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Monday, 28 October, 2002, 17:54 GMT
DJs: Your views
Chris Moyles
Is Chris Moyles the worst British DJ?
A survey by mobile phone service Shazam has revealed that the biggest irritant for music fans is when DJs spend too much time chattering instead of playing tunes.

Chris Moyles was named the most irritating DJ in the survey, apparently because he talks excessively and doesn't always tell listeners what he is playing.

His fellow Radio 1 presenters Sara Cox and Terry Wogan were joint runners-up.

But what do you think?

What makes a good DJ? Who is your favourite and why? This debate is now closed. Please see below for a selection of your comments.

BBC News Online users had their say.

Just get Chris Moyles off the radio. He is the most unfunny and arrogant person I have ever had the misfortune to listen to.
Chris, UK

Chris Moyles is just a loser who's in love with the sound of his own voice!! I wish he'd just shut up and play more records, or at least let comedy Dave talk more as opposed to cutting him (and other guests) off mid sentence.
Dan, UK

Chris Moyles is useless, no-one seems to waste air time being so unfunny as him. The show is same formula everyday.
Richard, UK

I have to say that the BBC have two of the most valuable assets in Chris Moyles and Jonathan Ross. If people don't like the format of their radio programmes then the answer is simple - tune to a commercial radio station and enjoy less music, far more annoying DJs and ADVERTS! I think both Chris and Jonathan along with their respective teams are excellent at broadcasting what a huge group of listeners want to hear.
Paul, England

I used to be a loyal Radio One fan whilst driving to work in the mornings but ever since Sara Cox started I can't bring myself to listen to that annoying and unintelligent woman.Instead of music on my 20 min journey you just have her talking absolute rubbish. No wonder people are straying and prefer other stations in the morning
Lou, UK

Couldn't agree more! I know that DJs talking costs less than playing music but please can't we run some kind of appeal? Especially for Virgin! I always used to listen to the radio from about 11pm till I crashed out about one but ALL you get now is chatter! Just a record every now and again would be nice!
T Powell, UK

Mark and Lard are amazingly competent DJs, hilariously funny and their knowledge of music is second to none

Louise, UK

Radio 1 hasn't been the same since Mr.Evans left years ago. All their daytime presenters are bland and/or predictable. There's nothing to stimulate the listener. XFM in London and around the UK on Sky Digital play a whole range of 'real' music and have Ricky Gervais on Saturdays at midday. The stuff he comes out with is fantastic. If you think The Office is funny you'll love his radio show as what he (or Karl the K-Man) says is spur-of-the-moment nonsense.BRILLIANT!!
Ryan Farley, UK

Chris Moyles is a boring know-it-all loudmouth who is about as interesting as the sole of my shoe. Please farm him out to some obscure radio station - maybe Falkland FM. But perhaps that would be too close. Second thoughts just get rid of him altogether. Please
Ihate chrismoyles, UK

Chris Moyles is a complete waste of good airtime in the mornings. I don't find him funny or amusing at all. He will do well as a double glazing salesman working for me when he leaves Radio One
Ranj, England

I find with Moyles's show it grows on you rather than turning him for the first time and thinking wow he's greate. Some people say he's shows no good as he talks to much but if you just want to listen to music then listen to a CD.
Andrew Scotford, UK

I don't think he was criticised enough. He talks rubbish, plays rubbish and is rubbish. All he promotes is himself and his stupid laddish, ignorant, boozy lavatorial points of view. I'm surprised he and Sara Cox have lasted so long
Ann, England

My least favourite DJ has to be the talentless Sara Cox. Okay, she looks nice, and she has a trendy "regional accent" that the BBC craves, but I really do think she lacks the verbal talent of DJs like Moyles and she tries hard, but she just can't be funny. Bring back Zoe Ball for breakfast!
Richard, England

Moyles is like Marmite you either love him or hate him !!
Andrew Scotford, Uk

Answer to the question? Yes he is!
Christopher Jone, England

A good DJ is someone who is not in love with the sound of his own voice

Lionel Malkin, UK

Moyles goes from mildly irritating to amusing so I can forgive him, but Sara Cox has to go, she waffles on and on, at least 50% of what she says is unintelligable, the other 50% merely unintelligent.
Dave Walters, UK

I loathe Chris Moyles with a passion. Hugely self-opionated, misogynistic, and worst of all, deeply unfunny, he's done more than anyone else (with the possible exception of the ghastly Sara Cox) to turn me away from Radio 1.
Nick Farrimond, UK

A good DJ is someone who is not in love with the sound of his own voice. Constant chatter about rubbish drives me insane. Neil Fox on Capital Radio is a prime example. Give me a chance and I will show what people want to listen to.
Lionel Malkin, United Kingdom

Mark & Lard....need I say more. Chris Moyles is irritating, arrogant and he is the reason why I now listen to local radio on the way home from work. He used to be bearable at best but now I cannot even say that about him. Mark and Lard on the other hand are amazingly competent DJs, hilariously funny and their knowledge of music is second to none. They might not get to play the music that they love but they still manage to play the odd one or two songs during their show which makes it all worth while. Mark and Lard - we salute you!
Louise, UK

Chris Moyles is hot property. If you have to choose an annoying radio one show, choose Mark and Lard.
Alex, UK

I agree that Chris Moyles is a very annoying DJ. But this is not because he doesn't name the tunes. Let's face it, Radio 1 plays the same tunes (mostly puerile pap)all day so what does it matter! Chris Moyles is an arrogant bighead who has the nerve to think the British public actually enjoy his narcissistic, unoriginal and totally unfunny ramblings. He should be made to stop or get off the air.
Judy Stevenson, UK

I think Chris Moyles is absolutely hilarious! People often scorn the fact that he makes Will's life a misery, but that is all part of his show and he is only having a laugh (most of the time Will joins in). Chris and the gang (especially comedy Dave) should win the award for most entertaining radio show. If anyone deserves the most annoying DJ accolade it is Sara Cox. She has got to be the most patronising person on radio...the way she talks half the time, putting on her little kiddy voice, how pathetic.
Tom, UK

Chris Moyles is brilliant, if anything the show would be better without music!

Katherine Hartje, UK

I agree Chris Moyles can be annoying, but he has a massive following - and can be extremely entertaining, I'm not sure any DJ could produce a truly funny show, day in day out in the way Chris (& his team) does. The survey seems flawed, given they only asked 1000 people .... hardly an accurate representation of the Nation's feelings about any DJ!
Jon, UK

Chris Moyles has been unfairly criticised, I regularly listen to his show and find it a great mix of music, comedy and madness. Keep up the good work!!
Shfa Kamar, England

Chris Moyles is my favourite radio presenter without a doubt. Yeah, he takes the mickey out of people but that is the basis of his show and if you don't like it, switch it off. He's witty, fast-thinking and intelligent, miles better than coxy - get her off the radio!!
Mia, UK

Chris Moyles is brilliant, if anything the show would be better without music!
Katherine Hartje, UK

They got it spot on! Chris Moyles is irritating and rude, I stopped listening to him years ago. Far more like it is Steve Wright on Radio 2. That show is just great. Humour, fun, facts, a few quizzes, great guests, AND with a wide variety of music. That is precisely what makes a good radio show, not the tosh presented to us by Radio 1 (the only decent show is Jo Whiley). Radio 2 appeals to more people, and is not aimed at 14 year olds like Radio 1.
Alexandra Bone, UK

Chris Moyles USED to be excellent (about a year and a half ago) and recently (since about the start of big blubber) he has beome very ignorant and gives Dave and his producers a hard time implying that he is better than them in some way or other or is right and they are wrong. This doesn't sit to well with the listeners of his show as the majority (I guess the majority anyway) have usually just come from work and can possibly relate this attitude to someone in work that they don't like etc.

I drove from Glasgow to Carlise a few weeks ago and in the short space I was in the car, Eminem's new track was on four times among others that were repeated two or three times. I am 24 and know a lot of people that travel and listen to the radio, everyone has at some point heard a good few hours of rRdio 1 and commented on the repetitiveness of the material played.

Saying all that I would rather listen to Moyles than Evans/Cox(grrr)/Ball anyday.
Chris McCormack, UK

Chris is an absolute legend. He is perfect for the drive home slot on national radio and is more in-touch with the listeners than any other radio station, commercial and national. A good DJ should be defined by the amount of listeners, and the proof of that is certainly irrefutable.
Roger Skiier, UK

People seem to be missing out on the point that most DJs are told what to play, so the music isn't their choice

Keith, UK
Radio 1 DJs certainly don't need to name the tunes - they only have seven records to play in circulation the entire day...
Josh, Scotland, UK

I would usually agree that it is very irritating when DJ's talk all the time instead of playing records. But on the Chris Moyles show I would listen in regularly even if they didn't play any records as I think Chris and the rest of his team are very entertaining.
sheepgirl1974, UK

I think people who listen to Chris Moyles understand he actually has a deep understanding of the art of DJing - and people listen more for his comments and quips than they do for the boring playlisted tracks he is forced to play. Interesting too that he recently spent almost the whole of a show promoting the Shazam service. Nice payback from them for loads of free publicity!
Andrew, Manchester UK

Moyles most annoying DJ? Pull the other one! I tune in on the drive home from work to be made to laugh by the banter. Playing school-playground games in the studio, "Hello, I'm listening!" and all the other fun outstrips playing endless music by miles. Give me more of the same!
Mark T, Staffordshire, UK

I sometimes listen to Chris Moyle son my drive home from work. I think Chris' DJ skills do need to be tinkered with. The banter he has with his co-presenters does make me laugh but I have to admit I usually switch stations the second he puts a record on. I just can't stand the music he plays!
Paul, UK

If you just want to listen to music play a CD!

Martin Iddon, UK
I completely agree. Chris Moyles is so irritating that I have to switch radio stations and have now stopped listening to Radio 1 altogether for fear I'll inadvertantly hear the opinionated, arrogant, unfunny guy.
Louise, England

People seem to be missing out on the point that most DJs are told what to play, so the music isn't their choice. In that situation the only way to make your mark is in the inter-song banter, otherwise you might as well just get a techie to change the CDs.
Keith, UK

What nonsense !!!

Personally I only listen to Radio 1 because of DJs like Chris Moyles and Mark & Lard (who are my particular favourites). And why is this? Not because they announce which particular boy band/pop idol dross they are about to play/have just played but because of their entertainment value. It's radio!! That's what it's all about!! If you just want to listen to music play a CD!

Oh, of course you could pay tens of thousands of pounds to these "DJs" who play constant dance tracks back to back. God those guys are sooo talented?!
Martin Iddon, UK

Chris Moyles is not fit to be called a DJ! His banter is deeply unfunny, usually consisting of meaningless monologues or dire anecdotes. But worst of all his show is peppered with radio's greatest crime - dead air! When he does eventually play music he treats it with scorn by talking over it or playing "hilarious" noises (as if it has no right to interrupt his own voice being broadcast). An awful man on an awful show - just talking about him has ruined my day!
BigQuiff, UK

Terry Wogan talks over the records, never names the records

Richard, UK
It's not just him talking over the records. Chris Moyles is an unpleasant person who makes you want to switch off. People only listen to him because of the slot the BBC have given him
Simon B, UK

Chris Moyles is the only reason I started listening to Radio One again after not listening to it in years - give the guy a break, he's funny, unpretentious and doesn't think he's God's gift, unlike a lot of other DJs.
Scott MacIntyre, Scotland

Chris Moyles can be annoying but generally he is great (providing Comedy Dave is involved). Sara Cox however deserves the accolade as she is the reason I am now listening to local radio in the morning which I never used to!!
Paul Hart, UK

Surely Sarah Kennedy is the worst offender in not naming records, mispronouncing names, messing up the equipment, misreading news items (etc, to the point of tedium).
Tom Cunliffe, UK

Terry Wogan talks over the records, never names the records, and those awful people who sit in the studio with him laughing at his "jokes", a bit like the chap who sits next to Jonathan Ross. What do these assistants do to warrant the pay they get? Time for a reshuffle I think!!!
Richard, UK

I really like Chris Moyles. He is funny and that is why he is a good DJ. Anyone can play records but he always cracks me up because he is blunt and says what he thinks. What is wrong with that? I prefer listening to people talking as I find many radio stations repeat the same tracks again and again. It all comes down to taste and if you don't like Chris Moyles then don't listen to him - but I thinks he's great!
Becky, Cambridge, UK

Chris Moyles is undeniably witty and humorous. However he is also an offensive, foul-mouthed, sexist bully... are these really qualities the BBC1 should be promoting at prime-time on (what is supposed to be) the flagship station??
Faith, UK

Radio 2 has been deservedly voted the best radio station in the UK; BUT when that woman comes on before Wogan in the morning give me Classic FM, Radio 4..anything but her squeaky, amateurish drivel.
Derek Worster, UK

If you don't want Football, Laddism and repetive, endless flogging of chart & R & B music shoved down your throat, then Coxy & Moyles are definitely not for you. There are millions of us just hoping & waiting for Virgin to go FM!
Shannon Cashmore, UK

I think many people will agree that Sara Cox first thing in the morning is more irritating, pretty as she is.
James, UK

The most annoying DJ by far is Sarah Kennedy. Her right-wing, pro-country, cabbie loving diatribe that the nation is subjected to daily is a national disgrace! Alex Lester should be given her slot.
Tom Bosley, Glasgow

No, he is an annoyingly sexist presenter who is funny only to people like himself. If he was bit more self-deprecating, then his humour might be a bit more acceptable. A survey of a thousand can't be that far wrong now can it?
Charles, UK

Terry and team, Ken Bruce, Jonny Walker, to name but a few, can walk on water as far as we are concerned. DJs from the old school. Get rid of Wright and Ross. They are to Radio Two as The Sun is to newspapers! Wright & Ross are irritable in the extreme.
Neil, UK

Chris Moyles can be funny when he's not trying to out-rude someone else

Kirsten Campbell, UK

"Playing music that listeners did not like was another irritant" - maybe this should be a warning to those stations that insist on a playlist of what they think their audience should listen to. Twenty years ago records only got played regularly once they were in the charts. Thus by design the music played was the music deemed popular by the listening public.

As far as the news is concerned many of the popular stations have dumbed down news coverage so much that the results of the survey where people couldn't name a world leader come as no great surprise.
Andy J, UK

I recently had to retune my alarm clock from Radio 1 to a local commercial station as I found repeated adverts and jingles to be less annoying than Sarah Cox's whiny bray. Despite living in Greater Manchester I can only understand one word in ten - and those are usually slurred.
Paul, UK

I used to like Steve Wright on Radio 1 until he brought in his "possie" of sycophantic vacuous wannabes. Now that he is on Radio 2 and has reverted to his old formula of one-man affable humour, he gets my vote again. Even though he still doesn't name the records he plays.
Frank, UK

I don't want Chris to tell me what music he's played 'cos I don't actually like a lot of it! I tune in to hear the banter with Comedy Dave and the rest of the production team - probably like most listeners to the show!
Anon, UK

When I first moved here from Canada two years ago, I was astounded at the DJs employed for major radio stations here - they came across as loud, rude, and full of their own voice. I found them more irritating than entertaining. I have come around to them more since ... Chris Moyles can be funny when he's not trying to out-rude someone else. Sarah Cox is not as irritating as I first thought. However, I do strongly agree that Chris Moyles spends FAR too much time blathering about nonsense just to hear his own voice ... I get enough of that at work, don't enjoy having to listen to more of the same on the way home!
Kirsten Campbell, UK

I remember Scott Mills when he DJed at a local radio station - he was witty and interesting, with exactly my sense of humour. I heard him a little while ago on Radio 1 and was amazed at how much he has changed. Instead of being funny, he was constantly sarcastic & off-hand to callers and wasn't particularly pleasant to listen to - what a waste...
Oz, UK

Favourites; Russ Williams (Virgin), Ian Canfield (Xfm), Johnnie Walker (Radio 2). Least Favourite: Pete'n'Geoff (Virgin) - winners by a mile!
Alex, England

I regularly listened to the Radio 1 breakfast show, that is until Sara Cox took over. I struggled listening, hoping it would get better but it didn't. After chatting with my mates some of who have now also switched over, we decided that it wasn't the show we no longer liked - just Cox's grating and annoying voice that has absolutely no place in breakfast radio whatsoever!
Rob, UK

All the ones mentioned are all well known, proving that they have popularity and an audience. Admired or loathed is a good sign, it's when your not mentioned at all-you've got to worry!!
Mike, uk

Moyles, along with many of his colleagues, seem to lack so much basic knowledge about music and music history....their job is surely partly to educate about new music and so often they fail here, due to laziness/ignorance
Marky, UK

I think people should stop moaning, there are lots of opportunities to listen to music and get the names of the tracks. The Chris Moyles show is made funny by the things he says and does, if they just played music it would be very boring. Lighten up!
Luke Henderson, England

Who cares what the song is called? Shazam should be thanking Chris for the extra business. The show is hilarious and should be left alone.
Ross, UK

Well it's still Radio 2 for me but they need to inject some decent stuff in the 7pm to 10pm for DJ's ..Johnnie Walker and Richard Allinson for me anyday....why not also use Jimmy Savile and even Emperor Rosko again ??
Steve, UK

I think the standard of DJ's on Radio 1 has gone down drasticly over the last 3 or 4 years. I can't stand Chris Moyles or Sarah Cox who seem to be 'in ya face' style D's. For this reason I switched over to Radio 2. Terry Wogan always puts me in a good mood in the morning and Steve Wright does the same on the way home.
Jon, UK

I find it totally amazing that those mentioned in the survey are the biggest names in radio at the moment, who consistantly bring in high listening figures. Just how seriously can you take a survey that seems to contradict everything that the listening figures suggest? In my opinion its absolute poppycock, and thats a word I don't use often!
James Kirby, UK

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