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Last Updated: Thursday, 28 August 2003, 11:40 GMT 12:40 UK
Flawed pirates still swashbuckling fun

by Peter Bowes
in Hollywood

Pirates of the Caribbean
The film has all the ingredients of a pirate movie

Johnny Depp stars in Pirates of the Caribbean, a film based on the ride of the same name at the Disneyland theme park.

Aye, aye maties - Johnny Depp is back on the big screen as a dreadlocked pirate.

If that sounds like a recipe for disaster, there is potentially worse to come.

The film turns conventional Hollywood marketing on its head by being based on a theme park attraction.

Pirates of the Caribbean is one of Disneyland's most popular rides - tourists have been flocking to the attraction for years - but is it the stuff that movies are made of?

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is set in the 17th Century with Depp playing a loveable rascal of a pirate called Jack Sparrow.

The rogue lives an idyllic pirate life on the high seas until the day his ship, the Black Pearl, is stolen by the wily Barbossa, played by Geoffrey Rush.

The evil Captain later attacks the town of Port Royal, kidnapping the governor's (Jonathan Price) daughter, Elizabeth (Keira Knightley).

Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley
It falls flat when Depp is not on screen
It is Jack's mission to rescue Elizabeth with the help of her childhood friend, Will Turner (Orlando Bloom).

Along the way there is the matter of lifting a pirates' curse that has doomed Barbossa and his crew to live forever as skeletons.

As a pirate movie, it has all the necessary swashbuckling action. Pirates dangle precariously from ropes, they walk the plank and there are sword fights aplenty.

But like the film's peculiarly long title, the battle scenes are over done and become something of a repetitive bore.

Overacting is another hallmark of the film. But in the case of Depp, it is done with a skill and charm that proves to be a highpoint of the picture.

Jack Sparrow minces around and screams of ambiguous sexuality but Depp still manages to play the tough guy convincingly and has the audience in the palm of his hand.

Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom
Bloom (left) is on track to becoming a major star
He has said the character of Jack was modelled on his vision of pirates as the rock 'n' roll stars of their day - a mixture of the super-confident Keith Richards and the smelly cartoon skunk, Pepe Le Pue, who was convinced he was the ultimate ladies man.

The film tends to fall flat when Depp is not around. His larger-than-life character is not central to every twist and turn in the story.

Rush also puts in a stylish performance as Barbossa. The Oscar-winning actor manages to give the evil captain a depth and humanity that he may not deserve - but one that certainly enriches the story.

Through digital trickery, Barbossa and his fellow deceased crew members are transformed into fighting skeletons.

At first, the special effect works well - taking the adventure to a new level. But, having seen them once, the high-flying escapades of the ghostly pirates tend to drag.

Orlando Bloom's performance has been likened to that of Errol Flynn - it is a comparison that Bloom is quick to dismiss, but there is a definite resemblance.

There are flaws in Pirates of the Caribbean but it falls short of being a complete cinematic shipwreck.

Director Gore Verbinski has at least managed to stay true to the theme park ride. Fans of the attraction will not be disappointed.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is released in the US on Wednesday. It comes out in the UK on 8 August.

Have you seen the film?

What did you think? This debate is now closed but please see below for a selection of your comments.

I've seen a lot of movies this summer but POTC is the one that shines. I had only seen Johnny Depp in Edward Scissorhands and Gilbert Grape, but I was never really a hardcore fan. After being blown away by his amazing performance, my friend and I rented Sleepy Hollow. Now I'm obsessed with him... and I'm fourteen. Who says all the teenage girls like Orlando Bloom? He was OK, but his romance with Knightley
Isadora Thorton, USA

I'm a massive Johnny Depp fan and he was amazing in this movie. I thought the film was great fun and really entertaining although it was slightly long, but I'm not complaining the more of Johnny, the better. Even though he played an over-the-top character, he was still as beautiful and sexy as ever!
Emma, Wales

I have seen it three times, need I say any more?
James Barker, UK

Excellent. It may be a long film but the time just flew by. The whole cast was superb.
Dave, United Kingdom

Pirates of the Caribbean was the best film of the year! Johnny Depp added really good humour to the movie and made it even better. The storyline is great and Orlando Bloom was hot in it! No movie will bring more thrill and laughs for a long time!
Becca, USA

Nice to see pretty female heroine also practical and resourceful in a crisis and not just standing on the side lines and squealing. Also nice to see an American film were the Brits have sensitivity and are not just complete villains. Johnny sounds a little too drunk, but otherwise marvellous.
Debra West, UK

A really good, fun film, that takes a little time in the first and second act to develop character. This means that you actually care what happens to the characters in the action of the third act. Rare in today's popular film making. I think they are planning a sequel, hope they find more to do for the excellent Jack Davenport, who was under-used in this film, but has proved himself a class act in Talented Mr Ripley and Coupling.
Stephen Labourne, Grimsby, UK

This movie was terrible. Overlong, repetitive, cliché-ridden and badly scripted, even the usually very welcome appearance of Johnny Depp as the high-camp, rock star pirate did very little to salvage what was an otherwise deeply tedious experience.

And who knows what Geoffrey Rush was doing in this overblown, insubstantial piece of "entertainment". Even suspending your disbelief for a few moments (or was that nearly two and a half painfully dragging hours?) to go along for the ride as a pure piece of escapism wasn't enough. When you leave a film thinking it's robbed you of time out of your life, you know it's bad.
Elle, UK

I went to this film to see Orlando Bloom. I was not disappointed and was also very pleasantly surprised by Johnny Depp. He let himself have fun which translated to the audience and let us come along for the ride. Keira was allowed to play a strong female character, bravo. Geoffrey Rush was great as the villain, not overblown, just down and dirty.

Loved the swordfights, extremely well done. Orlando, thanks to his LOTR training really excelled here. He has a great physical presence. As far as a sequel, to quote Cotton's parrot, "When do we sail?"
Cathy Cotton, USA

I thought that POTC was a great film. It incorporated comedy, suspense, action, and love all into one fantastic movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought Depp gave an outstanding performance as Jack Sparrow. I have seen the film six times and have yet to tire of it.
Vanessa Smith, USA

I love this movie. Johnny Depp definitely made the movie, but I think Orlando Bloom did a great job too. I've seen it five times and I'd see it again!
Erika, USA

Wow! POTC is the best film I have seen this summer, definitely (compared to Legally Blonde 2, it is a masterpiece of cinema). Johnny Depp gives a fantastic, side splitting performance and his choice to make Jack Sparrow a Londoner is just genius. Orlando, too, is very good and deserves praise. Keira Knightly has done exceptionally well for herself since Bend it like Beckham and I am very jealous. GO SEE POTC! NOW!
Anna Walseth, UK

Just...Wow! An avid critic of Hollywood blockbusters, I was planning on waiting for DVDs of summer 2003, until personal rave reviews of POTC started pouring in.

I love J. Depp in Edward Scissorhands and Ed Wood (and most others), but was apprehensive of Disney taking the original brilliance of the amusement-park ride away to make way for easy Hollywood dollars.

Not the case, the movie was a carefully-calculated stroke of mass-appealing brilliance! Families as well as critics will get their money's worth with this movie. Depp, Bloom, Rush, and Knightley (who is on her way to blow away Natalie Portman and Zeta-Jones) exacted chemistry with their performances!

The CGI skeletal pirates were masterfully done. Hoodwinked images from the POTC ride were appreciated. Bravo
Ter, USA

I found it to be the best swash-buckling fun since the Princess Bride - it wasn't a movie meant to be a serious drama or realistic portrayal of pirate life, it was meant to be funny and entertaining, and it succeeded!

The cast all did amazingly well in their roles - especially Depp and a couple of the undead crew.. I can't even remember the character or actor names, but I can remember the faces and lines and start to smile or laugh each time. In my opinion, Hollywood, and particularly, Disney, got things right again FINALLY.
Angela R., USA

This movie was so much fun to watch. Johnny Depp did his usual magic of taking a character and putting his own spin on it. He was absolutely hilarious.

Orlando Bloom reminded me of a modern day Errol Flynn. One of my favourite scenes was of him and Johnny having a sword fight. Very swashbuckling. I need to add that I think Orlando did a great job of playing straight man to Johnny's bigger than life Capt Jack Sparrow.

I thought Geoffrey Rush made an excellent villain. He made you despise him, he was so dastardly. Keira Knightley is so beautiful and she delivered some very funny lines. She and Orlando made the perfect couple. The CGI effects for the pirates who turned into skeletons were great. I would have to say that this is the best pirate movie to come along in a long time, and I am quite a lover of pirate movies. Very enjoyable.
Andi, USA

Never have I laughed so hard at Johnny Depp before. Good to see Orlando has finally got the recognition he deserves
Kemanoral, UK
Without a doubt the funniest film of the year so far! Johnny Depp's performance is outstanding, expertly playing the typical loveable rogue role to perfection, and providing 99% of the laughs. I have seen the film twice already, and wouldn't hesitate to go back again - A+!
Lucy, USA

I absolutely loved this movie! Johnny Depp is hilarious and I couldn't keep my eyes off Orlando Bloom! I thought Keira Knightley was good in her role, but the way her role was written was completely inaccurate. corsets in those days were called "stays" actually, not corsets, and they weren't tied tightly either during the era that is being portrayed.

This movie is completely family friendly (I'm guessing the Pg-13 rating is just for the scarier bits) and I recommend it for everyone! I love Orlando Bloom!
Teresa, Canada

Normally pirate films are rubbish by definition, but this one floated my boat (groan). The boys gave it some serious welly the effects are good, Keira pouted for England (hurrah!)and Geoffrey rush is the perfect baddie. Never have I laughed so hard at Johnny Depp before. Good to see Orlando has finally got the recognition he deserves. May his star shine bright for many more years to come. Keira, you are the luckiest woman alive! Ahoy there, me hearties!
Kemanorel, UK

I really enjoyed this film. I think that all of the lead characters did well in convincing me that they were whom they were playing. A big fan of the Disney theme park ride, I was pleased with the execution of the storyline. I felt energised after it was over and plan to see it again and again.
Lisa Martin, USA

It is an interesting story that comes alive with great performances, charm and humour. Do yourself a favour and see it
Michael Mazzola, USA
This has been the best movie I've seen all summer (and I've seen quite a lot)! All the actors brought something special to the screen. Depp brought (most of) the humour, Orlando supplied all the teenage girls with something to look at, not to mention the great acting he did, and Keira brought across that damsel in distress turns heroine, with a few funny lines for good measure.

All in all, an excellent movie. If you haven't seen it, see it. If you have seen it, see it again (you pick up some more of the lines). I have seen it three times and will be going to see it at least five times before the summer is out!
Kylee, USA

I do believe that Peter Bowes must certainly lighten up a bit. Pirates of the Caribbean was an extremely entertaining movie and I just adored everything about it. The costumes, set design, animation, fight scenes, story line, dialogue. Such a different and from the clichéd garbage that had been coming out lately. I highly recommend this film to anyone.
Anastasia, USA

In terms of special effects this movie wasn't bad but as for the plot and storyline and theatrical value - it had none!
Kasra , Canada

Johnny Depp's performance alone is worth the price of admission to this wonderful film. Nice to see Orlando Bloom as someone other than Legolas, and he plays his part well, as do all the cast really. Rarely does a movie mesmerise as this one does. This film is well written and directed. It is an interesting story that comes alive with great performances, charm and humour. Do yourself a favour and see it.
Michael Mazzola, USA

Wow, Johnny Depp!!! What a great entrance, I couldn't take my eyes off him - a great (and brave) performance. Only beef with the movie is that it was about 10 minutes too long.
Karen, Canada

Here's hoping Johnny wins an Oscar, courtesy of Capt. Jack. I saw it twice this weekend. Enough said!
Angela, Kentucky, USA
I thought that the movie was well planned out. The characters were great. Johnny Depp was funny as hell, not to mention sexy. Orlando Bloom was also sexy. Keira Knightley did a spectacular job. Over all the movie was great and the 2 1/2 hours of it was just right. I don't believe that it could have been any shorter.
Jessica, USA

This is one of the most entertaining movies I have seen in years! It has a sweet innocence - it doesn't take itself seriously, yet doesn't try too hard at being funny. Johnny Depp has finally emerged as a world-class talent, and with Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom as stars-to-be across from him, the acting alone is worth the ticket.

Then add simple but startling CGI, an hilarious script, and an intriguing story, and you have simply great entertainment on all fronts. What on earth was Peter Bowes' problem? The reviews from the "amateurs" are unanimously positive!
Ken Lueders, USA

I loved this movie! Great acting, great action, and of course great men - Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp (of course!) It was entertaining and a good summer movie. I'm going to see it again with friends.
Tina , USA

Here's hoping Johnny wins an Oscar, courtesy of Capt. Jack. I saw it twice this weekend. Enough said!
Angela, Kentucky, USA

Pulled into the parking garage at the mall to see this film just as my car started making wicked strange noises, with smoke coming out from underneath the hood. Saw the movie with several of my menopausal friends, drooled over Depp and Bloom (okay, so without all the grungy makeup Rush also merits drooling over), laughed my backside off, and ended up with a bill for $75.00 for towing the car. You know what? IT WAS WORTH IT!!!!
Suzie Binder, USA

This was a clever movie. If the plot sometimes seemed a little muddled and oddly paced, the casting of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack was inspired. (And he managed a very credible English accent!) The script, particularly Depp's, was full of gems - I couldn't help laughing even if some of the humour went over our children's heads. Of our family complement of 5, we had 4 thumbs up and 1 (10 year old girl) unimpressed!
Mary , (Briton living in) Canada

Three cheers to the writers, with some of the best comic lines I've heard in ages!
Monique, USA

Absolutely thrilled! I loved the film. I thought that it might be quite good as Johnny Depp is always adept at any role he undertakes as is Geoffrey Rush, but I was pleasantly surprised, it was terrific! It was the first film in years that I didn't take a sneak peak at my watch to see how much longer it was to the end! I love films but I am very critical and I thought that this film was just plain fun for the whole family. Johnny Depp's "Jack Sparrow" will be one of the most loved, cherished and enduring characters of this decade. This movie has now become my movie to watch when I am feeling blue. How could one ever remain feeling down when they watch "Pirates", one never stops laughing. I have always loved pirate movies and this one is a classic, I cannot wait, fingers crossed to the sequel!
Lesley Kempson, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Depp is hysterical, providing many a laugh, as this was arguably his best performance yet (Next to Benny and Joon of course). Never have I ever seen a pirates movie that could capture the audience for the length of the film (and it has length). At 2 hours and 15 minutes, Pirates gives the viewers their money's worth. Rush plays cruel captain so vile I could practically smell his rotting teeth. Bloom is the perfect hero, one no mother would be ashamed to have steal her daughters heart. Knightley is equally good as the modern day girl trapped in swashbuckling times. This is a very good film all in all, not a must see, but chock full of family fun.
Melissa, USA

I thought this movie was surprisingly good considering it is based on a theme park ride. (Albeit one of the best rides Disney has to offer.) Several clever plot twists made the movie more interesting as well as the growing revelation as to how Will Turner, Elizabeth, and Captain Sparrow are inexplicably linked.
Steve, USA

What great fun it was! Unlike Disney's earlier theme-park-ride-based, The Country Bears, the previews appeared mildly interesting. The movie, however, was great fun! The audience even applauded a few particularly funny lines during the film, and gave it a full round at the end - not a normal occurrence at American movie theatres. I must say, I truly enjoyed it and might go back again with some friends who haven't caught it yet. And three cheers to the writers, with some of the best comic lines I've heard in ages!
Monique, USA (at the moment)

I went to this film because of Orlando Bloom, but came out a fan of Johnny Depp. He is fabulous as the pirate Jack Sparrow. My friends and I were in stitches throughout the film. (I have yet to read a favourable "professional" review of this film. I hope this doesn't discourage people from seeing it, because it truly is a lot of fun.)
Georgia, US

Saw it twice, it made me laugh so hard. Bloom's character was fun, but Depp as Sparrow was an absolute riot
Holly, USA
This is a great movie! I can't remember the last time the audience clapped at the end of a film, but we did this time. If you're on the fence about seeing it (Disney, based on an amusement ride, PG-13, etc)...go!! Johnny Depp is by far the highlight of the movie and steals every scene he's in. Don't forget to stay for the credits...there's an extra scene that's worth the wait.
Regin, Los Angeles, CA, USA

To be fair, I would have gone to see a movie of Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom asleep on a sofa, 'cause, hey, they're beautiful, but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the film. Saw it twice, it made me laugh so hard. Bloom's character was fun, but Depp as Sparrow was an absolute riot. I laughed through every scene he was in. I completely recommend the film; it was the most fun I had at the movies all year.
Holly, USA

As an historian with a special focus on the Elizabethan through the Napoleonic eras, I usually approach this type of movie with concern -most pirate movies are really bad.

But, I really enjoyed this film. It was fun to watch and is great for the entire family. Johnny Depp turns Jack Sparrow into the best pirate since Long John Silver. I do want to let everyone know that despite the marketing of the film, it is not set in the 17th century. But it's a great movie, I shall see it again and will eventually add it to my collection.
Jay Peterson, USA

Not a big fan of Johnny Depp, I went to this movie only because of Orlando Bloom. Mr. Bloom was wonderful, and I'll see anything he's in, but Johnny Depp was a surprise, what a performance! Guess I'll have to change my mind! The CGI was the best I've seen, and I hope Orlando Bloom makes lots of movies!
Linda, USA

We love Orlando Bloom! He is such a great actor and not too bad looking! He was great in the Pirates and we really enjoyed it. We are going to Disneyland soon so we will be going on the ride! Thanks for a great movie.
Leila and Brady, UK

Orlando was great, Johnny Deep made me laugh so hard I cried. And Keira Knightley did a great job at being Elizabeth
Alexandra, USA
Entertaining film, full of all the pirate swashes and buckles that I remember from my youth, and played as pastiche rather than parody. The campy Depp and the dissolute, yet sensually-deprived, Rush were absolutely excellent, and Bloom was good in the more constrained "straight" role as an upright young hero.

However, one of the more memorable characters was played by Mackenzie Crook (Gareth from TV's The Office) as a pirate with a squeaky wooden eye. The scene in which he and his equally battered and raddled confederate - rowing a dinghy and wearing Keira Knightley's frocks to lure the British - compare themselves to the Trojan Horse is priceless. Great fun all round.
Alan West, Canada

Ok, never been a Johnny Depp fan but this is one of his best ever roles. The movie feels like it "drags" at times because...brace actually has a plot and character development! Fun enough to be Disney, but still good enough for grown-ups.. even those of us WITHOUT see and enjoy. I doubt if anyone can think of a better pirate movie made for years, if not decades.
Dave C, USA

I got back from the film a few hours ago. Pure campy fun. Depp is a complete ham, stealing scenes and simply enjoying himself from the start, with one of THE most brilliant entrances I've ever seen. Bloom has room to improve and he does resemble Errol Flynn, but worked for the film nicely.

Knightley must have had a lot of fun, since she had quite a few good one-liners, as much as Depp did with his scene stealers.

The skeletons weren't overdone to me, and they did some interesting cuts during fight scenes and such to illustrate it. Not overly flashy, but good, outright entertaining. We need more of these films that don't take themselves seriously! I just might see it again, for that entrance of Depp's.
Angela, USA

It was a great movie, the best movie of the summer. Orlando was great, Johnny Deep made me laugh so hard I cried. And Keira Knightley did a great job at being Elizabeth, and she is very lucky to get to kiss Orlando Bloom. Well I already saw it twice, I am gonna see it again.
Alexandra, USA

I wanted to see Pirates of the Caribbean ever since I saw the previews and knew Orlando Bloom was in it. I mean I think we all fell in love with the tall blond elf, anyway I went to see the film and not only loved Orlando but was completely surprised by Johnny Depp. Not only had he turned Jack Sparrow into an extremely funny pirate, stealing his scenes and adding tons of humour, he was nice to look at!

I read the book and never did I imagine Captain Jack Sparrow that hilarious. Because of his performance my friends and I are starting a Johnny Depp-athon.
Caitlin, USA

Absolutely wonderful
Daniel, USA
Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom made the movie come together! With Johnny Depp's lanky moves as a pirate - wow! Orlando (hot!!) always having unsuspecting moves and the end of the curse was timeless! Orlando pulled the whole movie together. And the effects they used on the pirates was outstanding!
Missy Lea, USA

Very enjoyable movie. This is how to entertain movie-goers. Well over two hours long but you won't lose interest. Is it just me or did Johnny Depp sound like David Bowie?
David, USA

It was the perfect girl's night out - tall ships, sword fights, Depp and Bloom. We three didn't need more than that to rush to the theatre. Fans of Depp since his early days. And with Bloom sword fighting and bow-n-arrowing his way up our fave list (don't forget he can ride a horse, too), we were not disappointed! The effects were cool. Depp was delectable. Dreams were satisfied.
Jane, USA

Absolutely wonderful. I must admit I only went to see the film because of Keira Knightley, who I have a slight obsession with. I was not expecting a good film. I was wrong. The movie was excellent, as was Keira Knightley. Excellent fun. 10 out of 10.
Daniel, USA

Saw the movie last night with my family and we enjoyed every 143 minutes of it!!! This is definitely one of Johnny Depp's best roles. He stole the show and deserves an award for his performance. My son, who is 9, said "Capt Jack Sparrow can outwit and outbeat Neo (Matrix) anyday". Way to go Disney! Looking forward to The Haunted Mansion with Eddie Murphy in November.
Julie, USA

It is mostly escapist nonsense, but thoroughly entertaining
Richard Hamilton, USA
I've been anticipating this movie for months now and after seeing it yesterday it was everything I had expected it to be. Johnny Depp was awesome, he delivered each line cleverly. Orlando was also good, seeing him outside the character of Legolas was very refreshing. The one who I thought stole the screen was Keira Knightley, she was absolutely great in this movie (I can't wait for King Arthur). Last but not least is Geoffrey Rush, I loved the way he played his role...very calm villain. I loved the movie. Although it's a long movie there's not one second that I though was boring.
Lisa, USA

Quite entertaining. Depp is excellent. Rush was disappointing. SFX were top notch.

Not up to the highlights of this summer (X2, 28 Days Later, T3), but better than the rubbish that was Legally Blonde 2.
NG Sharp, USA

I wasn't expecting much from this film but was completely taken by Johnny Depp's performance. Although the plot dragged at times, I was kept completely entertained by the gorgeous cast and surprisingly hilarious script.
Jennifer, USA

I saw the movie twice the first day it came out, and just saw it again and I still laugh hard at the wondrous creation. Despite all the concerns Disney seems to of had with Johnny Depp's performance of Captain Jack Sparrow, I highly doubt that anyone could have done it any better. His twist to the man was absolutely wonderful. And his entrance...I still laugh just thinking about it. Orlando Bloom did wonderfully as well, along with Geoffrey Rush and Keira Knightley. But in my opinion, Johnny Depp's portrayal of the character Captain Jack Sparrow was not one to be reckoned with. He is absolutely amazing...Love the movie. I will be seeing it again.
Christi Thomas, USA

Johnny Depp completely mesmerized, charmed and enchanted me. The movie was solid fun and makes me want to go to Disney World.
Sara , USA

Saw film last night. It is mostly escapist nonsense, but thoroughly entertaining...Johnny Depp was excellent, funny and his character was portrayed in a slightly feminine manner.....Orlando Bloom was great!

But the star in my opinion, was the beautiful Brit Keira Knightley. Those who saw Bend it Like Beckham will remember her as the soccer playing friend Juliette...she is wonderful to watch.

I give this a solid 8 out of 10.....adventure, fantasy, romance and a beautiful big star potential beauty make this a film not to miss! I will be eagerly awaiting the DVD...
Richard Hamilton, USA

This is not a clever film nor is this an intellectual film but I'm hard pushed to think of a more entertaining and fun film in recent years. The effects are great, the plot simple yet sound and Depp is outstanding, and clearly enjoying himself.

Many films try to deliver this sort of fun summer movie, but few have managed in the way this does.
Martin McFarlane, Scotland, now USA

Depp deserves an Oscar for his performance....damn that was one good movie.
Juha, Canada

I really enjoyed it. Good summer fun. Depp chews the scenery, everyone else is along for the ride. He just gets more interesting to watch with every passing year. Orlando is coming nicely into his own.
Jana Palumbo, USA

Watched this wonderful and adventurous movie with my children and friends. This is definitely the best summer movie of 2003. With the amazing cast and a few comparisons to the Disneyland ride itself, you will feel a part of the movie whether you're a child or an elder person. Superb!! On a scale from 1 to 10, this is definitely a 12!! Great job, Disney..
Sherrell Frederick, United States

My six-year-old and I just arrived from viewing the film. Depp was wonderful and his accent was hilarious. There is good chemistry between Depp and Bloom. I am very encouraged to see Bloom's career blossom. Rush is deliciously malevolent in the film. As a fan of the theme ride, this film was immensely enjoyable. I will see it again in the theatre. As for my son, well he'd like to go again since he fell asleep part way through.
Kathy Cardinal, USA

I just came from viewing POTC and am wondering if Peter Bowes somehow got hold of a different version of the movie. I have not seen the Disney ride and I enjoyed this movie immensely. Everyone in the film did a fine job and the script was much cleverer than I expected it to be. This was a very fun film all the way around. I guess that's its biggest flaw (in Mr. Bowes eyes). It was very entertaining and we certainly can't have that now. Too low-brow!
Barbara Tips, USA

It's not only solid entertainment, it's a joyous example of an adventure film that uses human beings rather than the usual assemblage of robots, androids, and radioactive super-spawn. If this is a trend let it be a long one.
Robert del Valle, USA

Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp are going to kick major butt in this movie!
Nikki, USA

I just saw the film and loved it. It is a great light and entertaining summer movie. I have not laughed so hard in a long time. Johnny Depp steals every scene he is in. Geoffrey Rush was good as well. Orlando Bloom did the best he could with what was given him. And he did look exactly like Errol Flynn (which frankly I don't think was a bad thing). I thought the sword fights were excellent and the CGI terrific. Keira Knightley seemed to have better lines but didn't seem to pull them off. Which is a shame because she was great in Bend it like Beckham. Bottom line - great summer movie. I will go see it again.
Nancy, USA

Pirates of the Caribbean was such an awesome movie! I loved the way Johnny Depp added humour! The plot line was great! If you haven't seen it yet...go out now before it's too late!!
Erin, United States

"Pirates" is a lot of fun, pure entertainment that doesn't aspire to save the world. It's a great summer movie, popcorn, a dark room and air conditioning on a miserably hot July afternoon. Johnny Depp never disappoints, and now I know Orlando Bloom doesn't, either.
Chris, USA

This is the movie that the over-hyped Star Wars prequels wish that they could have been. A perfect mix of adventure, humour, romance and special effects. Add to this terrific acting and you get an enjoyable 2 + hour ride. I didn't want the movie to end. Contrary to your reviewer, I didn't find it boring at all. Bring on the sequel!!!
Lauren , USA

The scenes with Depp and Rush were the best. I actually thought Rush was the most interesting. Plus, a pretty good plot with several twists, and a hottie named Keira. Don't miss.
John Moyden, US

I thought that was one of the worst movies ever!!! We did not even manage to finish watching it and had to leave about mid-way through. I found that the accents were overdone, the story most predictable, lines cheesy and characters quiet ridiculous. Unless you are 12 years old, I don't see how you could have derived any sort of intellectual stimulation from "The Pirates". Mates, don't go see this, ay!!!
Ana , USA

Everything a pirate movie should be! Knock down, drag-out swashbuckling fun that takes itself just seriously enough to realise that it shouldn't be too serious. Clearly Peter Bowes either watched the wrong movie, or had so many pre-conceptions before watching that he fell asleep at the start. And as for Johnny Depp... just proves that he is one of the worlds most underrated character actors, just watch "Sleepy Hollow" and you'll see what I mean.
Jason, (Briton living in), USA

All in all it was very entertaining and a really great movie. I'm definitely getting the DVD when it comes out, and I'll probably see it in the movie theatre again as well. And if they're really going to make a sequel, I hope it's fully as fun as the first. :)
Kristen, USA

I don't think your reviewer quite got the film. With little knowledge of history, American kids couldn't relate to Errol Flynn fighting the awesome Spanish Empire (a symbol for Fascism) because they wouldn't grasp it. So the film had to go for humour, done quite well with a witty script and having a lot of good Brit actors around to make it feel historical. Once you accept this fact, the film had to be made the way it was. Depp's Captain Keef works because his skewed angle on everything shores up a whole side of the movie. Plus, they didn't make Depp the Romantic Male Figure - a very smart move! It's not "Captain Blood" nor "The Sea Hawk", but there ain't no Errol Flynn around either!
Gary Thomas, California, USA

By far, the best big studio movie this summer, bar none! Johnny Depp is amazing and Geoffrey Rush keeps on surprising with every performance; my favourite of his since "Quills". I've recommended this to all my friends, especially the "artsie fartsie" cinema queens. It is reminds me of Hollywood's golden era! Cheers, Ed Mamer Napa, CA, USA
Edwin Mamer, Napa, CA, USA

My children and I thoroughly enjoyed "Pirates of the Caribbean". Frankly, I hope another movie is considered because Johnny Depp portrayed a loveable, funny rascally character. The plot had an original twist and the special effects were great. The other actors played their roles very well.
Rose Izzo, USA

This is the best movie of the summer. If you have not seen it yet, go and watch it. I am going again.......
Rai, Canada

The opening sequence of this movie is Classic Milliagn, Python for you younger folk. The laughs came frequently from then on. The whole cast did an excellent job. It is gorges to look at, most importantly, highly entertaining. Go and see it for your self and get lost in the Caribbean for a couple of hours.
Paul B, Grimsby Canada

For a few minutes I believed this film could be good. I have read some of the reviews and simply cannot believe people enjoyed this film. Save Johnny Depp I think this film lacked any passion or quality to give any type of positive feedback. The special effects were flat. There was absolutely no feeling once the skeletons made their appearance. If you tell me how so many poor pictures are released each year? I would love to know. Orlando is Errol Flynn. Hmmmmm.
Pooh Arnold, USA

Johnny Depp has a history of superb film and 'Pirates' is of no exception. Though early reviews may have given him close to a C+ I believe it will be the fans who will truly review the movie and acting for what it really is and was.
Aaron Galindo, United States

This was a wonderfully entertaining movie, Johnny Depp's blending of Keith Richards and Pepe Le Pew to create his character was genius. I think that people who haven't had the privilege to go on the ride may not "get" the movie entirely. But among people who love the ride, the film has already become a cult classic. Like Rocky Horror Picture Show, people are going to see it multiple times and even dressing up as pirates for the movie and trips to Disneyland. Aye, it's a phenomenon that's awakened the pirate inside us! Drink up, me hearties, yo ho!
Erin Reimer, California, USA

Two thumbs up for Johnny Depp. It is like John Travolta in "Pulp fiction". Very entertaining and magical performance by Johnny Depp's unique character Jack Sparrow.
heeyoung, USA

Despite reservations about this film as inspired by a Disney theme park ride, I have never enjoyed a Johnny Depp film so much. He steals the show without doubt and proceeds to make up for cliches, overly extended fights sequences in the middle and some plot questions. Orlando Bloom does a pretty good job as the romantic hero and is easy on the eyes as a bonus, but this is a Depp showcase and what a job he does - very enjoyable and well worth a trip to your local theatre for.
Charlotte Rolfe, UK

Johnny Depp totally owned that movie and probably lifted it from the quickly forgettable to the surprisingly good. I can't say I'd ever heard of the Disney ride before the movie, though, and I'm originally from the States. (I mean, seriously: who spends all their time in Florida, anyway?) So they should have ditched any nebulous connection with a ride and concentrated on making a epic swashbuckling pirate film. It's a shame that so many pirate films from the last few decades have sucked, since pirates should be a great film vehicle. Pirates have everything you need for great entertainment: defiance of authority, over-the-top action, tropical seas, and plenty of rum. Hmmm, time to book a holiday ....
Carl, England

I thought that this movie was hysterical. Johnny Depp was the one that made the movie. Orlando wasn't to bad himself. If you haven't seen this movie go out and see it now! I've seen it 5 times and I want to see it again. Go see it, it is definately worth the time and money.
Maddi, Illinois, USA

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