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Wednesday, 4 September, 2002, 12:00 GMT 13:00 UK
I'm A Celebrity..: Your views
Nigel Benn and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson
There have been plenty of rows in the group
Now into its second and final week, the time has come for viewers to vote off a different person every day on I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! until only the winner is left on Sunday.

Eight minor celebrities, including TV presenter Darren Day and politician's wife Christine Hamilton, have been pitted against each other in the Australian outback, with the aim of winning money for their chosen charity.

Model Nell McAndrew is the bookies' favourite to win with odds at 9-4, despite hardly uttering a word on camera.

Are you enjoying the show? Or has reality TV hit rock bottom?

This debate has now closed - your comments are listed below.

Like all reality TV I find this to be a sad implication into what we, the viewing public, have to put up with. Thank goodness for the off button.
Mike Goldsmith, England

This show is pathetic. No wonder ITV's ratings have slipped and the network is in crisis. A group of people, stuck in one place, given tasks to do, and someone gets voted off periodically - it's been done to death, and personally I only ever regarded the format as innovative programme-making at best in the first place, least of all entertaining.
Paul Hawkins, England

Bottom of the pit. Who cares what happens to any of them? Couldn't stand more than a few minutes before switching off. Ant and Dec have not covered themselves in glory.
Tom Wetherby, England

Seems TV is just samey and copy cat now. Somebody has a great idea for a programme so others copy it and they all repeat it, with different casts. Big Brother, Survivor, Celebrities... all the same. I wonder why I don't watch TV anymore? The world will start looking for alternative entertainment unless somebody comes up with something new soon! TV and films are on the way out in my opinion.
Tony Kenny, UK

Rubbish people, rubbish challenges, and rubbish childish behaviour

John Wedge, England
"Help, I'm a TV Licence payer - Get these fools out of here!!"

It's bad enough that these people are seemingly destined to provide entertainment for me, in my home...Now I get to see them at their worst - self-indulgent, lazy, commandeering and above all argumentative...When did watching celebrities arguing, falling out and in tears become a formula for "entertainment"?

I'll not be bringing them to the corner of my living room, after I realised that this is what the show is seemingly about.

Rubbish people, rubbish challenges, and rubbish childish behaviour. Why not at least pick people who might get something more out of the "chance of a lifetime" experience, rather than these fools who are only interested in furthering their own bank accounts?

It's no surprise that the quietest one of the lot, is now hot favourite to win....
John Wedge, North England

I almost can't believe ITV are getting away with it. TV this hilarious should be illegal.
Scott, UK

Absolute rubbish, but typical of the sort of trash TV that too many people want to watch.
Roland Amos, UK

Well, despite hoping that Chris Eubank would be there as well I must say that once you ignore the incredibly irritating Ant 'n' Dec some of the coverage is quite funny, unintentionally and otherwise.

Tara has quite possibly come off the worst, looking like a spoilt child with Darren lagging not far behind in the immaturity stakes.

Interesting that once the day of votes started approaching that was the first time Nell started sunbathing in a bikini!

Ah, well...
Dan, UK

I think the show is great. It has really shown the celebs in a different light and I have changed my opinion of many of them

Emma, England

It's very interesting to see some of the contestants get through the daily tasks, however others seem to have a hidden agenda that is determining how they interect with the group, and is probably an agenda of self promotion and attempted profile building. However, I think it's quite obvious to see through this, and I think it leaves the majority of the audience cold.
Cam, UK

Rock bottom? I thought they'd gone potholing.
Mark, UK

RUBBISH!! I love Survivor, why change it to this?
Fay, Uk

It's scripted and filmed in a studio, isn't it?
Barny, UK

A total waste of air-time! There's more time spent on the wittering pair of Ant & Dec than the actual people in the jungle. And as for the term "pitted aginst", just how are they in competition? It appears to me to be a two-week long ego-stroking exercise that asks nothing of the celebs. A poor copy of the BBC's Bare Necessities mixed with elements of Big Brother.
Andy Ashworth, UK

Absolute mindless rubbish.
Andrew Billington, UK

This programme IS the scrapings from the bottom of the barrel. Annoying in the extreme!
Shaun Stoker, UK

I think the show is great. It has really shown the celebs in a different light and I have changed my opinion of many of them.
Emma, England

Absolute rubbish, can't stand the programme.
Brian Hutchison, Scotland

I think the show is hilarious! It's the only reality programme I've watched in its entirety and even recorded. By the way Darren Day is a complete and utter idiot.
Bella, England

Well for a start I think the use of the term "celebrity" is a breach of the Trades Description this rubbish what entertains the masses these days? Shame on them!
Ash, UK

Well it's not up to much is it? I suppose it's nice to see that being famous obviously negates the need to be mature and/or polite. Perhaps I'm the only person in the country who feels a bit sorry for Rhona being surrounded by such a bunch of chimps. No wonder she is a bit cranky. Wouldn't you be, faced with Darren "Frank Spencer" Day, and Tara "It's so hard to be me" Palmer Tompkinson?
Emma, Manchester

This is reality TV diving to new uncharted depths - how far down the Z list of celebrities did the producers need to go to get this motley crew?
Chris, UK

Utter drivel. This just goes to show how stupid the audience of ITV must be. First Pap Idol, now this. Now I know why I haven't watched ITV in months.

Why can't Channel 4's Six Feet Under receive as many comments and discussions? Now there's a piece of quality entertainment.
RJ, England

Who honestly cares?
Jon, UK

I watch the show and think it is very entertaining but that is mainly because Ant & Dec are the presenters.They are great and very funny.
Maria, Ireland

These programmes are really double headed monsters, in that they have dumbed down TV to the lowest denominator, yet at the same time provide compulsive viewing. So what does that say about the great viewing public?
Dean Osborn, UK

This programme is hilarious. Tara Palmer T's seduction of Darren Day last Thursday after their tiffs was priceless. That man's nose was wide open after she'd finished playing him. Ego clashes are always entertaining.
Nathan Curtis, England

Absolutely addictive watching! I would love to hear what a pyscologist thinks of it all. The group dynamics and individual behaviours are like something out of Lord of the Flies. I am sorry to hear Nell McAndrew is the favourite to win. She has hardly done anything watchable, and does not seem to have got into the spirit of things. My vote's with Tara.
John, UK

Complete rubbish! And I'm convinced the "celebrities" adjourn to a lovely hotel when they're not filming, with instructions to neither wash nor shave, just to keep up the pretence.
Andy M, England

It's Big Brother all over again. When the show first started and we saw helicopters flying off into the "jungle" we were to believe it was for real. It now appears that Ant & Dec are stationed a few seconds walk away so the jungle is nothing more than a stage next to some hotel complex where Ant & Dec commentate from. Tara & Darren - yuk!!!
Allan Barke, England

Total waste of time and money, this just shows how low British TV has got, give us some real programmes, with real issues instead of this rubbish.
Screaming Satellite, England

Reality shows are just one big BORE. Tired format and even more tired contestants
Gajjar, England

The programme is sheer genius. The only way it could be bettered would be if the celebrities were Tara Palmer-Tompkinson, Tamara Beckwith, Dani Behr, Catherine Deneuve, Sophie Marceau, and me.
Graham, Oxford, UK

Celebrity rocks!!!! We love it!!!!
Martin and Annie, Australia

I'm a Celebrity... is as ordinary as all the other reality game shows that have plagued schedules for the last three years. There's a slight degree of masochistic pleasure in seeing Uri Gellar being made to eat live insects, but watching eight Celebrities sat around a campfire considering the safety of their careers back home is rather dreary viewing.

Rock bottom is too high brow compared with this!!!!!
Andrew, UK

Utter drivel driven by third rate TV "personalities" desperately trying to revive a long overdue demise in their careers. ITV have finally broken right through the bottom of the barrel.
Dave Johnston, UK

The televising OF morons BY morons FOR morons.
Charles, UK

ITV makes this, and the even more abysmal Britain's Sexiest, and then accuses the BBC of low standards. It's nice to know ITV bosses still have a sense of humour.
David Patrick, UK

As usual utter TV bile but entertaining enough. The celebs are strictly B list and seemingly picked for their ability to annoy us and each other. And when did Darren Day become such a foul mouthed cockney wideboy? I personally would like Nell or Uri to win as they are the least annoying by far.
Simon Swaine, UK

Jack Dee won Celebrity Big Brother because he was the only one who wasn't appearing on it out of a desperate need to restart his career. With this it seems like they're all equally desperate and it makes you wonder what these people wouldn't do for exposure. Truly pitiful to see.
Matthew, UK

Is this a conspiracy to get us all to subscribe to digital?
Claire Smith, England

It's awful - truly dreadful. A group of has-beens or wannabees not even trying to be interesting. It might have been interesting if they really had personalities or real people - anything but the current crew. Vote them all off and put us out of their misery!
Carol, UK

Utter tripe. Do we really have to be subjected to such rubbish? Come on BBC and ITV, more decent documentaries and good films, please! Reality TV is taking over our screens!!!
L., Scotland

Sorry, but it's just more of the same thing, i.e., a voting formula. A great big turn off for me. If there is nothing else on I either listen to CDs, or switch on the good old radio.
John Bulger, England

I think their behaviour has been interesting to watch beacause it reminds us that we are all human and that these people are not these God-like objects that we see spalshed all over Hello magazine.
Gary Phillips, UK

I think the only vote we should be taking is whether or not these diabolical "Reality TV" programmes should be shown anymore. It's a sad state of affairs to see the likes of Big Brother, Inch loss Island, Pop Idol etc making starts out of talentless people simply because they are cheap programmes to make.

OK, so this latest programme has celebrities on it, but it is still the same puerile dumbing down that has made tabloid television the nation's number one favourite.
Geoff, United Kingdom

What a load of drivel, leave the lot of them out there. This is brain dead TV at its worst.
Rich Mcleod, UK

Very lame television. The problem with all these reality TV programmes is that they are far from reality, obviously scripted and the participants deliberately chosen for their lack of ability.
Rob, UK

This programme represents everything that is cowardly about ITV's approach to commissioning ideas, and the generally sad state of popular programme making in the UK.
Simon Cumbers, UK

Rubbish, it is a half-baked, sanitised, unoriginal cash in on the idea of reality TV - typical of what you get on ITV. The contestants are a bunch of has-beens or won't bes who are only doing it in a desperate bid to re-launch their careers. The tasks and challenges have been sanitised - Tara Palmer Tomkinson's shower was just a quick splash and a total cop out. It is a lifeless waste of space, unlike Big Brother or celebrity Big Brother where you really got an insight into the characters and saw them on the edge.
Eddy Reynolds, UK

I think it's fab, but it causes trouble in our house when it clashes with the footie on Dky! Maybe putting it on at 10 like Big Brother would have been better!
Lesley, GB

What a load of rubbish.
Mike, UK

Calling them celebrities is a misnomer - publicity-seeking has-been wannabees would be a better description.
Eddie Dubourg, UK

It is so obviously fake. I really cannot believe they're in the Rain Forest. I do believe that they're roughing it, but somewhere less dangerous. Perhaps a garden centre in the UK which I've heard rumours about.

Ant and Dec are very funny hosts though.

Tony Blackburn or Christine Hamilton should win. They've come out of this best I believe.
Ian, UK

I rarely watch television (it appears I'm not missing anything) and was shocked to see the emotional drivel. What rubbish. I despair.
Bryn Evans, Britain

Annoyingly addicitve - when I think about it, the programme is quite a let down - very sterile, but I keep on watching none the less. And I'm sure this is a comment that has been made by plenty but - when did Darren Day become a cockney? Off the streets eh Darren?
Adam Underwood, UK

It's a pity that although I am sure that charities will benefit, in the end the only ones who will be writing the book/screenplay or even making a movie will be the celebs. They will likely make far more personally from the experience. How much of their upcoming individual profit will go to charity, not a lot I bet.
Paul, UK

It's lazy, formulaic TV. Get a load of has-been celebs and B-list nobodies, flavour of the month presenters and slightly tweak a tired old format. Call it "new" and appeal to an audience too lazy or too stupid to find something worth watching on another channel. Thank goodness Six Feet Under and The West Wing exist, if only to prove that someone still cares about providing quality entertainment.
David Morris, UK

What a load of rubbish. We want decent TV programmes, not this trash!!!
Ann Chapman, UK

Of course TV has not hit rock bottom with IACGMOOH. TV is in a freefall situation and I have no doubt it can fall an awful lot further before hitting rock bottom. How about I Used to be a Celebrity - Get Me Back on TV or I'll do Anything for a Fiver - Call Now.
Paul Davies, UK

It's complete trash but it is fun to watch!
Charles, UK

It's great TV! Why people voted off Uri I don't know, he was very interesting.

It will be a travesty if Nell wins, because she hasn't partaken in anything and seems to be there for her own reasons.
James Farrer, UK

How low will these people stoop? It is really trashy TV that I find insulting not only to general public's intelligence but to desperate celebrityies on the show. I read a quote about celebrity culture, "People now are considered special merely for being famous when really people should be famous for being special" which I think is a sad truth of moderen times.
Paul Michael Smith, Manchester, UK

Stuart Henderson, UK

Despite having access to 300 channels nowadays, I no longer watch TV (save for the news, which in any event are mostly dumbed-down propaganda). Rubbish like the above is one of the reasons why; the degenerate chaff that comes out of the tube bears all the hallmarks of a decadent civilisation. In 100 years we will not be around anymore, and inhabitants of a then third world Europe will look back at what once was a resplendent civilisation of amazing material wealth, and ask themselves - how did it all go so wrong?
W. G., U.K.

Some of the celebrity mutterings are class. For example, Darren "I'm from the street" Day. If he's from the street then I'm Cliff Richard... or should that be the other way round?
Paul M, Scotland

What a lot of trash. Very sad!
Bob, UK

These so called "celebrities" are extremely boring. I would have much rather watched Timmy Mallet and Dale Winton and the such like. Now that would be entertainment. I just think it is boring and pointless and trying to compete with Big Brother. Ant and Dec are annoying too, Ant's forehead..MY GOD I never realised it was that big!
Matthew Eve, UK

ITV has sunk to the pits. Uninteresting, unoriginal, how much worse can you get?
Mike, UK

I believe this entire programme to be a hoax. The "set" appears to be in a studio rather than a real jungle. There are no insects to speak of. The "ant infestation" was too easily dispatched with a cup of boiling water - I wish I could get rid of mine that easily! They complain of the heat, but don't appear to sweat. They stay remarkably clean. Despite several days rain they have not improved their lot by building a shelter over their sleeping space, why?

Probably because (a) they have no tools. (b) they don't need them and they can't chop down the set, or we we all see the number 7 bus passing by. The logs, as Tony remarked, are very easy to collect and seem to be delivered on a daily basis. I have noticed also that the logs are all dead and dry, all a convenient length (about 4ft) and all about 4 inches in diameter. No one ever collects an eight foot branch or one that is only 2 inches thick. I

I would also like to know where in a rain forest that is supposed to be isolated outback there is a convenient four star hotel about 30 yards away. If this place is so remote, with a limitless supply of electricity, why can't we hear any generators? Come clean ITV, this is the biggest con since the American moon landing or the Italian spagghetti harvest!
Jim Grinton, UK

Well, it's filling the gap left by Big Brother. And what's more I'm actually finding it more entertaining. Those fragile celebrity egos are just not coping with having to compete to be the centre of attention. Throw in a few bugs and snakes for extra entertainment, and let them do the rest. Glad it's all for charity anyway!
Martin, UK

I am convinced it is being filmed on a set near the local Holiday Inn. No cricket sounds at night? No flies round the open toilet - very suspicious!
Roger Kendrick, UK

Absolute rubbish. Thank goodness for the off button!
Chris Macleod, Scotland

Please get this off our screens. What happened to the days when UK television was world renowned as the best? All we produce now is cheap mind-numbing rubbish with little effort put into production with a simple view to making money by convincing people to vote by phone. I accept this is for charity but it really scrapes the barrel.
Andrew, UK

Great!!!!!!!!!! Next season should have I'm a Politician: Bury me up to my neck and leave me out here!!
Stuart A, UK

I think it's very addictive viewing but I think that they should have been set more challenges, most of the arguments stem from the fact that they're completely bored.
Oliver Christmas, UK

Total and utter RUBBISH! I'm sure a outward bound/adventurous folk would relish getting stranded on a desert island with a bunch of strangers. Heaven help us if they turned out to be anything like Tara and Darren...
Alpat, London

Quite good fun in some respects but overly crude in others. There is no no need to discuss such personal subjects as "constipation", "erections", "farting" etc. Doesn't make for nationwide good viewing - unneccessarily vulgar and crude.
Maureen Wilson, UK

Well done to them for giving up their time for charity and leaving themselves open to ridicule and abuse by the general public - we are all human and none of us perfect.
Leanne, London

I could easily de-tune ITV. There is nothing to recommend it and this utter trash and its cousin Britain's Sexiest are the best examples of why my viewing is done on B1, 2 & Ch4. High Brow, Low Brow and soaps, all done better and more inventively elsewhere. Bye Bye ITV.
Andrew R, UK

I really feel that channel controllers of ITV are scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one. Did we really need another reality tv show? What with Big Brother, Celebrity Big Brother, Survivor, and Cast Away. There isn't even an element of entertainment in this one which makes it compulsive to watch, only b-list celebrities embarrassing themselves so much that you compulsivly turn off! ITV seem to be taking over where Channel 5 have moved on from. WHAT IS GOING ON?????
Rebecca, London

Complete rubbish!! Add the drivel that followed it last week - "Britains Sexiest..." and its no suprise that I've discovered some great shows to listen to on the radio instead - far more entertaining!
Sue A, UK

I have seen this programme twice, for about 15 minutes each time. The "celebrities" on it must be really desperate for publicity. One can only feel sorry for them.

That's such a ridiculous programme, should be on a major terrestrial channel and bodes ill for the future of broadcasting in this country.
John Raggett, UK

Absolute waste of time, I can't stand these stupid "you vote" programmes. Please put some old classics on in their place, rather than waste TV licence money on pointless TV.
Trevor Steven, uk

I am surprised at so many negative comments, from my parents to my friends to my daughters friends, everyone loves it and I defy anyone to say that they would take on any of those bush tucker trials - I certainly wouldn't. Fantastic entertainment and every episode has me in stitches - well done everyone!!!
Annabelle, England

Record it and watch it after a night in the pub with mates and a few beers - hysterical stuff!
Jane, UK

I can't remember the last time I'd watched ITV before I saw this, and now I see why: this is buttock-clenchingly bad television.
Paul, UK

Cheap and incredibly boring TV. I watched a few minutes then decided to get a life.
Dave Sanger, England

I haven't even bothered to watch it. I caught two minutes by mistake last night and that was more than enough!
Keith Ryan, UK

If they are really out there - can you fix it so we don't get them back?!!!
Ian M, UK

I must admit I watched a bit of the first show, then watched a video instead. I am sooo tired of these so called "real life" experiences. It really would have been a good watch if they had been deserted in a real jungle, and had to really survive. Instead of an obvious stage set. What celebrities? The only one taking it seriously is Rhonna, hope she wins the money...or the very quiet model who has avoided the bush tucker trials. How much to put Ant and Dec into the pit ..and leave them there...
Colin B, Oxford. UK

It's rubbish of course, but hilarious rubbish. If there was another one next year I'd watch it!
Marc L, Essex

I have yet to see any programme that beats this absolute rubbish - and it's on both ITV1 and ITV TOO! They are all so antagonistic towards each other. Even more so than Eastenders (who would of thought that possible!) If the Australians have any sense at all, they would DEPORT this lot straight away! No one will every knock Home and Away again.
Malcolm Kayser, UK

The day people like MTM understand the difference between masochistic and sadistic will be the day the British public stop watching rubbish like this.
Peter, UK

It's a good light-hearted programme that I find entertaining/funny due to the clash of celebrity egos and the antics of Ant & Dec. It's for charity and who wants "serious" programmes after a hard day's work anyway?
Matt, UK

Only an echo of the majority opinion I'm afraid: why bother?! ITV has sadly gone very downhill over the past few years, and with shows such as this and Britain's Sexiest it shows no sign of improvement. Why wasn't the money just given to charity outright, rather than spending it on a programme as unoriginal as this?
Lucy, UK

Poeple are going to get bored with this kind of competition unless there are some real punishments. How bad is it to be voted out? We need proper gladiatoral contests - I'd like to see Christine Hamilton eaten slowly by carniverous ground-sloths. Now that's what I call reality TV!
Alastair, UK

This is just typical of the rubbish that is British TV these days. I think all the TV companies (including you too, BBC) should look back and compare the TV of five or ten years ago with what you produce today. Typical prime-time TV these days consists of game shows, soaps depressing enough to make you want to end it all, game shows, reality game shows, soaps, and ...errr ....soaps. The programmes that you have kept from years ago have degenerated into soaps - London's Burning and Casualty being two that sprint to mind - they started off as good dramas - now look at them! Unfortunately, I rather fear that things are only going to get worse.
Richard, UK

How sad can we get. These minor celebs must be desperate for attention or just plain stupid to put themselves through such a degrading humiliation. British television has always been held up as the best in the world, well if this is the best we are in serious trouble.

Just go home and get on with your little lives.

All I can say is thank god for channel 5.
Alex Banks, UK

Total rubbish, who cares what happens to them!
Sue Pemberton, England

Abysmal. Just like every other "reality" TV show that's disgraced our airwaves in the last couple of years. Shame on you ITV, you can sink no lower.
Neil C, Scotland

The only thing that might possibly justify the expense of making this programme and the attempt to palm it off as entertainment to the general public, who incidentally seem to be far more intelligent than anyone at ITV gives them credit for, would be the promise to leave those celebrities in the jungle at the end of it all and please do the same with the programme makers!
Erik Undritz, England

What rubbish. The producers have missed an opportunity. "I think I'm a Celebrity" should really have the voting done to keep them in the jungle (if they really are there).
David R, England

My wife and I watched for the first time on 2/9/02. Sadly, I think you guys can give us something better than this!
Colin J Rush, UK

It's brilliant! Tara is a little girl but at least she's being natural. Darren is not, when she told him off for swearing he said he's in a jungle and that's what he does at home, BUT he is forgetting he might be in a jungle but he is still on a TV show going out to everyone including children. Nigel is miserable but again at least he is being himself. I would like to see Christine, Tony or Tara win. I must admit I was glad to see Uri go & I hope that Rhona goes next.
Gina Rawlings, UK

The TV has now died, may it RIP, long live the picture book.
Ruaridh Shuttleworth, Scotland

I love the show. Great viewing with Tara and Rhona leading the way with Darren entertaining us. I wish people would stop putting it down as it is a real test of character to put all these celebs together for two weeks and ask them to all get on with each other. Nell is so boring and has contributed nothing but a pretty face and Tony has been dull and uninteresting.
Charlie, England

Its more like: "Help I'm a Z-list Celebrity, who needs some TV exposure. Get me on there." I've heard of the gutter press, but this has to be Sewer TV. Thank the Lord for a good book.
Neil, York, England

Another nail in the coffin for ITV!
Allen Oates, UK

Just to remind you all that this programme is supposed to be light entertainment, stop taking it so seriously!!! Or switch over and watch News Night.....Personally I find it amusing seeing these low-class clebs making idiots of themselves.
Antony, UK

I love it, and find it very entertaining. It's infinitely more interesting than Big Brother and I can't believe that adults, celebrity or otherwise could possibly be so childish. I like the way my preconceptions of the participants have changed, in some cases for better, and others definitely worse. I think Ant and Dec are great hosts, funny and mocking to just the right degree.

This debate should have been about Britain's Sexiest... Now THAT is possibly the worst thing I've ever seen.
Rebecca, UK

How hypocritical can people get? The majority of the people who have slated the programme still appear to be watching it! How else would they be able to write in depth about specific events in the show and offer extensive character assassinations?
Natalie, UK

Well I suppose they need something to keep unintelligent, dull people entertained. I would like to remind viewers of this bland, artificial, uncreative tripe (and that includes Big Brother and Survivor fans) that the only thing worse than other people wasting their lives in these shows, is watching - and actually discussing - them do it.
Matt, UK

I have fleetingly watched other reality TV and thought it utter rubbish. But I must say I find this quite entertaining. Although I do find some of the celebs childish and irritating, but, hey that's the fun of it.
Lorna, England

I would suggest that there is a difference between a "celebrity" as identified by the O.E.D. and that set out by the media. This group demonstrate all that is bad about the human race. A poor quality script with a poor quality cast with contrived situations. Just like any UK soap. Maybe they are acting? No the O.E.D defines that differently as well.
Luke Short, UK

What I can't understand is how all the people who are calling this show, among other things "abysmal", know so much about it. If you don't like it, turn it over, or better still why don't you just switch off the television set and go and do something less boring instead! Now there was a quality show.
N Clarke, UK

British TV RIP.
Raj, UK

Without doubt the finest entertainment programme ever made. After the agony of Big Brother, Survivor, Pop Idol and the abomination that was Britain's Sexiest, I am thrilled to find a show that really gives us what we want. The tiresome banality of the everyday conversation which is the hallmark of so many of these programmes is swept away when idle chatter about ex-girlfriends includes Anna Friel et al! Excellent.
Tom James, UK

What a load of TV snobs! It's ENTERTAINMENT - that's all it claims to be and that's all it is. So, it's not intellectually challenging - so what? I think it's interesting to have found out a little bit more about all the people featured, who hasn't watched it and found that Christine Hamilton is actually a real laugh? Who hasn't been surprised to find the professional comedian isn't actually that funny in real life? Who hasn't been surprised to find that Tony Blackburn is a real sweetie. I love it, and I'm not ashamed to say so!
Luda Parker, England

This is the worst pile of rubbish I've ever seen! It makes Big Brother look like a televisual masterpiece. GET THIS OFF NOW!
Martyn, UK

I found the perfect solution last night, I did a bit of decorating until 9pm, and then I quite literally watched paint dry, far more entertaining
Tony, Bristol, UK

Why donate money to charity at the end of the programme? Don't make the prgramme in the first instance and give all the money they budgeted for, on making the programme, to charity at the beginning. This would mean the charity gets more money and saves us from more ITV rubbish.
Julian Sahu, England

Why do they blip out the swearwords on this programme yet allow them on others running at the same sort of time? Isn't this double standards?
Rowland, UK

Genius. It is so awful that it is absolutely brilliant. I commend the producers who obviously have the same sense of humour as me. I don't care who wins - it's the taking apart that counts!!
Guy, London

I dread to think what the shows on ITV2 are like if this twaddle is the best they can come up with to fill the ITV1 schedule.
Martin, UK

Absolute tosh! Orwell wrote in 1984 about fiction machines that churned out books to keep the masses amused and content different medium, same idea.
Stuart, Scotland

Enjoyable and funny. Scripted or not, a great piece of viewing!!!
Stephen, UK

What always leaves me in complete amazement is the nastiness that come out of the people that do not like these sort of shows. Why all the insults towards other people that enjoy this programme? Do these people have off buttons on their TVs? I think the programme is fun, keep making them and ignore this miserable lot.
Sharon Harris, England

What a compelling insight into the lives of the (nearly) celebs this is!!! It is must watch TV! I particularly enjoy watching the over-inflated egos these people have. Their egos need massaging every five minutes or there's tears before bedtime! Christine Hamilton - you are my heroine! And.... TPT has surpassed herself! What a wacky character she is! Not at all aloof (well, except for the farting episode with Darren Day!) and so down to earth! I shall miss it so much when it finishes! P.S. Ant and Dec - we are not worthy!
Denise Evans-Hughes, Llanynghenedl, Anglesey, Wales

The British public's appetite for watching mindless rubbish utterly amazes me. If I urinated on my front lawn and filmed it, I'm sure I could sell it as a three part series to ITV...!
Craig H, UK/ South Africa

I never watched Big Brother, I sneered at Survivor and all other reality shows make me weep in despair at the level to which TV has sunk except..... I am completely addicted to Celebrity! I have thoroughly enjoyed the programme and the people whom I least expected to like have turned out to be my favourites! But I just have one question, is it possible to vote off the painly dreadful presenter of the ITV2 show, Louise Loughman? The woman drives me absolutely NUTS!!!!
Lydia, UK

It's bad....but compared to ITV's Britain's Sexiest, it makes quality viewing!
Nicholas, UK

I find it a amazing that so many people have written e-mails complaining about this "dire" show? For them to write so much would indicate that a lot of people ARE watching this show. Perhaps they all secretly love this show but would not dare to admit it. I know, I fall into this bracket.
Derek, England

Reality TV has hit rock bottom. This ITV show capitalises on the British public's unhealthy fascination with fame & folk psychology. The very fact the so much of the show is edited due to fears of legal action from its protagonists makes a mockery of its own self-proclaimed "reality" status. It is completely fictitious and a waste of everybody's time.
Gus, UK

I'm not sure which is worse - ITV making the programme or the BBC "covering" the story about it.

Both companies should stop, think hard, and then start to make good television, or give up if they can't do better.
Simon, UK

The very fact that we are all talking about it means that we have all watched it, so it can't be that "samey" or "copy cat" or we wouldn't even have given it the time of day. How many of us are openly criticising it and then returning night after night "just to see what's going on"? Personally I'd rather watch something educational, but I'll at least admit that it's addictive format make it difficult to turn off.
Dom Wood, England

I was expecting the stars of the show to be the snakes and spiders, but then I realised that was more vermon and creepiness in the 10 contestants. And that's before you add Christine Hamilton.
Gary McCartney, UK

Watched for about 10 minutes. Never heard of Darren Day before, then realised why - he is a complete prat. Haven't watched it since - decided that wall papering the kitchen was more enjoyable. Please let me know if anyone punches D. Day - now that would be real entertainment.
Mike, UK

The producer of this garbage should resign in shame. How much more of thie type of reality TV rubbish must we suffer.

I think the volume of comments says it all!
Steve, UK

I sincerely doubt that this is what John Logie Baird had in mind when he went to the effort of inventing TV! Why can't we have more edifying wonder we are only using 10% of our mind power.
Carlton Geake, UK

Excellent! I watch too much TV as it is, so I've been looking for an excuse to turn off. Thanks ITV, I can now get on with re-reading Lord of the Rings before the next installment. That's my Autumn schedule sorted.
Neil, UK

Absolutely brilliant! Can we please send more Z list celebs out there and just forget about the voting to bring them back.
Chris, UK

Even in summer programming terms this programme is mindless trash. Well done the TV industry for destroying a previously valuable entertainment and information medium. Here's the good bit. Save your licence fee, throw your telly out the window and give yourself countless new hours to enjoy your life.

PS as an Aussie, the term "outback" applies to flat desert, nothing 1000 miles in either direction and no rain for seven years. These cretins appear to be in a rain forest (ie there is a flowing stream surrounded by bush). How stupid do you think UK veiwers are? Obviously pretty stupid.
Ken Wilson, UK

If you think this is bad then you didn't see Britain's Sexiest...

The show may not be up to much but I find it fascinating to see how emotionally crippled many of these people appear to be. Perhaps more of the same will kill off the cult of the celebrity and the name of the Beckhams' new child will no longer be prime-time news (what is the world coming to?)
Chris, UK

Just awful is the only word I can say. There are so many educatonal things that they could be showing. People who watch these shows need to get out more and live their lives. Stop wasting time watching rubbish. Lifes' too short so do something with it.
Hoa, England

Cringingly embarrassing. I felt insulted watching this - once was enough. If it were honest, this programme would be called "I used to be a C list celebrity, please give me as much exposure as possible, I need it". ITV is surely now the lowest TV channel - including the digital ones.
Bryn Davies, England

Z-list celebrities revealing their flaws for all the world to see. It really is fascinating. Anything that shows normal people that celebrities are certainly nothing to admire gets my vote (but not a phone vote). It's too much to ask that this will be the start of the whole cult of celebrity coming crashing down so that we can start to admire people who actually make a difference rather than people who make a film/album/whatever. Such is the state of our society however that the childish antics of Tara and Darren will probably make them even more admired and respected because it's happened on the TV. Terrifying.
Joe T, Scotland

It is rubbish, I've tried watching it a couple of times and it's so fake, the people are nobodies and I think Ant & Dec have sold themselves short!
Tom Singleton, England

Why? It's pointless - nothing to do (you might at least expect them to experience some of their real environment) and what pointless challenges. Pretty awful stuff - I've voted with my off button!
Mike Gardiner, England

Televisual equivalent of one of those mindless songs that you hate, but hum along to anyway. Not a bad form of self-publicity for the celebs, but hardly quality programming.
Andy, England

Australian Bush? More like Shepherd's Bush - that jungle looks like a film set. Where are the snakes and redbacks? Have they been asked to leave the jungle for a couple of weeks?
Tommo, UK

The programme makers are just responding to what we want to watch. As long as the numbers watch it they don't care if it's not great television. Fair play to them. PS I cant get enough of it - just waiting for Nigel to smack Rhona and Nell to get her kit off.
Marc, England

This programme exists purely to help the tabloids fill their pages during the "silly season".
Andy Taylor, UK

I see all these people complaining about TV providing entertainment for them. Why don't they all get a life? I have lived without a TV for eight months now and will continue to do so. I can provide my own entertainment without my eyes being glued to a box watching stupid people do stupid things on TV.
Richard Driscoll, England

Well...we're at the bottom now, it can't get any worse (can it????)
Jan Hill, UK

Of course, it's absolute rubbish. Didn't this type of "Celebrity making fools out of themselves" programme start with Comic Relief?...after all, most of the money from this is going to charity.
Pamela, UK

Isn't it winter in Australia? They must all be freezing! I can't stop laughing at it - total rubbish.
Kate, UK

British TV seems to swing from total rubbish like this to stunning programmes like the Blue Planet. Makes you wonder how they can charge us so much for our TV licence really!
Simon Lunn, UK

Love it or loathe it, the number of comments on here proves the show is definitely being talked about. I would like to see Ant & Dec get close to some Aussie citizens though - preferably salt water crocodiles or box jellyfish.
Colin, Scotland

I don't even get channel 5 but i'm beginning to wish I did so I could turn to something more entertaining than ITV, things really are getting desperate to put this drivel on!! The adverts are more entertaining than this.
Laura, UK

It seems that everyone is missing the real crime. Looking at the call charges they say that a call costs is 25p. You would think that most of the 25p goes to charity. However only 15p goes to charity so where does the other 10p go to...apparently VAT, operator call charges and operating costs. This last one must be to the company who make this drivel??

WORSE is the text costs. It will cost someone 25p PLUS your operator charge, ONLY 1.6p to 6.7p goes to charity, the other charges to to the same as above. That means that, at best, 18.3p per call gets split between VAT network operator charges (isn't this already taken care of within the text cost) and AGAIN operating costs.

It would be good to see how much the company makes and how much the charities make. I wonder if the celebs know this?? If it's really for charity then should all the money be going to's just another profit making rip-off!!
NW, England

What absolute rubbish!!! Can't understand why we have to buy a TV Licence to watch such useless shows!! Congrats have hit rock bottom (I hope...especially after the Britian's Sexiest junk).

I'd like to know how many people criticise this programme, yet continue to watch it each day. As in all other Big Brother/Survivor type programmes, it's entertaining. Who'd have thought Tara PT and Tony Blackburn would have come over as well as they have done. Darren Day is immature, Christine Hamilton is a stirrer and Nell McAndrew is just a thick blonde!!
Jeremy, UK

This is one of the worst TV programmes of all time. Only things worse last week were also on ITV. How about a triple bill with Elimidate and Britain's Sexiext Abattoir Workers? What with Granada and Carlton's ITV Digital fiasco and their escape from paying what they should pay to the football league, I would take great delight in seeing them stripped of the broadcasting license. Hand it over to someone prepared to show decent programmes.
Dave Lambley, UK

Just let loose a couple of Taipans and it will bring this drivel to an end in minutes.
John Newbegin, UK

Apart from being dull it's an insult that ITV and Channel 4, after making us sit through adverts every fifteen minutes now try and get us to give them even more money by asking us to telephone vote on various programmes every night!
Paul S, UK

Why do people get so hot under the collar over shows such as this? Of course it's drivel. Of course the "stars" are second-string. Of course it's exploitative. But just as with Celebrity Big Brother, it's utterly compulsive if you can just get off your soapbox long enough to join in on the joke. Some people take delight in immediately condemning such shows for dumbing down without acknowledging their capacity to entertain. Live and let live, for Christ's sake - there's always the off button. Personally, I find junk such as Celebrity far less offensive than pitifully unfunny sitcoms such as My Family and The House That Jack Built. At least you can understand why Celebrity was commissioned in the first place.
Neil, UK

You can't blame the programme-makers. If no one watched it, things like this would never be made. However it does get healthy viewing figures!

The media dumbing down? Or more likely the population being dumb. Don't blame TV, blame the idiots that watch it. I am one of them!
Hamish, London

Celebrities? Shouldn't that read has-beens and wanna-bes? Tara is only famous for her "connection" to the Royals, wearing next to nothing and her drug habit. Nigel is a big girl's blouse and as for the whining Rhona Cameron, pleeease get her out of there. I gave up watching after one night, but still can't escape from it in the newspapers. Thank God its only on for another few days!
Karen, Scotland

Brilliant television. Social anthropology with a celebrity interest. They've all been courageous in exposing their own humanity in such a bear-pit. All of the celebrities with, perhaps, the exception of Nell McAndrew, who just quietly gets on with it totally unfazed apparently, have changed, adjusted, developed, call it what you will, in response to changing circumstances. All have egos, or they wouldn't be what they are. A fascinating look at unscripted but manipulated behaviour. Beats all the other crap hands down. To anyone who finds it boring: You can't find anything interesting in human bahaviour? Sad people.
Randy, UK

Have been very entertained by the series so far which is surprising as I can't stand Big Brother or Survivor. Don't feel Nell MacAndrew should win based on being a model with good lucks as she hasn't done anything to deserve being nominated, I hope she gets voted off within the next two days. I think the celebs have shown themselves in a new light to the more down to earth public, if people don't like the show don't watch it and stop bitching about it. I find plenty of shows on TV unwatchable but don't push my views down peoples' throats. Keep up the good work ITV I'd like to see another celeb show in the future.
Tim, UK

It's really good fun to watch and supports a good cause. My children (8 and 10 years) loved the bits involving bugs (I know, I should not allow them to watch it). A shame about the bad language and crude humour.
Keith, UK

Why did ITV just not give all the money to charity? It must be costing a fortune to have the crew and Ant & Dec, etc all over at the studio filming the rubbish which is being broadcast. A complete waste of time!!!!
Anon, UK

As usual, ITV serves up yet more tired bilge. We are treated to Z-list celebrities who are simply famous for being famous, and expected to watch. Getting Ant and Dec (is there no beginning to their talents?) to present it ensures that any possible interesting avenues will be left unexplored, and the whole thing is just a depressing indication of the state of TV nowadays. Survivor and all the other "vote people off" alleged-reality game shows have been tedious, and this one is just a less interesting rehash of something which was mind-numbing in the first place. If anyone in television is capable of having an original idea, now would definitely be a good time.
Pete Hazell, UK

Tara and Tony should be crowned Queen and King of the Jungle! Both are so funny- without knowing it! Tara's concerned comment when Nigel fell over was hilarious! "Be careful darling or you'll have the whole jungle up your bum" ha ha ha ha !
Sarah, UK

I think this is superb television. Very entertaining. Much better than Big Brother because we are seeing people we already know in a new light.
Snelton Filey, London

Biggest load of rubbish I have ever seen. Switched over after five mins. They are not celebrities, thay are all has-beens and worse!
Martin Gallagher, UK

I'd love to be on a reality show like this. Stuck in the jungle while being on TV would be a doddle compared to watching it.
Angus McCarter, Donegal, Ireland

This show is ITV's biggest marketing endeavour for some time - should any of us be surprised their digital arm is going into administration? ITV haven't made a watchable show since Cracker.
James Thurston, UK

This is a must for the future "Tarrant on TV", please lock this dribble (and the hosts) away for the next 35/45 years or so.
Eric Drewe, England

Much better than watching some long haired dandy painting rooms in houses a colour nobody wants...
John Mundy, UK England

Well I like it. I have to concentrate on serious subjects all day at work so I don't want to sit and watch documentaries and serious stuff when I get home. This is great tune in - drop out stuff. Those who don't like it can vote with their feet and turn the box off unlike the 6 million who take life a little less seriously and watch.
Richard, England

Of course it's trash but it's still hilarious. I don't think it was ever intended to be anything other than light entertainment and I think the world would be a very sad place if we were restricted to only those shows deemed worthy and educational.

My favourite moment so far has to be watching Rhona trying not to laugh out loud when Darren Day sang some cheesy song after introducing it as something everyone could learn from. After seeing him on this I just can't believe so many women have been daft enough to fall for him!

I hope Rhona wins, she seems to be the only one with more than one brain cell...
Amon, UK

Celebrities? Where? No way would I watch such tripe, let alone the programme itself. I guess real celebs wouldn't have enough time in their diaries, as they would be doing something worthwhile with their lives.
Dave Love, England

Not quite as horrific as Britain's Sexiest but still not that great. But we must realise that British television seems to have resigned itself to the fact that the only programmes they can make are hospital and police dramas, cookery and DIY programmes or reality TV. Is there any chance that someone could come up with something original and worth watching ? I'm sending off my subscription to Sky today!!
Simon, UK

I think the trashers are kind of missing the point. There is some quite good self irony in the programme. I think that people watch it - and enjoy it - for the voyeuristic reason of watching the "minor royalty of the 21st Century" prove to be much more stupid than the rest of us.
Steve W, Suffolk

ITV's sunk even lower. I think this show should be shot for it's own good.
Colin, UK

I think the show is brilliant, very entertaining. Just what the British need.
Elaine Gough, UK

Celebrity is really funny and great entertainment- shame it's only on for two weeks!
Susan, Scotland

Like many reality TV shows recently, this celebrity survivor shouldn't have been interesting, but it is! Watching various people we think we know fighting it out is fascinating, with Ant and Dec's comedy commentary providing some light relief. I even tape the show if there's any danger of me missing it!
Tom Calvert, UK

I think its quite funny to read the posts on this page, as it would appear that everyone hates this program so much and yet......when you look at the viewer ratings it is really pulling in the viewers! If people keep watching rubbish like this then broadcasters will keep on making it!

I'd like to add that Darren Day's face was an absolute picture when TPT told him she thought he was 'sooooooo sexy'!
Steve, UK

Utter, utter rubbish. Over the last five years British TV has sunk into the deepest darkest depths of driveldom. This programme is just another prime example of the kind of trash that TV channels are churning out. I think it's insulting to the British public that producers actually think we want to watch this stuff. What happened to British comedy? Proper dramas? Decent documentaries? All we get now are programmes that imitate the worst America has to offer, or endless programmes on DIY and gardening. I find myself switching on the TV in the vain hope that there might be something worth watching, but then turn it off and read a book.
Cris, UK

I think it is great TV. All these people complaining - it is only on for an hour a night. If they don't like it they can turn over and watch something else.
Amanda, UK

Very alarming to note that people who get hooked on to reality TV are otherwise quite intelligent.

Only Sun readers would watch this rubbish.
Peter Church, England

Everyone is moaning about this genre being done to death, but how many people watched the terrible third series of Big Brother. At least this is a different angle on things and is quite satisfying to see celebrities used to the good life living in this way. Ant & Dec are doing a good job and fair play to ITV for raising so much money for charity!
Daniel, UK

I thinks Celebrity is absolute trash but compulsive viewing. Watching celebs roughing it is fantastic but will everyone please vote off the boring, pompous, stirring killjoy Christine Hamilton!!!
Katie Ludley, England

I'm A Viewer Get Me Out of Here!!!
Peter Bowles, UK

I think the show is hilarious! It has us hooked every night, we can't wait to see if Tara can lose the plot any more and just to see if Darren Day can make himself look like any more of a complete and utter idiot. Ant and Dec are the best.
Lou, UK

This programme is totally unmissible for me. It is the egoistical members of the group, i.e. Tara, Darren and Rhona, that make it for me. Their many rows and tantrums are priceless, and I am sure the same sort of thing would happen in any situation where a diverse set of people are put together in the circumstances. I watch the programme particularly for this element, and I cannot stop laughing.

In fact although the team are a lot of the time seriously irritating, it would be a travesty if Nell won, all she has done is preen herself, exercise, and is probably there just to lose weight to enhance her chances of more modelling. She has about as much personality as my big toe, even if she is pretty. So boys, don't be fooled, a babe in "foxy clothing". As for Christine, who needs friends with her sneaky goings on. For all her bad moods and tantrums I would give me Tara anytime. The sexual tension between her and Darren is hilarious.
Carole O'Leary, England

Another sad example of the dumbing down of ITV and the BBC to the lowest common denominator.
Martin, UK

I think some of the people on this page need to lighten up. I'm a Celebrity is excellent fun to watch. I have completely changed my opinion on all those on the show. Tara is fab, and she definitely deserves to win!
Jenni, UK

I think this programme is great! Compared to the absolute rubbish of Britain's Sexiest it is intellectual in the extreme! Not only that, but watching egos being brought down and actually seeing some quite NICE people in there has been interesting. Some of the ones with the egos actually seem to think we'll believe their machinations, sucking up to the audience? Too late mates, we've seen you in your true coloours. Also, don't agree about Darren Day, at least he stayed faithful to his girlfriend! As for the rest, PLEASE don't let Nell win -she has inspired absolutely nil interest or entertainment value.
Gill, England

My housemates and I watched it for the first time last night (3/9) and we couldn't stop laughing - fantastic entertainment - cheered me up no end. Far more interesting than Big Brother ever was (and I never saw Survivor). It's TV fluff but it's fun - seems like some people are lacking a sense of humour. Still...each to their own.
Justin, England

I think the show is fantastic and I'm addicted! It's just so funny, especially Ant & Dec who take every opportunity to mimic the "celebrities". I detest Big Brother but love Survivor which may be why I like this. I think Tony should win. Not sure how much of it is scripted though....
Karen, England

Mindless drivel, and like everyone else, I watch it every day.
Jim Lynch, UK

Brilliant!!! At first I didn't really think of it but slowly the programme has enshrouded the viewers and is totally addictive due to its unpredictability. I mean getting rid of Uri Geller, one of the peace makers in the group - what psychological edge will that have on the group? I would rather watch real life drama than scripted soap drivel. I mean how can people be garrulous about fictional storylines when a real life drama is going on. Perhaps some people have not thought this through who have disagreed or perhaps they haven't watched an episode to make a fair comment.
Paul Warrilow, England

Totally engrossing, for all the wrong reasons. I never watched Big Brother or Survivor - so I can't really compare. But this show just cracks me (Guardian reader) up - I wish though we didn't have to see quite so much of the presenters.
Andy, UK

Having read some of the other responses it just goes to show that some people take life to seriously. Chill out people, it's only TV and it's not as if it's coming out of the extortionate licence fee. If the BBC did it then you could really get upset.
Jon Cawte, England

I love Celebrity, it's compulsive viewing. Well done ITV, I especially like the ITV 2 show. It's funny, entertaining and I think the presenter Louise Loughman is fantastic. She's smart, funny and it's really refreshing to see a new face on our screens. You go girl!
Amanda Brookes, England

Why has the BBC become so bitter? Fair enough, it's on ITV, its' not exactly a fantastic programme, but to state "minor celebreties" is just another dig with nasty socialist undertones. Tony Blackburn has been on the radio since it was invented! Uri Gellar has been in the WORLDWIDE eye for 30 years or so. The rest of them are what glossy magazines are made up of and if you see how many of those are sold each week it pretty well shows what the belly of this country is made up of. Unlike the BBC of course who base their hierachy and views like the bigoted civil service. Outdated, biased and not in touch with REALITY.
Jason, UK

I think it is a great show, haven't watched ITV for years, this is the first time. Shame they dump old Uri, he had a great "Possitive Mental Attitude". What is the world coming to?
Bamber, UK

First of this show that my wife and I have actually watched. It's fascinating, and Tony is wonderful.
Steve, Wales

I think the popularity of the programme is a sad reflection on the low intelligence and sense of humour of the majority of the viewing public.
Ella, England

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