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Last Updated:  Friday, 28 March, 2003, 16:32 GMT
Challenging art show's web debut
Third Angel
Third Angel's work looks at what it means to be English
A project bringing together challenging art concepts and multi-media production has been launched on the internet and at The Site Gallery in Sheffield.

The Shooting Live Artists exhibition consists of six artworks commissioned by the BBC, the Arts Council of England and Culture Company.

The aim of the scheme is to mix live performance art with new technology.

The projects can be viewed both on the Shooting Live Artists website and the contemporary gallery, with interactivity a key factor in the displays.

One of the first works to be launched on the website is Leslie Hill and Helen Paris' Guerrilla Performance Locator which draws on the actions of the suffragettes.

File Under Sacred Music
File Under Sacred Music recreates The Cramps' performance
The pair have been recreating some of the protests of the suffragettes in modern political contexts.

There is also an interactive angle as the artists invite others to "make public spectacles of themselves for things they believe in" to be included as part of the performance art.

Skin/Strip Online, a digital photographic installation by artists Completely Naked and Furtherfield, also has an interactive element as it invites people to submit their own images of the body.

Seminal performance

The concept is to celebrate difference, expression and liberation from ideas of the perfect body.

Mental health

The website contributions will be projected into the Site Gallery space and visitors to the exhibition can engage by using a photo booth.

File Under Sacred Music by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard re-enacts rock band The Cramps' seminal 1978 performance at the Napa Mental Institute, and a remake of the rare bootleg film.

The artists held the re-enactment at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London in a collaboration with mental health charities.

The audience was made up of people who have been through the psychiatric system.

The Pleasant Land project by Third Angel takes at look at what England means to people in 2003, inviting contributions in the shape of stories, memories and postcards.

The exhibition begins at the Site Gallery on 28 March and can be viewed at

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