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 Monday, 16 December, 2002, 17:07 GMT
The Popstars singles: Your views
One True Voice
One True Voice want the Christmas number one
The groups in Popstars: The Rivals have finally been chosen, and Girls Aloud nabbed the Christmas number one slot.

But what do you think of the singles? Pop treasure or pop trash?

BBC News Online users had their say.

All the people in the bands have talent. I'm just sorry to see it wasted on yet another manufactured 'pop' band. The original Popstars idea was good but now its worn out. Fame Academy was another good idea but as soon as it became apparent that was Pop Idol mixed with Big Brother all over again, it just faded away. Don't waste any more talent on TV pop band manufacturing shows.
John Lochrie, UK

I think it would be hilarious if neither Popstars band got to Number One at Christmas and were beaten to the top spot by The Fimbles!!!!! They have a much catchier song!
Zoe, UK

I hope that Santa brings me some earplugs this Christmas

Jellybean, The Netherlands
I think they are both really good catchy songs. I don't see the point in doing covers as well. They should have just done Sound Of The Underground and Sacred Trust. I must agree with a couple of people "why does Cheryl sing the lead if she's the weakest singer?" but now when I've heard it, it does sound good with Cheryl singing the lead.
Becci, UK

I think that both the songs are good but I think the girls will win because their song is more catchy and a lot more girls will listen to their song and go out and buy it.
Sophie Eager, West Sussex

Both songs are truly poor and unoriginal , and will get to the top of the Charts through the marketing of the TV programme only : if these records had been released without the hype they wouldn't have got anywhere. The singers are talented but everything is designed to make those behind the project a lot of money in the shortest possible time - they will be the real winners and the bands will probably be forgotten about by this time next year. Well , I won't be buying either single because I love music and I won't play in this stupid game , and I'd much rather hear a single from Marli or Lemar from Fame Academy anyway !
Simon Owen, UK

OK. Enough is enough!! Fame Academy was passable because it dealt with people who had real talent. As for the popstars bands, I think Daniel, Nadine and Nicola have the talent to succeed, but only if they escape from this cynical experiment and are allowed to develop as individuals. I never thought I'd say it, but I really hope Blue and Elton John retain the No.1 slot for Christmas.
Eddie, UK

This is just blatant fixing of the charts. How do people with real talent, and the imagination to write and perform their own music stand a chance when these two bands are recieving blanket publicity and the attention of two of the most established producers of pop music in the business?

This manufactured nonsense is not the way forward for pop music any more, look at what happened to Hear'say, Steps, they're even bailing out of S Club 7. Real music with real instruments and real talent is what the industry should be striving to promote. All I'm hoping for is that there's a surprise release on monday, to knock both bands off the top of the charts. That would be real justice!
Kat, UK

I have listened to both tracks and I have to say I like the girls, but what is going on with the boys?? The song is very dated. I know it's a cover but it doesn't sound as if it has been updated, and I think it is one of the worst songs I have ever heard. Pete Waterman, what are you doing? Louis Walsh, congratulations on your christmas number one.
Chris , uk

I really do hope that neither of these two bands make it to Number One this Christmas...the girls' song in particular is rubbish.
Shona, UK

The boys' song is really catchy, good stuff, they look really great too and all of them can sing well! As for the girls, their singing is pretty terrible and the video seems to just try and show off their looks. Boys should get to number one on talent.
Sharon, England

Definitely pop trash. Not because the lack of talent though. Over controlled manufactured bands are becoming more and more annoying because, it rather smells money then anything else. How sad, how degrading.
Giorgi, UK

I think both songs are absolutely fantastic, the best thing for ages. They definitely beat such rubbish as Coldplay and Travis. They certainly deserve to top the charts for weeks, even months to come. I will definitely be buying several copies of both singles just to make sure of this. NOT!!!!!!!!

I have lost most of my faith in the UK music industry, if either of these get to #1 it will all be gone. Keep Elt and Blue at the top, at least they are talented. Oh and while I'm here, why the hell would you call your band Girls Aloud? I mean, doesn't that just spell trouble? Or lack of imagination, which is what these people suffer from. i'd like to see any of them writing a good song. HA.
Kaitie, UK

What can I say? I hope that Santa brings me some earplugs this Christmas...
Jellybean, The Netherlands

I don't think either of the bands will make it big. People are starting to realise that real talent usually hasn't been manufactured and thrown at the public for months. I think we'll get a nice surprise for the Christmas number one this year. That's what I hope, anyway. None of the singles they make will be bought by me.
James, UK

I'm a little disillusioned with all of this reality band business. The original 'Popstars' was an interesting idea, but this new vrsion, which has created TWO 'bands' jusy goes to show how throwaway the music business is. Louis and Pete know full well that these groups have a maximum of 2 albums in them...and they'll be lucky to achieve that. Even the groups' names suggest complete indifference to their fate. Girls Aloud? Where's the longevity in that?

As for the singles...well, One True Voice show they are One Trick Ponies with their dull offerings. Should keep the teenyboppers happy for half an hour. As for the girls, well, they certainly shouldn't be 'aloud' out dressed like they do in the video. Mucho make up too...they all look about 40. The song is only interesting for the fact that it is distinctly non-Christmassy...which is actually quite refreshing.
Justin, UK

The girls look like they got lost on the way to the set of Footballer's Wives. Painful to watch. The finished "products" are so processed they have lost any hint of talent.
Gayle, UK

When I first heard the bands on TV, I didn't think much of them, but then I saw them live at G-A-Y at the Astoria on Saturday night... and they were two of the worst acts I have ever seen! It is true that this was one of their first gigs (if not their very first) but they were truly awful. The boys' song is not good - it lasts for ever, and is infuriatingly repetetive (and who on earth covers Bee Gees songs anyway?). Only two of the boys can actually sing well, but at least they got the crowd going a little.

The girls' track is a better song - but they simply couldn't sing in tune! Even when they said they were going to "prove" they could sing in tune by doing some a cappella, they sounded more like a drunken girls' night out than a top-class pop act! Only a cameo by a member of Westlife managed to pump up the crowd at the club.

My advice to single-buyers is to use your money to buy a great song by an excellent band and a superstar - Blue and Elton's "Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word".

I don't think the girls will last long at all. The boys may be saved by three members' shockingly good looks (they look much better in real life!) but I wouldn't hold my breath.
Jamie Pantling, England

Well they choose an apt name for the boys at least. One True Voice yep! Daniel. The others are just awful and out of tune, get out of there Daniel, you are way too good for that rubbish.
Charles, UK

I think the boys are brilliant and give us a true image of what real talent is all about

Sharon Buck, England
Rubbish. Another slow, ballad from another slow boy band. And a rip-off of the Sugababes from the girls. And rubbish tacky names for both bands as well. And, yet more covers too. How talented of them! Oh, but wait, Popstars was based on looks over personality and talent wasn't it! Fame Academy had produced far more talent.
Emma, England

I don't think you can compare Popstars to Fame Academy! The likes of Lemar are quality whereas One True Voice are just average kids begging to make it big without the essential qualities required such as, songwriting skills, ambition and dedication to succeed.
David Larrier, England

I think the boys are brilliant and give us a true image of what real talent is all about. Not only can they sing but one or two are indulged in song writing and playing instruments. Wow - definitely number one
Sharon Buck, England

Both groups, in general, are rubbish. I can't believe some of those who managed to get through although a couple of members in each band aren't too bad. The girl's single is by far the better of the two. Shame then that they can't sing live together very well - appallingly in fact. David Sneddon from Fame Academy will do much, much better. Now that's real talent !
Dale Edwards, England

The boys' songs are shockingly dull and insipid, and Stay Another Day is as diabolical as it was the first time round. Only the catchy, rhythmic Sound of the Underground even attempts to be a decent pop song, although despite this it fails to show off the girls' individual voices, which is a shame as three of the five are outstanding and deserve far better material and handling.
Niall McCourt, UK

Sound of the Underground has been on repeat on my CD player for nearly a week. It's a great pop track. However, I reckon the management are grooming Nadine and Nicola for solo careers. The boys' record is an unfortunate reflection of how gullible and vulnerable teenage girls are during puberty.
Maria, UK

When will people realise that all these manufactured bands are completely void of talent?

Rob, UK
All I can say is that I think the girls' song is excellent. It boasts the Round Round template of Sugababes; giving it that sound of the fond Bananarama tunes of old. It is very girly and ironically so is the boys single. One True Voice? Pah! Even the name of the group sounds as though it is a male choir.
Gordon , UK

Absolute rubbish. When will people realise that all these manufactured bands are completely void of talent. They look pretty and that's about it. So please if you have any self respect and are over the age of 12, buy something else. There's some fantastic music out there and these two bands certainly don't fall into that category .
Rob, UK

Please can someone else release a decent single which will beat both bands to number one? Perhaps then the Popstars-type TV shows and their production-line stars will finally go away and we can get something original and refreshing on our TVs, radios and CD players.
Nick, UK

There's the likelihood that the boy band will do slightly better as there's more screaming girls than boys. I don't think younger lads are smitten by all girl bands anymore. The Spice Girls was the last straw. I'll give the girls one year and the boys two.
Tony Birchall, Sandbach, England

Definitely the boys because they can sing and write songs and play instruments. Girls Aloud, are they just there to look good?
Kerry, N.Ireland

I think the girls song is really good, as for the boys, it was to be expected, a cheesy love song which had me falling asleep in seconds. The girls video is good, but poor Nicola hardly features. As with all these kind of shows the first few weeks of auditions are the best, a good laugh at all the awful 'wannabes'
Anna, England

These are both obviously pop treasure compared to the highly unsavoury rejects on the BBC's Fame Academy

Farah, UK
I think Girls Aloud's song is a lot better than One True Voices cos the boys have a lame song compared to the girls.
Usman, England

I think Girls Aloud will do better than One True Voice because One True Voice's song is soppier than Girls Aloud and Girls Aloud has the better manager
Paul D, England

I think Girls Aloud will do much better than One True Voice because the boys have been given a bad song. The girls song is much more catchy, so I think they will be nearer to number one on Sunday. But I still want blue and Elton John to win.
Sarah, England

Nicola is clearly one of the stronger singers in the girl band and I can't believe she hasn't been given a chance to shine on the record. Obviously Louis Walsh has decided that her face doesn't fit into his band of generic clones. Leave, Nicola, and go it alone - your band will have flopped by March anyway.
Kate Ellison, UK

The boys (One True Voice) truly have talent and can sing - Daniel is terrific. The girls on the other hand are terrible, I think Nadine and Nicola should be the only members of the band, as the rest are just thrown in to show some skin.
Angel, Uk

The boys singles are just non-descript cheesy pop, which all the young girls will buy and make it the Christmas number one. The girls songs are awful. Sound of the Underground left me speechless... and why does Cheryl sing the most on both singles when she's a really weak singer?
Lucy, London, England

Please give the viewing and listening public a break. If they do any more cover versions for these 'discoveries' they stand no chance of actually making any money out of it.
Sonia, Guernsey, UK

These are both obviously pop treasure compared to the highly unsavoury rejects on the BBC's Fame Academy!
Farah, UK

I feel sorry for poor Nicola Roberts. In the video for Sound of the Underground we get endless shots of numerous sultry poses from the others, but she gets approximately 2 seconds of airtime! The singing and shooting definitely seems biased towards some members of both groups! Both of the singles will no doubt do well, but that does not necessarily mean they are any good.
Taz, UK

I think the girls' songs are a lot better than the boys', and if I had my way the girls would win but I don¿t think they will due to the amount of young girls that will buy the boys' song.
Natalie, England

Popstars the rivals are dross - both of them! Listen to David on Fame Academy on Friday night and weep!
Sharon, Scotland

These songs entered in Eurovision would have probably come fifth and 10th. Mr Waterman and Mr Walsh should retire - one driving steam trains, the other learning how to pronounce svengali!
Themla Sly, UK

All I can say is come back Hear'Say, all is forgiven. I mean these two "bands" are rubbish. This type of programme is clearly decreasing in popularity and the producers need something to entice people to watch. These bands will no doubt plummet after the new year. With more and more people choosing real music over this manufactured pap, their days are numbered before they have begun.
GH, Scotland

Cynical, manufactured 'pop' at its worst. Pete and Louis should be ashamed of what they have done to the UK recording industry

Stephen Lord, UK
Surely 'Papstars' would be more appropriate. Both the boys and the girls are cringingly bad, and should sink without trace within a few weeks of the launch of their respective "songs".
Wilbur, UK

Cynical, manufactured 'pop' at its worst. Pete and Louis should be ashamed of what they have done to the UK recording industry. The few of them that can sing do not make up for the obvious lack of talent of the rest.
Stephen Lord, London

The boys' single is passable, in a karaoke sort of way, although no real talent is on offer. The girls' single is awful, like a filler from a Hear'Say album. And somebody should really have told their video director that heroin-chic is long dead. Fortunately, these groups are both talentless enough to plummet out of the charts by mid-2003. Here's also hoping that the cheeky girls get the Christmas number one. At least it's an original song, released under no pretences of actually being good...
Peter, Guernsey

Boys are the best - their voices and their looks
Kirsty Stanton, UK

What is to become of these bands? Hear'Say were slaughtered by the press and the public, but their first releases were at least reasonable and had me humming along quite quickly. The boys' songs are quite Westlife-ish, but more boring (which I never thought possible). The girls do at least have one slightly more exciting song, but why is the weakest singer (Cheryl) given so much to sing and the strongest (Nicola) hardly gets to open her mouth??? Give me Sinead from the Fame Academy any day!
Christine, UK

Can we safely say that it's going to be Hear'Say all over again? The two groups created are no different to any other pop bands from the last few years. Hopefully ITV will, after seeing these two groups fade away very quickly, realise that the Popstars phenomenon is over.
Mark, UK

I think the boys' song is the most boring, cheesy song I have ever heard and a really bad song to give them

Jen, UK
I think that both of the singles are sadly lacking in quality and don't deserve to make it to the top 10. Let's see more of the Fame Academy students in the top 10 please!
Jessica, UK

When I first heard Sound Of The Underground by the girls I didn't like it, but now I love it. I think the boys' song is the most boring, cheesy song I have ever heard and a really bad song to give them if Pete is trying to prove they aren't a typical boy band! Back the girls everyone, they are definitely the best. The only bad thing I can say is they should show more of Nicola and more singing from Nadine and less of Cheryl.
Jen, UK

The boy band is a melange of completely random people thrown together; one Irish rocker, one soul man, two little boys - and as for the girls, why is Cheryl taking the lead? Nicola definitely should. Fame Academy is definitely the winner in terms of talent.

The boys are utter pap. They look like every other boy band - with less talent. The girls look polished, confident and slick, but that ginger one has got to go!
Hayley, UK

Being Hear'Say's successors... what kind of prize is that?
Delroy, UK

The song by Girls Aloud is great. It's catchy and has a better video. Good luck to both bands for the future!
Faisal, England

Well, all the singers do have talent, but One True Voice really not a good start to remake an old one, at least the Girls Aloud have an original hit, or at least one I haven't heard before, which is upbeat and good listening, so GO GIRLS!
Matt, UK

I think both bands are great. But it is a real shame Javine didnt get in. Sarah, Kimberley, Cheryl, Nadine and Nicola are all good singers.
Emilie Taylor, England

The boys' song is great, even their b side track. The girls is catchy but not a christmas song and as for the b side bring back EAST 17, they are murdering your song.
Caroline, England

One True Voice are cool/wicked!!!
Rachel, UK

I think the fight between the two bands is too hyped up, there is some good music out there by artists that are very very talented indeed and deserve just as much chance. I think Blue and Elton John should be at the top hands down. I wish the girls all the luck being one myself but I also think Daniel is talented, he is gorgeous and has eyes that make you want to melt.
Lisa Cullumbine, England

At the end of the day it's just pop music. Stop taking it so seriously.The boys could have done better, good voices bad song. The girls tried something different, good song, need to learn how to sing as a band, they are singing as individuals.Lets see what happens to them all in 2003.
Glo, UK

The girls are appalling.Three of them can sing and really shine, however, Cheryl is weak and Kimberly is just pathetically dull with no vocal robustness.They are also unable to harmonise and I know for a fact that they can't sing live.Well done the Boys for real talent!
Elizabet, Uk

How can so little talent earn so much money? Sickening. The whole damn country seems caught up in 'pop'. Maybe because anyone thinks they can be 'famous'. Just like global warming, this plague is taking over the world. Sad, very sad.
Ralph, uk

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