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Thursday, 19 September, 2002, 15:29 GMT 16:29 UK
New-look Five goes live
New Channel 5 logo
The image change comes after five years
Channel 5 is now Five after the launch of its rebranding drive with new programmes and new faces.

The renaming comes as the channel tries to shrug off its reputation as the home of cheap game shows, obscure football matches and soft porn.

Five is introducing new faces such as Carol Smillie, Clive Anderson, and Chris Moyles while it attempts to play up the network's serious side.

Chris Moyles
DJ Chris Moyles is one of the new faces
A deluge of history programmes on the channel has been accompanied by increased arts spending and glossy, imported US cop dramas like Crime Scene Investigation and The Shield.

Timed to coincide with the channel's fifth anniversary, the rebranding exercise was conceived by design agency Spin.

The channel screened the UK terrestrial prèmiere of Saving Private Ryan on Sunday and has signed up other blockbusters including The Matrix and Eyes Wide Shut.

The channel needs a better share of the audience with its 6.5% of viewers falling well short of BBC Two and Channel 4.

Channel 5 was also criticised in the past for excessively explicit material in its late night strand Sex and Shopping and for showing too many "erotic" films.

New 'ident'

Having improved broadcast quality and gained loyal followings for its sports output, Five now wants to cement a position as a respectable channel.

The new "five" ident replaces the old circled numeral shown on a bright background.

Chief executive Dawn Airey, who has taken much of the credit for Five's recent success, is reportedly in demand to become ITV's new director of programmes, replacing outgoing boss David Liddiment.

ITV1 is also planning a rebranding, to take effect next month, with idents featuring big stars "caught" off camera such as in dressing rooms.

Long-established regional brands such as Anglia, Tyne Tees and Granada are also reportedly being jettisoned in favour of a joint identity for the whole network.

BBC One has also recently replaced its balloon idents with scenes of dancers, while BBC Two's identity was revamped last year.

What do you think of the new look Five? Send us your views.

Have your say

I like the new look and it is great to see the channel have the courage to junk the tatty little on-screen logo.
Jon Litchfield, England

I think Five's new brand will be welcomed by those who watch it and I think Dawn Airey's achivement in boosting audiences against the odds is to be congratulated. However, I think ITV1's (inevitable) move to establish a national brand will do the network no good - as the regionals shrink to nothing we'll have little to represent regional diversity in this bland new TV landscape.

I predict that one day, some bright young Oxbridge graduate taking up post in television will come up with a great idea - local and regional television designed to appeal to local and regional audiences. Wow. Can't wait for something different!
Colin, Milton Keynes, UK

This appears to be the general trend at the moment. Viewing figures and revenue for most channels is down, so they all adopt the same solution. Rebrand your station. I think S4C could learn something here.
Danny, UK

What a refreshing change to C5 or shall I say Five! Now all they need to do is advertise their excellent soap Family Affairs.
Jessica Davenport, England

It's OK. It'll have to grow on me a while though.
Andrew, Birmingham, uk

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