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Last Updated: Tuesday, 13 May, 2003, 11:56 GMT 12:56 UK
Tribute to 'fabulous guy' Redding
Noel Redding
Redding still played every Friday in a local pub

Noel Redding, the bassist with The Jimi Hendrix Experience, left both a musical legacy and that of being "a lovely guy", according to his former manager.

"As a human being he was a fabulous guy, he was very kind-hearted and warm," manager Ian Grant told BBC News Online.

He was also "very highly thought of" by other musicians, he said.

"I know Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan and Paul McCartney kept in regular touch with him," Grant said.

Redding had begun to fight a legal battle to be financially rewarded for his role in the band before he died.

Noel hadn't lived the greatest of lives in the last few years because he hadn't been paid his due
Ian Grant

Grant said Redding played "a major part in 60s rock 'n' roll" but had signed away royalties for $100,000 (62,000) years after Hendrix's death.

The bassist had been told no more Jimi Hendrix Experience material would be released.

But that was before CD and DVD technology was invented and the music has since been reissued many times.

It has sold millions more copies and earned huge amounts for the Experience Hendrix company.

"Noel hadn't lived the greatest of lives in the last few years because he hadn't been paid his due," Grant said.

"I don't know where the lawsuit we were filing against Experience Hendrix would have ended up.

'Meticulous man'

"But I just feel privileged to have spent a few years trying to help him.

"His mother passed away a few weeks ago, and I drove him down to her resting place. We had a plan for the rest of the year, both creatively and business wise," he said.

He described Redding as a "meticulous man", who kept diaries throughout the three years he played with the band.

He was just happy to pick up his bass on a Friday night and just play with his friends
Ian Grant

Redding had not been seeking the limelight, nor was he interested in playing stadium-sized concerts, Grant said.

"He used to play at a pub every Friday, The Barra, in Clonakilty where he lived," Grant said. "He was just happy to pick up his bass on a Friday night and just play with his friends."

Grant said that even if the lawsuit was successful - Redding was seeking $5m ($3.3m) - he was not just after the money.

"Noel told me 'Ian, if I do win $5m I'll only give it away'. And I'm sure he would have done.

"It wasn't about the money. He had been denied his rights every which way," Grant said.

He added: "My biggest regret, other than the fact Noel is gone, is that I wasn't able to get him the money he deserved while he was alive."

Redding's style was at the heart of the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

He joined the guitarist and drummer Mitch Mitchell in 1967 and they became the biggest-selling rock trio of all time.

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