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Last Updated: Wednesday, 28 May, 2003, 12:01 GMT 13:01 UK
Happy birthday Bob
President George W Bush
George W Bush has led tributes to the comedian
The US president joins celebrities in sending veteran entertainer Bob Hope their good wishes on his 100th birthday.

US President George W Bush: "To millions of people Bob Hope represents everything that is best about the United States."

Former US President Gerald Ford: "If Bob Hope was your friend it was a true friendship. You never had to deny it because Bob was always at your side helping in any way he could."

Actress Connie Stevens: "He's done as much for America as any president."

Actress Jane Russell: "He's the most relaxed guy in the world. He knows what he wants to do but he's going to have fun doing it".

Wife Dolores Hope: "He always says the secret of his success was his English/Welsh background, but he really just loved what he was doing."

Frasier actor Kelsey Grammer: "He crosses all lines, all political lines, all religious lines. He's an extraordinary man, and he was always clean. He was always funny.

"Bob is just an American institution and I hope he's well."

Phyllis Diller[Starred opposite Hope in Eight on the Lam]: "I came to appreciate him so much because I got to know that he's one of the most positive people I've ever known.

Kelsey Grammer
Kelsey Grammer is a big fan of Hope

"You talk about positive thinking, positive speaking and positive acting. There's no negative about him. He's just one of those guys who... how can you be so nice and perfect?"

Comedian Dennis Miller: "His film work was superb, his television work as deft as it gets and his stand-up always had a certain unexpected elegance to it that I was fascinated with."

Eva Marie Saint [Starred with Hope in Cancel My Reservation]: "When you look at the films when he's with the troops out there and they cut to the troops every one of them loved him.

"He was such a hit with all the troops over there. What a contribution."

Comedian and actor Albert Brooks: "When I do Letterman or Leno they now play Thanks For the Memory (Hope's signature song) as my intro and that's my tribute to Bob Hope."

Mort Lachman[producer of the Bob Hope Vietnam Christmas Show in 1977]: "He was everyman. He wasn't better than anybody else. When we were in Vietnam, he was as big a coward as anybody.

Bob Hope
Hope is still one of the world's favourite comedians

"He was the guy who never got the girl, who always said the wrong thing, who couldn't quite dance or sing.

"That's why he represented all those servicemen out there who were doing the same things."

Speaking about the tributes to her father, daughter Linda Hope: "He'll laugh and he'll say: 'That's for me? Are they talking about me?' So it's amazing and overwhelming at the same time."

The BBC's David Willis reports from Hollywood
"By anyone's standards it's been a remarkable career"


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