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Last Updated: Thursday, 26 June, 2003, 11:57 GMT 12:57 UK
End of Big Brother? Your views
Cameron Stout jets off to South Africa
Cameron Stout has been sent to the South Africa Big Brother house

Big Brother voting figures are 40% down compared to the same point last year.

The drop in voting figures comes amidst media reports the UK version of the show has become dull and that viewers have turned off.

However, there will be at least two more series of the show, as Channel 4 have it to 2005.

In a new twist to this year's show, Scottish housemate Cameron Stout has changed places with Gaetano Kagwa, a Ugandan contestant from the first pan-African series of Big Brother. The swap is expected to last a week.

But what do you think?

This debate is now closed. Please see below for a selection of your comments.

I think Big Brother contestants should be set more tasks - redecorating the house in a certain style. They should not be allowed to sleep during the day and should have to make their own bread, etc. Why not introduce a pet - like a snake. Why not provide them with clothes and get them to dress each other in how they would like to see them. Why don't they try to make their own beer or wine, give it a name and get it produced. These are just a few ideas.
Anne Clark, Scotland

I hope this is the last Big Brother this year because I think that the programme is one of the most pointless shows I have ever seen on television and it is an absolute waste of time and money. Whoever watches this programme and watches it all day needs to get a life seriously.
Philip, Northern Ireland

Channel 4 should certainly think very long and hard before deciding whether to commission another series of BB next year. This series has paled in comparison to the first three, and it's obvious to all that the producers have simply run out of ideas. The contestants this year are extremely dull and find it hard to believe that out of the thousands of people that applied, the twelve chosen were considered the best!.
Adrian, Norwich, UK

I hope this is the last Big Brother this year because I think that the programme is one of the most pointless shows I have ever seen on television and it is an absolute waste of time and money. Whoever watches this programme and watches it all day needs to get a life seriously.
Philip, Northern Ireland

I think they should swap all of these boring housemates and get some in who actually have opinions and personalities!
Ellie, UK

This year is rubbish. I really enjoyed the BB Africa programme lsat night, whereas ours was an embarrassment. I bet Gaetano can't wait to leave.
Susan, England

My perception of this year's show is that it is us who are being manipulated to vote out who the producers have scripted to win. The double vote was designed to get rid of Jon, as he was always going to win a one on one fight. Just as last year Jade was spared. Voting is just a waste of money.
Mark, UK

This year the housemates get on too much, which does in fact make it boring for the viewers. There needs to be either romance or arguments because each of these would attract viewers, believe it or not. I would say this year BB has definitely lost its appeal due to the chosen housemates that have gone in. They're too boring!
Abby Allerston, England

I've been an avid follower of BB since the beginning, but this one is the dullest so far. Last night I even switched over before the end of the show. Poor Gae looked so bored yesterday, I bet he's glad he's going home today. Please please think of something to spice things up a bit more before it completely flops.
Sue, UK

This is the most boring BB ever, the contestants are such a pain in the neck and everyone is far too concerned about how they come across. Let's do a teenage BB next, they must be more entertaining than this bunch of wannabes.
Lou, England

BB should be more careful picking the contestants. Too many of this year's house are introverts and don't like expressing themselves! This is resulting in a lack of entertainment for the viewers. Voting for the viewers should also change as to who you want to stay in, not out!
John, UK

I totally agree! This year BB is dull, washed out and just plain boring. The housemates do not seem to gel or seem to be making the best out of the whole BB experience. All they do is moan and sleep .. oh and occasionally cry. They have nothing of interest to say to one another. They are just dull.

I think reality TV is dying a death. The format which was once a winner is now a BIG loser!
Emily Hazell, Bristol, England

The problem is the very boring people in the house, I have been a fan of all the Big Brother series and think is still has years of fun left in it. Like some of the other comments I think the people picked this year are very dull, boring, uninteresting and totally under the contol of the the camera.
Andrew Smith, Jersey

I loved the first three series but this one is proving pretty dire. It hasn't captured the imagination at all like the Paul/Helen romance or Jade's idotic antics in previous series. Any of the housemates that, love them or hate them, actually made OK TV have gone and the last remaining one with any entertainment value (i.e. Tania) looks set to go this week.

What's left to look forward to? A bunch of people too scared to express an opinion because they're so painfully aware of public perception of them? People are not voting becuase it makes no difference who's in there, they're all so bland who cares? Never mind not doing another series, take this one off the air now!
Matt, UK

The reason its so boring this year is because they have failed their tasks and have no budget to buy alcohol!

Since they finally won a task (and so could afford some booze) it has picked up a bit... and Big Brother has provided the housemates with extra booze this week and that's made it sooooooo more interesting!

So get them drunk.. keep them drunk.. it's much more interesting that way!
Edd Dawson, UK

It's a bit of a dilemma. In order to be interesting, the show needs dynamic personalities that will conflict. Yet those people whose personalities are slightly out of the norm - such as Jon Tickle - get repeatedly nomimated to be thrown out by the others. The show then becomes a war of attrition amongst the remaining house-mates who try to out do each other in who can be nice and uncontroversial. The result tends towards a boring display of British reserve.

The other slightly sickening aspect of Big Brother is the repeated, blatent money grab. They open a public vote at every opportunity, asking the public to call premium phone numbers to register their opinion. Even voting via their website comes at a price! I suspect the public are becoming weary of this more than anything else.
Martin Randall, UK

I really enjoyed the first year of Big Brother. The second year was not as good, and last year was so dire I haven't been watching this year.

I think the fault lies with the choice of contestants. The first year featured an interesting and diverse group of people and their interactions were interesting to watch. Anna was brilliant!

Switch to last year, and what we had was a predominantly young group of self-obsessed shallow, vain, ignorant wannabes. They were all too similar and I didn't really identify with any of them (well, maybe Alex...). I soon tired of listening to their inane squabbling and lowbrow conversations.

I don't even know who's in the house this year, but based on last year, I'd say it's not the format of the programme that's wrong - it's the choice of contestants. Get some interesting, diverse characters in there, and some older people (if any bother to apply...).
Simon, England

I don't think it's the programme so much, I think they just made several mistakes in their choices for this year's contestants. They admitted they chose "normal" people rather than the "I'm mad, me" variety. However - do we really want to watch normal people? The reason people want to watch is to see tears, fights, snogging and hissy fits 24/7. Unfortunately the vaguely interesting characters (Anouska, Jon, Federico) have already been evicted, leaving them with a bland mixture of conformists. Could have done better.
Heidi, UK

I think the biggest problem with the show is that the housemates don't really have enough stimulation. A bad selection of weekly tasks have also aided its downfall.
Ross, Scotland

I think last year's was the best one because you had a whole load of strong personalities, sex and booze. It was great fun. This lot suffered from having no booze and no personality.

I don't think it is the end, they just need to create more fun and more controversy.
Jenni, UK

I think the UK show is boring as they keep on cutting out what housemates are saying. The SA BB doesn't do that. They have signed a disclaimer so why doesn't C4 have a clause saying that they can't be sued for anything shown because there has to be freedom of speech in the house?
Jeannette, UK

Take it off!!! The only good Big Brother was the first unique. You cannot possibly hope to repeat something unique and Big Brother has just got progressively worse and worse. Give up now!
J Flude, UK

The problem with the show this year is the same as what happened with BB2. Any housemate with any personality, or distinction is gone. The bunch that are left are so boring. The producers have tried to add interest with the introduction of Gaetano, but I don't think this will be enough. They should kick out all the existing housemates and stick in all the evictees, now that would spice things up and make classic TV!!
Chris D, England

I do feel that this year's BB has been somewhat dull - but don't think it's the end - just need spicier characters, tasks and twists.
Joanne Saipe, United Kingdom

The novelty wore off after the first series, and novelties don't tend to recapture their former glory. Axe it now, please.
Phill, UK

I think Big Brother has gone down hill drastically this year, mainly due to the voting public. They voted out Anoushka first, then in the same week got rid of Jon and Fed. They were the only three interesting housemates in the first place and the public let them go. Don't blame the makers of Big Brother for that one.

I think the swap could be good for the show, although what would clearly be better would be a few more drunken outbursts and bust ups. Come on, give the public some entertainment!
Jon Lipscombe, UK

The original Big Brother was an interesting social experiment - both of the contenstants and the viewers. These days it's more about celebrity and desperate gimmicks to attract viewers. Two more series to go? Talk about flogging a dead horse!
Chris, UK

They should stop messing about with the contestants and let relationships develop naturally. Also "live" should mean "live" and not edited. If people are easily offended by language they shouldn't tune in and people without cable or freeview don't want to watch the chickens or the diary room door for half an hour.
Pat Mcguirk, England

Introduce Tara Palmer-Tomkinson as a Celeb housemate for 1-2 weeks to liven it up!

I've tuned off BB, may watch eviction night, but if I miss it, it's no big deal! Reality shows have finally run out of steam!
Vanessa, England

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