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Last Updated: Monday, 1 September, 2003, 11:26 GMT 12:26 UK
Rolling Stones gig: Your Views
Mick Jagger
Jagger recently celebrated his 60th birthday in Prague
The Rolling Stones played the first UK gig of their world tour in their hometown of Twickenham on Sunday.

The first concert was meant to be performed on Saturday but had to be postponed due to Mick Jagger's sore throat.

Did you go to the gig on Sunday? What did you think? This debate is now closed but please see below for a selection of your comments.

Fantastic, what more can I say?!! It was my first Stones gig, and it was plain to see why they have lasted so long. It was a great atmosphere throughout, and certainly everyone around me was having a great time. Mick was in fine form, so full of energy... hard to believe that the previous night had to be cancelled due to his ill health! Not just Mick though, the whole band were great. Really enjoyed Starsailor too. Sunday night will last in my memory for a very long time!!
Matt, UK

The Stones put on a great high energy performance, however it was such a shame that from where we were sitting the sound was terrible. Most of the time all we could hear was vocals, some bass and drums. I could almost understand it if we were right at the back and high up, but we were in block 14, a few rows up in line with the half way line. So my message to Mick n'Keef would be thanks for a fab show but get yourself a new sound engineer!
Rob, UK

Fantastic show from beginning to end although I'd have been even happier if they'd dropped "You Can't Always ..." and done "Midnight Rambler" instead.

I'm now looking forward to getting hold of a recording or DVD and seeing them at Wembley. The Astoria tomorrow night should be amazing.

Highlights; "Sympathy for the Devil", "Gimme Shelter" and "Street Fighting Man".
Kevin Allen, UK

What a superb concert. I sat there like an excited kid as the band came on. Having seen the boys many times it's plain to see and hear they just get better and better. I have loved the band from day one. Playing at Twickenham stadium as a world famous success story contrasted emotionally with their early Richmond gig days when such a spectacular performance could not have been forseen.

Twickenham was musically and visually spectacular although I'm unsure if the stadium is a good rock venue accoustically. Although, at times, vocally weighted toward Lisa and Keith, Mick's voice was clearly fine. A particularly nice insight was gained through the mini camera attached to the neck of Ronnie's guitar. On a smaller second stage, a wonderful performance in the centre of the pitch bought us all closer to the band. A spectacular show by a much loved band. 11 out of 10.
Hugh Clarke, England

Fantastic concert, superb show and to top it all off my wife and I got upgraded due to ticket allocation errors and managed to end up 3 yards from Mick and the boys for their unexpected performance on the stage within the crowd. The night ended with my wife catching one of Charlie's drumsticks, whew, what a night to remember!
Mark, England

Absolutely superb show, the best I've been to. Paint It Black was amazing...I had a seat near the back and the sound was crystal clear, which compared to other big concerts I've attended was a surprise.
Tom, England

It was fab! Never seen them live before, am still reeling from Sunday's gig!! It felt very short, but they obviously packed a lot in!!

I saw the Stones at Wembley three years ago, they were superb. Again on Sunday they were out of this world, although I agree that Twickenham is not the place for rock concerts, the acoustics are all wrong. A lot of the songs, you couldn't hear what Mick was singing, but wasn't the band's fault. They were visually amazing, full of energy, and Mick does knock Robbie into a cocked hat, he's still got it at 60! Rock on, here's to the next concert!!!!
Helen Cook, UK

Jagger, Richards & the band are the best - some of the sound up high up in the wings may well have been lost at Twickenham but still better acoustics than at Wembley - may the Stones long continue - we love you!
Sara Jalovaara, Twickenham, UK

I saw the Stones on Sunday and I was blown away by the energy. We had 150 tickets and we were nice and close to all the action. But the sound, in my opinion, was awful. When Mick spoke, it was just lost in echo. It was a great show, but the lack of sound quality took something away from what should have been a really great gig.
Ed Tombs, England

Scintillating, exciting, brash full of driving rock and brimming with experienced talent. Phenomenal concert with extrovert staging to complement the performances. Yes, expensive, but value for money for one of the groups that provided my teen years with inspiration. Jagger a little unbalanced vocally earlier on but the sound desk soon put that in order. His energy through the whole set was staggering. If you don't see the Stnes once in your life you are missing out.
Barry Thompson, England

Absolutely fantastic! I went with two generations of my family and we did not stop dancing. It was an electric atmosphere and nothing can ever make me forget 50,000 fans singing to Can't Get No Satisfaction. The bands of today just don't compare.
Anneka Mallins, UK

Never been to a 'Stones' concert before but had to go see them asthe concert was on my doorstep. Tickets were a birthday present for my husband. Although we stood for the whole show and, two hours prior, the aching feet were well worth it. The show was fantastic and a good venue given the right combination of band and stage set up. The graphics, sound and lighting were excellent, let's have more music at Twickers. The Stones knock spots off other groups and you wouldn't believe they are well over 50. Keep on Rolling.
Suzanne from Twickenham, UK

Absolutely blown away! I had reservations about paying what I thought was a high ticket price (75) but am now convinced it was value for money. The fact they still have both the energy and inclination to perform to that level demands utmost respect. Never seen them before Sunday and had quite a traumatic day ensuring I got there on time but can't wait to see them again - anyone got any spare tickets!!?
Simon Phillips, UK

It was the first time I'd ever seen the Stones perform on Sunday and i certainly wasn't disappointed. It was the best concert I've ever been to. Mick looked so full of energy and Keith was amazing on the guitar. The whole scale of the show was fantastic too. The stage looked great and the pyrotechnics on display throughout and at the end were amazing! Compared to these manufactured pop bands the Stones are in a different league. I'm 19 yrs old and got into the Stones when i bought their Forty Licks album and it blew me away. I felt so privileged to see Sundays show and I'm definitely going back for more!
Tristan Cuthbert, England

The show was brilliant from beginning to end. Great atmosphere, even if we did queue for 2 hours to collect our tickets from Ticketmaster. The band was on top form. Stage setting was fantastic. Took my 2 teenage sons and they were mesmerised too!
Sandra Woolley, England

The 'young pretender' Robbie Williams or the 'wrinkly rockers'? No contest! Having been to one of the ridiculously oversold Robbie shows at Knebworth recently and enduring all that came with it, to now be able to see how it should be done shows that the Stones are still the best stadium act in the world!

This was the 4th Stones tour I'd seen and it was as good as each of the others. And guess what? Everyone got in OK, everyone got out OK and everyone could see and hear whilst in there! AND we don't have to endure the Stones whingeing like Robbie about how hard it is to be Rock n Roll stars and telling anyone who'd listen about their need for anti-depressants (poor little lamb)!! 40 years and counting - long may they continue!
Huw Lynd-Evans, UK

Whilst the set was well presented the sound quality was very poor. I was sat in Block 16 (gate B) and if you didn't know the song you wouldn't have known what the Stones were singing. Having seen them a number of times this was the worst for sound.
Stephen Ellis, UK

This was the most amazing and spectacular gig I have been to - Mick and the band rocked Twickenham for two hours non stop. Highlights had to be Gimme Shelter and Sympathy for the Devil with the associated pyrotechnics - how they got that past Health and Safety I'll never know!! And Keith Richard doing Slipping Away while Mick took a break brought tears to the eyes and showed him as a true rock icon. i could go on for ever - just do whatever it takes to get a ticket for one of the remaining gigs.
Margaret Swale, Bradford, England

Awesome, loud rocking and a fab stage set!!
John Lewis, UK (Wales)

An fantastic show, Jagger was on top form as usual and the band put on an amazing gig. Even better than Don Valley in 1998 and that was great!
amy hall, england

A great concert, a classic Stones performance !!
Chris Cherry, UK

I have been going to rock concerts for over 35 years and the Twickenham ground is undoubtedly the worst venue I have ever been to. The architects have designed it so everyone has a good view of the pitch - but rock acts don't play on the pitch they play at one end of it on an elevated stage. Try looking to one side towards the stage and all you can see are girders holding up the seating tier above. I couldn't see a thing, even the video screens were hidden from view by ironwork and I know thousands of people around me had the same problem. Stones may have been great but Twickenham just isn't suitable for concerts. They were also the most expensive concert tickets I have ever bought.
mikfrak, Britain

Now that's what I call Rock & Roll!!! Brilliant performance in an superb stadium. Great to see a wide age range in the audience, with us oldies going for it just as much as the youngsters!!
Chris Goulding, UK

You couldn't fault them - this is how rock n roll should be. Superb! and excellent backing singers and band. Jagger does not need to invite audience to participate - they are right there with him. And he can still move and strut his stuff better than anyone. Brilliant set! Anyone who had tickets for Sat make sure you get to the rescheduled date!
kathryn, UK

I think it's the best concert I've ever seen (althought the mid-show centre arena performance in 1999 at Wembley I think is the single best musical experience I've ever had live), and it looks like they're moving in a more streamlined Chicago blues direction - morphing back to their roots? And Charlie's drumming is like a magnificent surf wave going on and on: in other words they've changed and are even better.
Simon, UK

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