporadically. I think Claudia and Paddy should have been given more of a chance to develop a rapport, as the show's very premise is its irreverent and casual style. Some people may dislike the frothy nature of the show... I adore it for exactly what it is. Little Britain is now my only reason to watch BBC3, and I'm slap bang in the centre of the channel's target demographic. I feel that to axe Liquid now is to needlessly discard years of work building a brand and an audience, when the show could easily be tweaked to regain its spark.
Alex Bayley, UK

Liquid News was half an hour of mindless fun, however some of the shows seemed to be somewhat padded out. Let's hope the channel will find another show for Claudia as she is BBC3's only star.
Jason D'Arcy, England

I'm really sad at this news and simply can't understand it. This is only programme I watch on BBC3, I watch it every day it on and will miss it loads. Please reconsider.
Simon T, UK

Very sorry to hear that this entertaining programme is to end.
Mrs Gill Walker, UK

The lustre of the show disappeared with Christopher Price and his irreverent, sharp and cheeky-but-warm humour
Ade Adeolu, UK
It was very missable - rubbish in fact. No, I shall not miss it at all. Is this the beginning of the end of dumbing down?
Ian, UK

NO! the BBC shouldnt be wasting money on mindless puff like this. Its like a TV version of a gutter rag, and I'm surprised the BBC tried to afford it some sort of "flagship" status on it.

Are you mad? Its one of the few things I goto BBC3 for!
Paul Grimshaw, UK

Will i miss it? Claudia is frankly a comedy genius, never failing to make me chuckle however long the day has been! It's one bad move was to change time slots: that left on Emmerdale to fill the 7pm gap, which i replaced with the gym. sadly.
Harriet, uk

I'd miss Liquid News if Christopher Price was still doing it and I guess that is the reason I do not watch it any longer - everyone who has been brought in to fill his shoes seems to be far too wooden.
Keith Tomlinson, UK

As it happened, I started misssing the programme after the untimely death of Christopher Price. I don't think the show ever recovered from that blow. It just goes to show what a brilliant presenter he was. His replacements made heroic efforts but for me, the lustre of the show disappeared with Christopher Price and his irreverent, sharp and cheeky-but-warm humour. he show should have been axed a lot sooner!
Olu Adeolu, uk

It simply wasn't the same without the irreplaceable Christopher Price.
Philip Barber, UK

I have watched and enjoyed the programme, but not every edition. BBC3 is a channel that I watch occasionally, but then I am not part of the target audience (being too old!)
Geoff Woodfield, England

There's just so much entertainment news coverage out there, it'll hardly be missed
John, UK
Liquid News is great, but in my honest opinion, it was better prior to the tragic death of Christopher Price. As a result a new show would be much better, IE lay the old one to rest.
Stewart Gilray, UK

It was great fun to watch but (easy as it is to say, I know) it really wasn't the same after Christopher Price died. He really was Liquid News.
Paul, Essex, UK

Liquid News shouldn't go! It is a dedicated follower of fashion-victims; celebrating celebrities while also clobbering them. It has struggled since the tragic loss of Christopher Price, but the programme is great because it pops lots of the bubble-heads parading as celebs. This was Price's forte.
Alan Davidson, London, UK

Claudia Winkelman is refreshing and funny, please make sure that you continue to use her.
Sonia Sawula, England

Many of the shows I've seen on the internet have been quite trivial and rude. I don't really enjoy that kind of "news". I have nothing against using humor and irony when reporting entertainment news, heaven knows some celeb stories absolutely require it, but much of the reporting on Liquid becomes sophmoric and unfair. I have stopped watching unless someone very interesting is being shown. I also think it's wrong for Liquid to "set up" celebrities or stalk them [as with Becks]. This is an interjection of fake, constructed coverage that is quite inappropriate.
Marilee, USA

I can only suspect that the people who have decided to axe it are the same people who insist on showing 15 year old sitcoms/comedies on a Saturday night!
Rebecca Rees, UK
Quite simply... what the hell are the BBC doing?! It's as though Stuart Murphy has pressed the self destruct button to make his mark in some way. Perhaps he feels he needs to do something drastic to make him a tough controller? Liquid News is the one programme that makes BBC Three, BBC Three. Without it, well, what is BBC Three? A mess!
Dan, UK

Not really. There's just so much entertainment news coverage out there, it'll hardly be missed!
John, UK

Nooooo! Ridiculous decision. Have you tried to watch the rest of BBC3's output? This and Celebdaq are the only things worth watching. It's been treated horribly, moved slots dozens of times, but it's still about the only celeb prog on UK TV - and is actually worth watching! Keep Liquid!
David, Scotland

LN is meant to be a flagship programme on BBC3, yet it hasn't been promoted at all. I've seen the promotions for Digital television, and what gets used to promote BBC3? EastEnders. Pathetic. Where else can you get a 5 nightly LIVE television programme covering the enetertainment news in such a way that doesn't involve sucking up to the stars and pandering to their over-inflated egos?? Liquid News is sharp, exciting, funny, irreverent but grossly undervalued. I will be very sad to see it disappear, it's one of the few programmes currently worth watching on BBC3. My only hope is that they don't do the same to Celebdaq.
Wai Ming Lee, UK

Good job it's going - it was trivial rubbish! Let's hope for a more intellegent and interesting replacement - please.
brian, england

I am devastated .. this programme should be getting promoted onto BBC1 OR 2... not axed.. great entertainment in a quirky, still innovative style
Tickly, UK

Liquid News was never as good after the tragic loss of Christopher Price, but with Claudia Winkleman and the lovely Paddy O`Connell had found it`s feet again. I`ll miss it.
Pete Jacobs, UK

I can't believe Liquid is going to disappear all together. It's one of the few entertainment programmes that does not take itself too seriously and is not afraid to take the mic out of silly celebrities. Although it has to be said that Christopher Price is still sadly missed, in many ways he made the show... it was really his show, and it's always been difficult for others to take over.
Ant, UK

I will absolutely miss Liquid News. I can only suspect that the people who have decided to axe it are the same people who insist on showing 15 year old sitcoms/comedies on a Saturday night! What are they thinking!!!
Rebecca Rees , UK

Liquid News is the only programme worth watching on the pitiful BBC3. Stuart Murphy is a buffoon
Lynne, England
This is a crass stupid mistake that is being made. Liquid is an excellent programme which really enables the viewer to get behind popular culture. I will miss it greatly. I assume the Executive responsible for this act will get an enormous pat on the back from the entertainment industry for this. Mad simply mad.
Chris Rowe, UK

Liquid News is practically the only show I ever watch on BBC3 - the decision to axe it just beggars belief. Are the people in charge *really* this out of touch?
Jamesy, UK

Please don't axe the show. It's the best thing on BBC Three, the channel will die without it.
Anthony, uk

One of few good shows is being taken off air while the other trash stays on. Ludicrous! Graham
Graham Price, UK

I only watch Liquid News,Monkey Dust, and Little Britain on BBC3. All the programmes are either repeats or nondescript! I will be very sorry to see it go.
Joanne, UK

I will miss Liquid news as it has all the right showbiz
Scott , Reading , Royal County of Berkshire

I used to love Liquid News back in the hay days with the late Christopher Price. But ever since Paddy's wooden style and Clauida's unprofessionalism took over, the atmopshere in the studio was dead and the show went completely downhill. The show was cut to just 4 nights a week rather than 6 nights and I lost interested. However, I love the 'unique' angle of analyising some events, such as the whole S Club split, it was very inspiring. (I give Claudia credits for that) Still, I much perfer to watch E! News which is available on Sky digital anyway. Presenters on E! are more fun and natural.
Hector, England

How fickle our world of Celebdaq culture.
Adam, England

Only show I watch on BBC 3. The best show on digital tv.
Richard, UK

Liquid News uniquely satified our thirst (whether you admit being interested or not) for the most up to the minute tittle-tattle, served with a healthy dose of cynisism and, most of all, humour. A slightly anarchic studio atmosphere gave it the kick of Tiswas, complete with laughing crew. A complete joy to watch, of late. I won't be the only viewer who has watched Liquid News (and previously Zero30) from the beginning, and stayed with it through its painful transition period; following the sudden and tragic death of Christopher Price. The current teaming of Claudia and Paddy (with their correspondents) has brought the show back to its peak. For Stuart Murphy to have chosen to axe the programme as it is now, one can only surmise that he doesn't actually watch it. Shame on him.
Gavin Scott, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Mad. Mad. Mad. Liquid News is the only programme worth watching on the pitiful BBC3. Stuart Murphy is a buffoon.
lynne, england

Why are you doing this BBC? This is the only good show currently on BBC Three and you are axing it! I have been a fan of the show since BBC Choice and I love it, it's a real shame it's coming to and end. I now have no reason to watch BBC Three when the show ends in April. To say I am disapointed is an understatment. Shame on you BBC Three.
Peter White, England U.K

I can't bear to see the male presenter try to be cool when he was recently doing boring business news, it just looks like 'is that the best the BBC can get?
Jane Turvey, UK
It died with Christopher Price. The show was his baby and they never found a replacement for him. The current presenters are wooden. There are a number of showbiz/gossip shows that do well here in the USA. The BBC should steal the format from one of them.
Grahame Waite, USA (ex UK)

The decision to axe Liquid News is pure madness.
David Powner, England

To date, nothing on BBC3, not least Liquid News has encouraged me to tune in this digital TV channel. I find a lot of programming on BBC Three lacks depth and the slick and cutting edge of programmes on BBC1 and BBC2 and indeed some programmes on BBC4. I for one welcome the axing of Liquid news and encourage a further re-structuring of the whole BBC3 line up. I hope the channel evolves in a more fluid, accessible and appealing venture which offers more quality, and less tittle-tattle and dumbed down programming.
Kaustav Bhattacharya, UK

I never really liked this programme. I always thought of it as something that should have been on Channel 5 rather than a BBC channel.
Morgan, UK

I think it's good that Liquid News is being axed. It's boring. The presenters are dull and I can't bear to see the male presenter try to be cool when he was recently doing boring business news, it just looks like 'is that the best the BBC can get?' Why not get someone who knows about the scene? Anyway, there are other better shows around for media and music gossip and Liquid News was a poor second rate show. But keep up the good work!
Jane Turvey, UK

What the hell are BBC Three going to show now, More crap like Fighbox and more geeky battle robots rubbish. I cant believe this is their target audience.
Paul Merrick, England

Liquid News' days were numbered as soon as Paddy got the hot seat. A Celeb gossip show fronted by a man who seemed to hate not relish the idea of both celebrity and gossip was bound to die. A gem has been turned into a dull stone. Paddy is why we all turned off. Christopher's legacy deserved better. If Liquid news does not have a place on BBC3, please dear lord, drop Celebdaq too.
TJ, Scotland

We do want some intersting insights - with humour. Not repetitively sneery,'Well, they made a prat of themselves today Ho, Ho!'
Louis Tallo, UK
Don't do it! Liquid News is a show that no other broadcaster would do......very high quality entertainment journalism. It's the best show on digital tv!!!!!
Jamie, Leicester

No. It was trash.
Kevin Wyatt, UK

Nooooooooooo Liquid News can't be axed. Its BBC3's flagship programme, Claudia and Paddy do a fantastic job and the show is great stretch out on the sofa,un-plug brain and be thoroughly entertained for half hour tv. Come on Stuart Murphy get a grip and realise what you've got.
Michael, England

Claudia and Paddy are the quirkest, most intelligent presenters on TV. They are the reason I watch Liquid News, not the actual content. Same goes for Fame Academy. Claudia was more entertaining than the singers and judges. I love the irreverant tone of Liquid News. I will miss it. The worst shows were with Jo Wiley. She seemed uncomfortable in the role. I don't understand why the show is being axed. It has cult status and hasn't really been given a chance.
Sheena , UK

You idiots! It's the best thing on BBC3 by far. Why scrap your best show?
Dave Ballard, England

Why axe this when you can axe Burn-It, Grass and stop showing the same Stupid Punts over and over and over!
Mark Hilton, England

Are you mad? Liquid News is the ONLY reason anyone watches BBC Three. Paddy is an absolute gem, quirky, funny and sexy, Claudia is a real girls girl, her sense of humour is both unique and extremely funny. Liquid News will be a sad, sad lose to the station and may well signify the demise of BBC Three as a credible televison channel.
Linda, United Kingdom

Obviously this programme was far too good!
Richard Tew, UK

Five will probably take it over as Hotliquid News, like the Top Gear fiasco
James Crabb, England

Stuart Murphy needs to seriously rethink his decision. Take away the programmes that are re-broadcast on other BBC channels and Liquid news is simply the only thing worth watching on BBC Three. And if it's low ratings that are the problem then why is it on at 8.00pm? It's original 7.00 o'clock slot was far more accessible. I suggest we petition the BBC, Parliament and the UN! Don't let Murphy take our Liquid away!
Robert Jones, UK

Bit quick to revamp isn't it? The channel that the BBC so longed for not doing too well? tut tut waste of licence fee.
Paul W, UK

You never get bored watching Liquid News - the programme does not date and is one of the best on BBC3.
Lisa Crowe, UK

I have not watched Liquid News since the sad passing of Chistopher Price and I suspect there were many like me. He made the programme his own and he is more missed than the show will be.
John Jenkins, Wales, UK

No. How can you have little bit famous people slagging off those who are famous - relentlessly? It's just so tacky. Most presenters do it because they are pushed to by their producers -who are actually the ones who resent the fame - which they don't have themselves! The best producers have recognised that simple fact - had the therapy and help those who are "on" to be even better! We don't want shows produced by PR people. We do want some intersting insights - with humour. Not repetitively sneery,"Well, they made a prat of themselves today Ho, Ho!"
Louis Tallo, UK

If a show's not pulling an audience then I guess that's that. But Claudia and Paddy have been an absolutely brillant partnership who've made me laugh out loud numerous times - something I didn't think I'd do at Liquid News again since the death of Christopher Price. I'll miss 'em.
Pat Sissons, UK

What! Apart from watching programmes a month or two they appear on mainstream television, Liquid News is really the only programme I watch on the channel! I do admit that Liquid News hasn't been the same since the tragic death of Christopher, but Liquid News has an edge to entertainment news which no other programme has. I for one will miss it!
RS, England

I don't think it should have been moved from its early evening 19:00 slot earlier in the year. How many viewers did the show gain or loose moving it to 20:00? It's a shame the programme's going and I will miss it.
George Palmer, uk

I will miss liquid news, funny, live, current. But I wont be missing liquid assets (the liquid news compilation show) repeat repeat repeat repeat... need I go on?
Lee Clegg, Manchester, UK

I think its digusting that Liquid News is being 'axed'. They need to kep it going in memory of Christopher Price.
Hannah Wilkinson, England

It is the only decent programme on BBC Three
Antony Marsh, UK
Its awful to see the license fee rising again, and then next we are told that what my friends and I beleive to be a fabulous show is being axed, what will it be replaced with, perhaps more episodes of that dire show "two pints of lager and a packet of crisps" which is a sheer waste of money, axe these shows Mr Murphy and leave us the ones we like. BBC Three was supposed to be innovative but looks like it is losing the way, its beginning to feel like the "tory party", continuing to change, but in doing so it is losing its supporters by trying to be something it is not!!
Gordon, UK-Glasgow

Bang out of order! This will kill BBC3 as Liquid is the only thing worth watching. Paddy is a genious and the parring with Claudia works well. The 8.00pm slot has killed the show.
Dave, UK

I am really disappointed by this decision. A lot of the output on BBC3 is, to put it mildly, pointless rubbish. Liquid News is must-see television and the presenters are what makes it work. It is the one celebrity-oriented show that has the kind of perspective that ordinary people have and it's the only BBC3 programme that I regularly choose to watch. If it's scrapped then there won't be any reason to go to that channel. Shame on Stuart Murphy!
Malso, United Kingdom

Thank god that waste of tax-payers money has been taken off the air. How about you commission some more cutting edge comedy -like Monkeydust - instead of appealing to the lowest common denominator? What is BBC Three for anyway? Is it meant to appeal to 16-25 year olds by showing pointless programmes about celebrities? How about the BBC applies its public service remit to BBC Three, deciding to commission some intelligent and thoughtful programming - not uninspired garbage like 'Liquid News'!!!
jack johnson, England

It is a very funny and witty show and should be on BBC1. I can't understand why it is getting the axe.
Bill, UK

I think the whole of BBC3 should be scrapped. It is a waste of licence payers money. It offers nothing that is not done better by other channels.
Alan, UK

In my opinion, Liquid News is the only thing keeping BBC Three on air. Axing it would be a major blow to the fans who have watched it from the start.
Rob Francis, UK

This is a ridiculous decision - if the BBC trying to attract a younger audience and think Liquid News doesn't fit that profile then they are barking up the wrong demographic. Stop trying to be so smart and focus group-led - put Liquid News back on at 7pm when it doesn't clash with other entertainment programmes and wait for the audience to return
Carolyn, UK

I can't believe that Liquid News is being axed. It is the only decent programme on BBC three. There is clearly a gap in the market place for a celebrity news programme and liquid news filled that briliantly. Instead of pampering to the requirements of PR and spin and plugging media savvy celebrities the programme was refreshingly dry and the undertones of the presenters made it highly amusing. Might as well return my freeview box now, as there is never anything else to watch.
Antony Marsh, UK

Oh Winkleman,
How we care for Winkleman,
What will we do now she's gone lonesome?
Somehow I feel done in son.
Has for Colin - Topski.
Will we ever hear from Manoush Zomorodi again?
Steph West you're the best.
As for Paddy - after intense therapy I can just about deal with you now.
All the best
I'll miss my 8 o'clock slot (though I always preferred 7 - it's such an underrated time of day).
Dave Thorpe, Wales

That is a real shame - I will miss the show, I love the fact that its live and I love Paddy. I hope that it's replaced with something equally entertaining!
alison, uk

This programme was an exercise in excruciating banality from the outset. I'm glad it's being axed.
Andrew Knight, England

Madness! It's the only programme I watch on BBC 3.
Jeremy, UK

To be honest the show never really recovered from when Chris Price died, he really gave the show something which no one since has been able to replicate, it just goes to show how important a presenter is to the long term success of a show.
Alan Harrison, manchester uk

This is very disappointing news of what seems like an extremely strange decision. Is this a publicity stunt? Liquid News is one of the only BBC3 shows I watch that is exclusive to the channel. It is an often hilarious, seemingly popular, unique show, with no obvious other channel rival. The only thing that has annoyed me about it recently has been the introduction of Paddy O'Connell as host, he just doesn't feel right. Anyway, could it not possibly be saved in another format, perhaps as a weekly edition or as extension to the exiting BBC3 news show?
Mark Finnie, United Kingdom

Will I miss it? NO. Since Christopher Price's untimely death ths show has gone from bad to worse..and why oh why did they give the job to the annoying Celebdaq bloke (possibly the worst presenter ever). At least the balding Scottish bloke was occasionally amusing.
Martyn, Manchester, UK

Liquid News was the best thing on BBC 3. I hope you will keep Claudia and Paddy.
Emily Evans, Britain

What a stupid mistake, I suppose it will be replaced by a show with DIY/Gardening/House buying theme. Neither Stuart Murphy or anyone with a clipboard has every asked me or anyone I've ever met what I watch. Fools!
Jez, England

I really enjoyed the banter between Colin Patterson & Claudia Winkelman (very witty) - the subject matter is of course ridiculously trivial, but Liquid News is perfect for that "winding down after work / cooking dinner" time. It's a pity BBC3 changed the slot from 7pm to 8pm and a disaster if they choose to axe it entirely. How about cancelling the Jordan documentaries instead?
Tessa, UK

Whilst not a regular viewer, it is the only show I ever really watch on BBC3 - and the Liquid News loop is one of the only BBCi interactive services I use. A real shame.
John E, UK

Well it looks like people are interested in Liquid News (judging by the responses) whether they love or hate it. Me - I think it is one of the best things on BBC3 and I'm not convinved the Beeb/Stuart Murphy have thought this one though. I disagree with many who have lauded the late Christopher Price...for me the show is much much better with Paddy and Claudia. If they do axe Liquid News they better not touch Celebdaq...Paddy (subtle comic genious by the way), the cheeky Libby Potter and the remarkably smooth Richard Mackney make Friday nights on BBC3 worthwhile! SAVE LIQUID NEWS!!!
CW, Scotland

It beggars belief. The best thing on BBC3 and thay axe it. Another great management decision. Do they not realise it is virtually the only programme anyone watches on BBC3
Garry, UK

I can think of a few things on BBC 3 that should be axed and Liquid News is not one of them!
James Cardwell, UK

I'm really surpised Liquid News is to be axed. The presenters are witty and they understand their audience. It's the only thinking-person's celebrity gossip show around.
Julie Green, UK

The more important question is what is the BBC trying to achieve with digital television. BBC3 is dominated by the Eastender repeats, behind the scenes Eastenders etc BBC3 does not even broadcast during the day even at weekends. Are there not enough hours in the archive because quality BBC programmes are now sold directly to satelite channels? Is this how the BBC see BBC3 continuing?
Michael, England

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