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Last Updated: Friday, 27 June, 2003, 15:23 GMT 16:23 UK
Angels make lightweight return
by Matt Slater
BBC News Online

Charlie's Angels
The film does not match up to the original
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle sees the return of high kicks, glamour and Demi Moore.

Like all the best cartoons, and this film is a cartoon, the sequel to the 2000 smash-hit Charlie's Angels is riotously good fun.

Impossible stunts, victim-less violence, two-dimensional characters, caricature baddies... Full Throttle has it all.

But unlike cartoons, this film has real people, not drawings. As saucy as Jessica Rabbit undoubtedly was, she wasn't a patch on Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore in bikinis.

And that is the Angels franchise in a nutshell. Semi-naked girls saving the day, kicking butt and generally having a giggle - it is a guaranteed hit.

That, for Columbia Pictures, is the good news.

The bad news is that this film is not as good as the original.

The Angels look great - the baddies look great - but there are holes in the plot and script so large that they cannot be ignored, no matter how quickly director McG tries to move us along.

Losing Bill Murray as Bosley is a major loss - he is replaced by Bernie Mac - and no amount of cameos and double entendres can replace the comic timing that he brought to the original.

Cameron Diaz
Attractive actors are the main appeal
Even Pink's soundtrack - and yes, she gets a role in the film too - is not as good as Destiny's Child's.

And we may also have found the answer to the question of how much computer generated imagery (CGI) and Crouching Tiger-style wirework is too much.

The answer, for some tastes, will come as early as the film's James Bond-style opening sequence. For others it will take a little longer - maybe another five minutes into the film when the next ludicrous action sequence is underway.

Then again, there will be many that do not care at all about the CGI overload, corny script and cheesy "girl power" posturing. For them there will be bronzed flesh and boys' toys - and they will love it.

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle opens in the UK on Friday.

So what do you think?

How does it compare with the original?

Is it a film just for the boys? Does the plot matter in this kind of movie?

Send us your views on the form below.

I was at the premiere in Leicester Square last night - there was a good vibe but the film was nowhere near as good as the last one and I won't be going to see it again.
Sally, England

Blimey Charlie! It's womens lib with some very hot chicks! The jokes in this film are told knowing fully well the cheesyness and obviousness of their delivery. When bad jokes are made they ironically reference other worse movie stereotypes. Bosleys house being in the projects', with bouncing cars straight out of a Hype Williams video is testament to the sophisticated level of humour being exercised, and that expected from a modern audience.

Likewise the special effects. Did the person reviewing this film somehow misread the press release for this film, which must have read something like "Girls, wearing bikinis, saving the world", and decide to rate the film on its levels of realism?
Toby Bradbury, UK

Lightweight? It's pure helium! The actors are in on the joke, the audience is in on the joke, and the spandex stretches like a dream. I suppose I'll have to rent Sense and Sensibility now as a form of atonement. Great fun all around.
Robert del Valle, Detroit USA

I loved it, it was pure enjoyment, just what it sets out to do....the plots not great but who watches this kind of film for the plot! overall,it's a great, feel good film, go watch it!!!!
Vip, USA

Lots of nice stuff to look at in this movie, leave your brain at the door or you won't enjoy this film!
TheStonge, USA

Loved the first one and I love the concept, because we girls have known all along that we can kick ass as good as the boys. But this move did not pause for one moment to let you enjoy the fights, the special efects, the costumes or the sexy ladies! Too many visuals and not enough content make a bad film no matter how much I wanted to love it. Still what do you expect from a director of music videos making his first full length feature?
Mandy, USA Born in the UK

One only has to look into Cameron Diaz's eyes in this film and the price of the ticket has been paid. Charlie's Angels is pure entertainment and fun. Huge holes in the plot and a different Bosley don't seem to matter much here. The film has a great look and lots of action. Enjoy!
Michael Mazzola, USA

The words riotous romp are so perfect to describe this 90 minute escape film. With the world being in such a bad way, we need many more of this genre? I will be seeing it a second time, that's for sure. Like the James Bond films - you don't need brains, just a great sense of humour. Unlike Hulk which is so slow and ponderous, not a film to take the children. Excellent effects ruined by a film taking itself too seriously.
Roger Sansom, Hong Kong

Absolutely enjoyed it! Great laughs! It was a great night out and the introduction of Demi Moore into the already star-studded cast "spice" things up a little more.
Matthew C, Malaysia

One of the dumbest movies of the year! The plot was really thin and the stunts were highly unreal.
Sue, USA

I went to see it last night. Was it full of non-believable stunts? Yes. Was the plot sieve-like? Yes. Was there far too much gratuitous flesh-baring and needlessly-tiny bikinis? Yes. Did I enjoy it despite all these obvious drawbacks? Absolutely!
Sarah, Reading, UK

I agree with Sue, USA... it is one of the dumbest movies of the year, but it's great fun, and I loved every minute of it! Will go see it again!!
Dan, Uk

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