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Last Updated: Tuesday, 27 May, 2003, 15:51 GMT 16:51 UK
Eurovision nul points hall of fame
Jemini became the 34th act to score nul points at Eurovision
Jemini, the UK entry for this year's Eurovision Song Contest, failed to get a single point - the first time the UK entry has ended up with nul points.

But who are the other infamous Eurovision flops?

A total of 34 songs have been ignored by juries and audiences since the contest began.

The first nul pointers came in 1962, six years after the contest started, when four countries - Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain - failed to register.

But the voting rules meant it was far easier for a country to come out empty-handed, with 20 songs scoring nul points between 1962-70.

It was not until 1975, when the voting changed to the current system, that getting nul points became a real achievement.

The most notable nul pointers were:

Jahn Teigen
Jahn Teigen has become the most notorious flop
Jahn Teigen - Norway, 1978

The first of Norway's record four nul pointers, Teigen is Eurovision's most famous loser. He sang Mil Etter Mil, or Mile After Mile, while twanging his braces and kicking his legs. He went on to run Norway's only private pub-brewery and a naturopathic pharmacy. He also appeared in a bizarre musical, Which Witch, in 1992 - described as a "dire rock opera".

Remedios Amaya - Spain, 1983

This gypsy flamenco singer, who drew comparisons with Sandie Shaw by singing barefoot, represented Spain with Quien Maneja Mi Barca, or Who Handles My Boat. But she has always enjoyed success at home, and became the most successful of the nul pointers by earning two Latin Grammy nominations after breaking into the international market in the late 1990s.

Cetin Alp and Short Wave - Turkey, 1983

Firing a blank in the same year as Amaya, crooner Cetin Alp's song Opera was described by Allan Todd, who spent more than 30 years collecting Eurovision records, as the all-time worst.

Tor Endresen
Tor Endresen was joint bottom in 1997
Tor Endresen - Norway, 1997

This Norwegian singer tried and failed to be chosen as his country's entrant no less than seven times before 1997. But when his chance came, he notched up Norway's fourth nul points with San Francisco. He was the star attraction on a Euro Song cruise from Oslo to Copenhagen in 2001 and his latest CD went gold in his home country. Portugal's Celia Lawson joined him in joint bottom place in 1997.

Gunvor: Winter circus tour followed Eurovision flop
Gunvor - Switzerland, 1998

The most recent nul pointer before Jemini was Swiss Celine Dion wannabe Gunvor Guggisberg, whose Song Lass Ihn - Leave Him Be - was one of the favourites before the show. She was a champion Swiss tap dancer but her overblown diva pop failed to capture the audience's imagination. She is still a moderate star in Switzerland, singing and dancing in a winter circus the year after her Eurovision appearance.


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