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Last Updated: Monday, 21 July, 2003, 12:03 GMT 13:03 UK
Your Glastonbury reviews and photos
BBC News Online asked for your pictures and reviews from Glastonbury 2003.

Over 112,000 people were at this year's Glastonbury festival - and just a few of them took the time to send their views of the festival to BBC News Online.

Others also sent in their pictures of the event. Here is a selection of the hundreds of contributions we received.

REM, Radiohead, Love, Arthur Brown, Turin Breaks etc... First Glastonbury? Fantastic, that's what. Sing praises to Mr Eavis for the concept, and to Carl and Lee for the delivery - bucketloads of gratitude, guys. Cheers.
The Scallop, Norfolk, UK

My first Glastonbury was in 1986, oh how things gave changed, but I still go back year after year. This year's festival was as always excellent - I didn't want to come home. It worries me though how people will behave if they are restricted to going every other year, people don't need an excuse to go overboard. Please Mr Eavis don't give them one.
Annie, UK

My body got out of Glastonbury alive, shame my mind could not follow...Enter the green fields at your peril! What a wicked weekend - too many bands, DJs, performers etc. to mention or try to remember - Can we do it next weekend?
Bob Martin, Another planet

A night-time scene from Luke Robinson
On the whole enjoyed Glastonbury as everyone always does - how can you not? However I was very disappointed in the music DJs played on sat night. Glastonbury is about representing the latest music and putting it out across to the masses to explore. All Sat night was about house music with little or any variation across any of the different areas. I love house but this was rubbish. The Radio one stand was also pretty uninventive and did little for me. All in all it bored me silly so I went back to my tent to finish a bottle of wine which I found a lot more entertaining! Thoroughly disappointed in what I expected to be one of the best Sat nights of the year.
Sat night disappointment, UK

Thank you Michael Eavis, my second Glasto, and just as brill as last year. As far as Tobe's comments on the throwing up, I must have been at a different Glasto! I only saw one person throw up, and he was only about 12!! Well done for all the urinals this year, took the pressure off the other loos, and hopefully stopped the stream being polluted, after all one of the charities is WaterAid. Loved the music, but what about Shirley Sunshine in the Circus Tent, she was so funny!!
Pixie, England

Wow, loved it all. This is my third visit and yes the whole thing is a lot more sanitised (not just the toilets), there are certainly less dodgy people completely off their heads, and it was a bit less exciting for it, especially to see so many people sitting around in their expensive cool clothes using their mobiles looking far too sober.

Not nearly enough people were there to lose themselves totally, people were a bit too keen to look nice and be in control.

As for Ian Youngs saying Radiohead were weak, I think maybe he should have been getting with the party a bit more.
Chris K, UK

Scenes from day one

Radiohead were the best - Karma Police made me cry.
Bam, UK

Suggesting Glastonbury be for 18s only is absolute rubbish, my kids have been for the last two years loved it, and hope to be lucky enough to get a ticket next year. Glastonbury is an education for kids and not on drugs but on diversity and respect.
Stewart, England

This year's Glasto was truly amazing! Why anyone would say Reading is better I have no idea! The reason Glastonbury has the safe and relaxed atmosphere it does is because of the mix of people of all ages. No matter how screwed up on drugs people are they do monitor their behaviour (at least during the daytime) if they see children present. My highlights were The Music, Radiohead and Squarepusher, and non-music related highlights were watching the sunrise to the sound of bongos and people singing whilst others played fire poi. Fantastic!
Elisa, UK

Fans watching Echo and the Bunnymen
Echo and the Bunnymen in the rain, by Mark Wheaver
This was my first Glastonbury for eight years, and I'm sorry to say that it's changed. It was like there were two festivals on site this year. You had the other stage, main stage and dance tent on one side, then the real Glastonbury on the other. Great fun had but just not the real Glastonbury this year.
Sandals, England

This was my first year and I was a bit wary of coming because of crime last year but I saw nothing and found the festival amazing and I can't wait till next time. I have seen God and his name is Eavis.
Tam Painter, UK

I think on the whole the festival was improved by a reduction in the people there, but some of the magic seems to have been replaced with a heirarchy of entertainment.

When I went to my first Glastonbury around 10 years ago, I thought the levelling of everyone staying in tents, eating mud and suchlike was great, a real feeling of everyone uniting to have a good time, this year it was still there, but there was also a distinct feeling of the party going on somewhere else, in the huge backstage enclosures, only accessible by special wristbands......haves and have nots...bit like living in a city really.
Me, UK

Absolutely incredible weekend made all the more exciting by me and my friends throwing our knickers at Har Mar Superstar - and then he wore them on stage!
Martina, UK

Why do people bring their children to Glastonbury? Amidst the frightfully unsanitary conditions inside the festival were children of all ages, staring blankly at people as they popped pills, smoked cannabis and threw up everywhere.

Second day scenes

If I was four-years-old, that would give me nightmares. If I was 12 it would teach me that drug use is the norm and smoking is cool.

Make it over 18s only and sort the bands out. Reading have got the right idea this year.
Tobe, United Kingdom

The spirit of Glastonbury has not been affected in the slightest. The highlight for me was Billy Bragg doing his set which was full of fist-punching and hard-hitting political rhetoric. All in all a fantastic weekend.
Andy Fraser, England

"The atmosphere was strangely soulless for half of the show as their recent electronic excursions failed to set the Pyramid Stage alight."
Glastonbury toilet
Rather than send you a picture of a memorable aspect of Glastonbury, attached is a photo of one of the more unforgettable. I've heard things have improved in recent years, but I found using the facilities rather traumatic. Enjoy!
Was Ian Youngs at a different radiohead peformance to me? Radiohead was for me the best thing I have ever seen at a festival and all of those around me that I could see seemed to agree... truly inspiring throughout.
Luke Ferris, England

I really don't think that there is a problem with the number of tickets available for the Glastonbury Festival. Especially now that it's trying to go 'back to your roots', about time, excellent. The problem is with people buying tickets for the sole purpose of making money. Glastonbury Festival should have a system in place where people with 'spare' tickets can sell them on at face value (or just a little more). Tickets should be strongly restricted in such a way that only VALID people who wish to actually go to the festival are able to purchase tickets. I have heard of people buying more than 20 tickets each, just to sell on, this is a disgrace. Far to many people made a lot of money from Glastonbury this year, at the expense of regular Glastonbury festival goers. I do not think that I should only be allowed to go ONCE every TWO years, the only people who'll benefit with this sort of system is the TICKET TOUTS once again. They are able to buy hundreds if not thousands of tickets each and sell them at a profit, this is disgraceful.
Christopher Burrows, England, UK

Yes on the One World stage on Sunday were absolutely fantastic! I appreciate the BBC have a lot to cover, but this was a set that really should have had some coverage.
Ed Newton, UK

Images from the final day

In terms of music, this year's festival was great and I enjoyed it. However, there seems to be a vein of hypocrisy running through the event - you could see it in the leftfield tent where you could visit stalls and hear speeches aimed at bringing together opposition against globalisation and corporate greed whilst consuming copious amounts of Budweiser.

Elsewhere in the festival it was difficult to find a single tshirt vendor selling sloganned tshirts which did not contain sexist language - 'bitch' and 'slut' seemed to be the order of the day, and one particular vendor was selling tshirts stating that 'dead girls don't say no'- what could that be if not a thinly veiled threat of rape?!

Glastonbury twister
A whirlwind developed during the Interpol set on Saturday, which lifted rubbish high into the air. It moved about 50m across the field before dying out after a minute or two.
Graham A Walker
I'm all for irony and I'm all for free speech but there is a difference between free speech and hate speech and in relation to women, Glastonbury definitely strayed into the latter category. If the tshirts I saw were phrased in racist rather than sexist language there would have been an uproar! . It's a terrible shame that the Glastonbury message of 'Respect' doesn't extend to women, particularly when the organisers would have you believe that the festival is so alternative and subversive. It isn't.
Caroline, UK

You know festivals are missing the point when even Michael Eavis says he was surprised by the amount of 30-somethings and would have preferred more kids. Perhaps he should consider booking some cutting-edge bands and making admission prices more realistic. Glastonbury has become a weekend of pseudo-subversiveness for the secure white middle-classes watching their secure mainstream pop bands inside a secure fenced-in village of consumerism.
Alex, UK

Memories of Glastonbury???? All a bit hazy really. Travelled 1000 miles to be there; lost half a stone; smell like a dead rat in a sewer; best jeans and T- shirt ruined: fabulous.

Photo by Eric Pinkerton
Last Wednesday at 2.30pm, I decided to go to Glastonbury - and within an hour I was lucky enough to have found a spare ticket through the Glastonbury message boards. I'm so glad I went. The music was, of course, brilliant, with favourites including Lemon Jelly, Idlewild and the marvellous Inspiral Carpets - who played through pouring rain to a bouncing crowd. I felt completely safe throughout the weekend - and the queues to get in, despite being long, were good natured and fun. I was able to leave my tent first thing in the morning without returning until the wee small hours, to find everything exactly as I left it. Unfortunately, in the "real world" it is strange to be able to sit down and have people engage you in conversation. At Glastonbury, this year, I found it to be the norm. A great festival, with a superb crowd. What more could you want?
Joe Cas, Wales

Glastonbury scene
Picture by Ciaran Stephens
Just recovering from my third Glastonbury, but after my first it has already established itself as the highlight of my year. I had such a wonderful time that there was more than one occasion when I was nearly blubbing like a schoolgirl over the sheer atmosphere of the place, such as Yes's perfermance and sunrise at the stone circle. It really was truly stunning.

It annoys me to read negative reports about Glastonbury. One person here mentioned that "Reading have got it right". If he prefers a pure commercial event which is all about teeny college rock music and mosh-pits then sure, go to Reading. Glastonbury is not like that. It's not all about the big-name bands- they are the icing on the cake, not the cake itself. So, if you moaned about it, don't go again. Leave the precious tickets to people who'll really appreciate it.
Nick, UK

This year was my eighth time having been on and off since the 80s. It was brilliant!!! I hope that Michael Eavis continues to balance the need for security with the hippie feel that Glastonbury has. It was great to see the mixture of people from pregnant women, toddlers and teenagers to people my parents age and older.

Steven Connor photographed a stone circle at dawn
Steven Connor photographed a stone circle at dawn
The toilets were a lot better - with more of them it meant people did not use the bushes!!

Glastonbury has evolved as everything does but there is still that endearing charm. Everyone was friendly and chilled and as ever I went for the atmosphere but found the music to be absolutely wicked.

I love it!! And will be there next year fingers crossed.
Caroline Crowley, UK

It's true, white middle class thirty-somethings abounded. But were they not perhaps the same people who started doing Glastonbury in their tortured rebellious late teens/early twenties and have just kept coming back? That was certainly the case for me and many other people I know who were there this weekend. Everyone grows up. That doesn't mean we don't still want to leave it all behind and relax for a few days. And what's more, we don't half look after the loos better now!
Izzi, UK

Dancing on a Saturday afternoon
Photo by Jonathan Clarke, New Zealand
I thought Glastonbury was meant to reflect the music of the day and always pushed the boundries. Why on Sarturday night did I walk around the whole site and hear nothing apart from house... what about BreakBeat Drum N' Bass, Hip-Hop etc etc.? It really disappointed me that the sound systems, which for so long have represented the diverse styles of music we have in this country, were playing middle of the road house music... Apart from that, wicked festival Moby was amazing and Jimmy Cliff provided the perfect soundtrack to a bright sun shinny day
Si Fell, UK

What is Ian Youngs talking about? Radiohead on Saturday night were absolutely superb. I was at the barrier with my 11 year old son. Some other kids arrived with their parents and the crowd made a little circle for them to prevent them getting crushed and to make sure they could see it. My son loved the concert.
Michael Nangle, England

Saw the sun rise 5:15am sunday morning, absolutely amazing experience. No other festival in the world like Glasto, it IS the BEST FESTIVAL ON EARTH. Thank you Michael Eavis, u rock.
Egg, Essex, UK

A stone circle at dusk was photographed by Steven Connor
A stone circle at dusk was photographed by Steven Connor
Almost certainly the most fantastic weekend of my life. The atmosphere was enchanting, the bands were top class, Jimmy Cliff in the sunshine was almost a religous experience, REM were spectacular. Cerys Matthews drew a crowd so large you couldn't get anywhere near the Acoustic stage, Moloko was a DIVA! Already set for next year!
Amanda Morris, England

Wow, I don't know what to say - for a first timer it was undoubtedly an amazing experience of my life. We had a great crowd of people and it was just a wonderful experience. I'm gutted that it has ended, it was like being on holiday...De La Soul made the day by bringing the sunshine out and Jimmy Cliff was excellent, especially with the sun beaming down..

I didn't see any rubbish bands, they were all superb and the plump DJs, Seb Fontaine and FatBoy Slim really rocked the Dance tent. I'm just sat here in work looking back on the best weekend of my life.. can't wait for next year's festival!!! Sarah, Gary, Rianna, Chris, Mike & Andrew!! We all loved it !!!!
Sarah, England

The Carnival Collective are a 40 piece samba-drum and bass and ska outfit from Brighton. It was an amazing time playing Lost Vagueness. Last year Joe Strummer called us the weirdest bunch of people he'd ever seen as he watched from the wings

Radiohead- the most overhyped band in history?? The weekend was fantastic and there were some brilliant bands.... Idlewild, The Manics, The Coral and Electric 6 to name a few. But Radiohead sent me to sleep. I was stood near the back and most of the people around me reacted in a similar way. Bring back Coldplay, that was a real legendary set.
James Hendicott, England

It was my 6th year this year and I can only say that it's getting better and better each time. An absolute plethora of things to do, people to meet and and music to dance to. Great atmosphere, great people and a fantastic time had by me. I found the Glades my little haven for the weekend. Check it out next year if you didn't go this year! HAS ANYONE SEEN MY BADGER!?!?
Ed Chow Worn, England

A festival virgin no more. Simply the best five days I have ever had. Bring on next year!
Jim, England

If I could sum up my weekend in one word it would be "carnage" and if I was allowed a couple of extra ones they would be "complete" and "utter". Definitely going next year!
Shaf, UK

The festival was fantastic, although before Radiohead came on the crowd crush was horrendous. People were having panic attacks and passing out at the front and all the security staff did about it was pass water out. I'm quite supprised no one was seriously injured in there.
Chris, UK

Nightfall, photo by Andy Lepki
This year we decided to pay 40 to park our camper can. We ended up miles from he site in E17 car park. Give me a break! I'm exhausted - we had to trek miles each day to get some sleep, change, eat. Please Mr Eavis can you ensure that the campers van fields are closer and not full of tents or cars? Wicked time apart from that! Next year I'm just going to park in a car park....
Sharon, England

Last year was my first Glastonbury and wicked. This year was good but I didn't enjoy it so much. I was glad to see the police and security, I'd rather have peace of mind and a more organised festival (which seems to go against "traditional" opinion) than watching my back and worrying. I think it's definitely more middle class, and I wish I had only eaten from the real meat company and veggie or organic stands rather than the hoards of seasoned market tradesmen. That kinda goes against the spirit of it all. I just hope I remember and follow the good causes that were promoted rather than agreeing and not doing anything. Actions speak louder than words and all that.
Frankie Valentince, England

Glastonbury was a tremendous event this year, fantastically organised and extremely enjoyable. I feel I should mention, however, that some of the smaller tents featured much more kicking and cutting edge music than the big stages. I think my festival highlight was seeing Rocket Goldstar in the Avalon Cafe on Thursday night! This is one of the smaller stages and its intimate atmosphere made for a spine tingling, life affirming concert. Did anyone else catch this gig?
Morris Brannigan, UK

Glasto this year was brilliant - just like every other. Great music, wonderful acts, 100,000 people in the mood for friendship and fun. I wish the rest of Britain was the same: 4 days out of 365 is a good start!!!!
Alastair, UK

It was my first glastonbury after years of nagging by my friends and it exceeded expectations. Spent most of our time over at the lost vagueness/green field end of the site, only seeing one band on the main stage. This is my friend Alex having a power nap, recharging for the night ahead
Dylan, Cardiff

What's the matter with 30 somethings being there? I am a thrty something, because I have been going there almost every year for the last 10 years. My only peeve this year was the amount of mobile phones - what is that about - I thought Glasto was all about getting lost for the weekend and forgetting about the outside world fora few days (oh and yes I am white and middle class).
Mike, UK

"You can please all of the people some of the time...etc." People have different views of Glastonbury, as witnessed here. For me (at 33), this was my first having wanted to go for about 10 years, but never managing to book in time, and I loved it. There were people of all ages and backgrounds. I saw lots of youngsters enjoying the festival as it is, if you change the music would the festival survive? How many would pay the 110 for a ticket? The festival changes, it isn't preserved in a vacuum, and that's good. I was just depressed by all the clean shaven men there... I had enough trouble cleaning my teeth!
Mark, England

Glastonbury was great this year, it's been criticised in the past but this year the balance was just right, making it accessible and enjoyable for all. The main criticisms seem to be coming from those bitter at not being able to get a ticket for this extraordinary event, and too right I suppose, they did miss out! The music had a great mix between classics like REM and Radiohead and the unknown excitement of those like Damien Rice and Lemon Jelly. Eavis knows how to throw a damn good music festival and it seems both artists and fans alike were in awe of this fact and appreciated it to the full! If the music is on top form the magic will be there, and this proved true over the weekend.
Lou, UK

After losing my voice I spent half the weekend drinking herbal tea acquired from various pixies who proceeded to sell me their ears. Confused?? You would be.
Sarah, England

This was my first Glastonbury and what a weekend it was! I thought Radiohead were absolutely superb and I completely disagree with Ian Youngs who said the first half of the show was soulless! Rubbish! The 60,000 or so people around me seemed to love every single song - electronic or not! Other highlights for me were Beth Gibbons in the acoustic tent - what a voice and Finnish band Sigur Ros who I'd never even heard of before were truly stunning. Can't wait for next year!
Alex Evans, Wales

What is Glastonbury's appeal?

Tobe suggests Glastonbury should be limited to over 18s and I have to say I think that's mad. Yes I'm aware there's a lot of drug taking going on, even among some of my friends, but I didn't actually see much of it happening other than the occasional dodgy cigarette, and I don't think watching people smoking those is worse than any other sort of cig. Despite the fact I was camping in the field with the dance tent, where I suspect rather more of that sort of thing goes on than the main stage or acoustic tent or family camping areas.

I first went to the festival at the age of 7 in 1983, and then the following 2 years. Back again for the second time as an adult I only have wonderful memories of my time there when I was young and it's great for me to see other kids doing the same. The music is fabulous, the kids field looks great fun, there's plenty to do and see and drugs are only a small part of it for some.

The broad range of people there is part of what makes it such a great experience, and banning kids would stop a lot of adult festival goers too and would probably make a very sad change in the atmosphere.

I and my wife would like to take this oppertunity to thank everyone for a wonderful weekend. This was mine and my wife's first time at the festival and I could not believe how relaxed an atmosphere there was, there no fighting or bad behaviour which was great. We did not know what to expect and so didn't bring our children along, but if I can get tickets for next year I would gladly bring them along.

I was amazed at how reasonably priced all the food and drink outlets were and next time won't bring half the stuff that I brought with me. Maybe next time I come I may get to see a bit more of what is on offer around the site as the weather was so hot it was a real strain to get up and get round to see everthing. THANK YOU FOR A MOST ENJOYABLE WEEKEND.
C and V Sykes, England

R.I.P. Glastonbury. I thought last year was bad enough.Too many bland acts, nothing to get excited about and I thought I was getting old & boring!
Ash Long, London, UK

Best pals: On Sunday (I think), just outside the Leftfield bar, after Simon Friend's solo appearance
James Thurston
I'm now sat at my desk at work, writing reports and answering the phone. 72 hours ago I was sat in a field listening to chillout, melodic tunes, beer in one hand, 'funny' fag in the other, FANTASTIC! Getting involved with 1000s of people who have one soul purpose, TO ENJOY LIFE, AS IT WAS MEANT BE ENJOYED, I've never experienced a feeling of belonging and love for all people and the world we live in as I did sitting around the stone circle field chatting to anybody and tapping my feet to the beat of hippies with drums.

Only the arrogant and narrow-minded can have anything bad to say about Glastonbury. It promotes hope, peace and everything that makes life special.

To all those who were there for 2003 I love you all and I'll see you in 2004.
Dan G, Bedford, England

Photo by Greg Rankin
Watching Afro Celts on Friday afternoon as the sunshine came out and the clouds completely disappeared was just magical! This year was brilliant! Roll on 2004!
Emma, Scotland

Great weekend, 100,000+ people just enjoying themselves for the sake of enjoying themselves is a sight to behold.

Oh and the entire Radiohead set was fantastic. Highlights of the weekend for me were Sigur Ros on Sunday night and the darkness on Friday morning, I really hope they get put higher on the bill next year; it was a bit too early to be feeling the rock.
Thomas Eady, England

Something Spiritual happens in the green fields and lost vagueness area, but not as intense as what I felt at the stone circles on monday morning as the sun came up to the sounds of the tribal drums. After being there since Wednesday you adapt to your surroundings and your fellow humans. There is a strong sense of hope, belief, positivity,and overwhelming unity. If everyone in the world experienced this festival,the world would be a better place. To those who leave themselves open to it, it can educate you. Zion Train told us to turn around to someone you dont know and shake there hand, make a new friend, share some good times. Love makes the world go round, and without this festival a lot of people wouldn't fully understand that.
Heather McVey, UK

The fans' verdicts on Glastonbury 2003

My first Glastonbury, and it was a super weekend. REM,Radiohead and Moby were great headliners, and the rest of the day didn't fail to impress - from Macy's bum to Har Mar Superstar being almost naked.
Claire, Wales

My second year at Glastonbury and it was great. Highlights: Pear cider at the One World stage, the retro American diner van serving the best sausages and chips there, the Green Peace showers, the robot in the theatre field that freaked me out, Polyphonic Spree with their 'Sun' salutations and our wonderful air bed which changed everything comfort-wise. Low points: a few too many laddish blokes around this time I thought and having to choose between loads of great bands on in the same time spots. Oh and please oh please Mr Eavis don't make us snake round in that awful queue going up and down the field with extremely heavy gear on our backs and in our hands before being allowed to enter through the gates. Walking the length and breadth of that first field several times without actually getting anywhere was defintely the lowest point. Especially when after repeatedly being told to keep our tickets hidden, we then neared the entrance and were told by an overly officious security woman to hurry up and get our tickets out now and stop holding up the queue despite not having any hands free at the time! Anyway, we did really enjoy it and the bands we saw were fantastic. Greenfields was superb too. Can't wait to go back next year!
Mari, UK

Well, it was either tighten up the security etc. or lose the festival all together! OK, so some of the 'craziness' of past years has been sacrificed, but we cannot, and must not lose this unique festival. I'd like to thank Farmer Eavis for some of the most memorable and wonderful times of my life. He should be given a knighthood for his outstanding contribution to British Culture! I'd love to give him a hug and buy him a pint - he's a National Hero.
Shannon, UK

4.30am on Sunday morning - people holler and cheer as dawn arrives at the Stone Circle
Kam L Wan
My first Glastonbury since 1987. I arrived and wondered why I was there until I reached the Glade, a beautiful space, and camped up nearby. Next the Green fields like coming home. I saw the Damned while Radiohead were playing - excellent. I would not agree with the point about it being too hectic for young kids - did you see the kids areas? No hassles apart from the long queues for the busses and trains on Monday. Hope I get a ticket next year.
Sue, Wales

I've just about had it with everyone going on about Radiohead' s set on Saturday night, I watched Lamb and it was the single most amazing experience of my life!
blik, uk

No a bad Glasto, but not the best ever - 1999 still holds that one for me. Ever since 99 the festival has got progressively less 'rock'. Comparing it to the V bill Glasto was, although quite similar, a little light, comparing it to Reading and Leeds it blew away in the breeze. Now I've got nothing against some of the mainstream pop and dance-based acts, even though they're not exactly in the spirit of Glasto, just don't put them on the main stages. Not just me, but several people have all been saying that the scheduling had been a bit of a cock up - bands playing the wrong stages at the wrong times, and didn't everything start a lot earlier in the morning than before? I'm certainly fitter this year, spending so much time trying to catch clashing bands on different stages, and I saw a lot less complete sets than ever before. There used to be a loose formula for what acts went where, it now seems its down to whatever the relevant management can wrangle out of farmer Eavis and his increasingly influential daughter.
Ian Seale, UK

Just come back from a fantastic weekend at Glastonbury with my children, Rowena (11) and Antony (five). The kids want to live in the green fields and pop out to for a Moby gig or a circus act at will!
Mark Wheaver, Swindon
I am utterly shocked at the reviewer for this site's response to Radiohead on the Saturday night at Glastonbury this year. I dont know where he/she watched it from but it most certainly wasnt from within a hundred metres of where we were standing. The atmosphere during the gig was simply electric from start to finish, there was some very emotional people around as the set progressed. It was a true Glastonbury moment.
Steve Mannin, UK

What a fantastic we had once more, and I include my 6 yr old daughter in that. It's her 3rd Glastonbury, and ANYONE who thinks that kids shouldn't be allowed there should get out of the dance tent and make their way to the other side of the site, especially the delight of the little ones in the kids field. I would like to add to Tobe that he's welcome to Reading for that very reason. Other than that, Mr Eavis, keep it up we'll be back next year as usual, long live Worthy Farm and all it stands for.
Kev, UK

Without a doubt the best yet. For the first time ever I walked back to my car to get more beer stashed in the boot and didnt see any of the scallies that have been causing hassle outside in previous years. Did not see one duff band (apart from the one who were on late when Yes were supposed to be on) REM, Idlewild, Cooper Temple Clause, Radiohead, The Coral, Feeder, Manics all superb and Moby - what a way to end the festival with that brilliant cover of "Creep" It was in my head all the drive home and for days after! As for the tickets next year, why penalise the regular supporters? We will probably get a ticket anyway even if we have to pay over the odds, Mr Eavis should concentrate on making sure the people who buy tickets from official sources are the people who present them at the gate. Then everyone who wants to go would probably get a ticket. I know he probably wouldn't accept it but Michael Eavis deserves a knighthood for the work he has done for charity.
Andy C, Rochdale, UK

Glastonbury-goers by Mark Thomas
Picture by Mark Thomas
I've been going to Glastonbury for 13 years. My first time at the Festival was in 1990 when I was 16 years old. It opened my eyes to a whole new world. I've been going back ever since! I always have such a fantastic time there, even though you don't get much sleep!!I love and live for music and have been to other music festivals, but none of them compare to Glastonbury. It has so much to offer, there's so much to see and do. I especially love the healing fields and have a massage there every year. You meet people from all different walks of life. Age is irrelevant at Glastonbury. Everyone is there for the same reasons. To chill out, dance, have fun & enjoy the music. From young children to Michael Eavis's generation & all those in between no one is exempt! This year's Festival was definately one of the best! The weather was beautiful, the music great and the atmosphere amazing, we couldn't of asked for much more! Here's a huge thanks to Michael Eavis for still running the best Festival in this country! Long may it live on!!
Corrie, UK

Why all these moans about mobile phones? Like people are not really "getting away from it all". Most people were just using them to keep in touch with mates inside the festival, outside world forgotten. Ever since the mobile the loneliness of the totally lost festivalgoer has been a thing of the past - at least until the batteries run out. I speak as one who has been coming since 1994 and seemed to spend most of some years looking for other people! So happy to be wired.
Kelvin Jenkins, Wales

I don't think I'll ever forget Macy Gray pulling a moony at the Pyramid Stage crowd on Sunday evening with this naked naturist guy bouncing around next to me to the sounds of Sexual Revolution. I'll be haunted forever....
Lukas, Germany

There are so amny misconceptions abaout Glastonbury it gets annoying. Yep, it does become a dump by Monday and the toilets are disgusting, bu once you've been you realise that that is part of it.
Graham, West Country



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