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Last Updated:  Monday, 24 March, 2003, 06:21 GMT
Oscar ceremony in quotes
Nicole Kidman and Catherine Zeta Jones
Kidman and Zeta Jones gave emotional speeches
Words of wit and wisdom, with many remarks about the war in Iraq, make their mark at the Oscar ceremony.

"I'm glad they cut back on all the glitz. You probably noticed there was no fancy red carpet tonight - that will send them a message."
Steve Martin

"Nicole Kidman has worn a fake nose in every movie she has ever made - except The Hours."
Steve Martin

"We live in the time where we have fictitious election results that elect a fictitious president. Whether it is the fiction of duct tape or the fiction of orange alerts, we are against this war, Mr Bush. Shame on you, Mr Bush."
Michael Moore made his anti-war protest.

"I bet they didn't tell you that was in the gift bag."
Adrien Brody explained his dramatic kiss with Halle Berry after winning for best actor.

Michael Moore
Michael Moore's speech was unpopular
"And the Oscar goes to... by a nose, Nicole Kidman."
Denzel Washington announced the best actress Oscar.

"Russell Crowe said 'Don't cry if you get up there' and now I'm crying."
Nicole Kidman was overcome with emotion.

"Oh my God - it's a a Scotsman giving a Welsh girl an Oscar."
Catherine Zeta Jones received her award from Sean Connery.

"Working with this woman was like making great jazz."
Best supporting actor winner Chris Cooper on working with Meryl Streep

"For you Mexico."
Composer Elliot Goldenthal who won an Oscar for his score for Frida.

"Dad, wherever you are, you are gone but you will never be forgotten."
Conrad Hall paid tribute to his father Conrad L. Hall who won a posthumous Oscar for Road to Perdition.

"Everytime an Oscar is given out, an agent gets his wings."
Kathy Bates

"I now have my own Oscar till death do us part."
Peter O Toole said he would not be letting go of his honorary Oscar.

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