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Sunday, 21 July, 2002, 18:51 GMT 19:51 UK
Gates stays on top
Pop Idol runner-up Gareth Gates is celebrating a second week at number one with his latest single.

The teenager's second release, Any One Of Us (Stupid Mistake) held onto its position at the top ahead of Scooter's The Logical Song, which remained at number two.

Highest new entry was Flip & Fill's Shooting Star at number three, while Elton John and Alessandro Safina's Your Song - in aid of Sport Relief - entered the chart at four.

Destiny's Child singer Beyonce Knowles went in at number seven with Work It Out.

Rapper to be deported to UK

London-born rapper Rick "Slick Rick" Walters is to be deported to the UK because of an 11-year-old attempted murder conviction.

He should have been deported after his release in 1996 following five years in prison for shooting his cousin and another person.

Despite living in the US since 1975, he is not an American citizen and is currently in a Florida immigration jail after being arrested in Miami after performances on a cruise ship that toured the Caribbean.

Appeals could block his deportation for the rest of the year and his lawyers are pressing for him to be released.

Slick Rick's album The Great Adventures of Slick Rick, released in 1988, went platinum. He has released three other albums, all of which went gold.

Gangsters 'extorted money' from Steven Seagal

US prosecutors have alleged associates of the Gambino crime family tried to extort hundreds of thousands of dollars from action star Steven Seagal.

They made the allegations in connection with a bail hearing for alleged Gambino leader Anthony Ciccone, who was among 17 alleged gangsters charged with racketeering in June.

Although the papers did not identify the actor, it has been reported it is Seagal, whose films include Marked for Death, Under Siege and Exit Wounds.

Court papers say the 50-year-old actor was in Canada when four alleged mobsters visited him to make demands.

The Associated Press news agency reported investigators said Seagal was so shaken that he paid $700,000 (445,000) to the mob.

Benigni version of Pinocchio under way

Oscar-winning Roberto Benigni - director and star of Life is Beautiful - is making a movie version of Pinocchio.

Although Benigni has refused to reveal any details about the upcoming movie, sales of Pinocchio dolls and merchandise are soaring in Italy.

He has sworn the entire cast of the live-action version to secrecy until the film is released but before shooting started he said he wanted to "make a big film from a small idea" with Pinocchio.

Most of the $35m (22,175,000) Miramax production, Italy's most expensive film to date, was shot in the village of Pignone, north of Tuscany where Pinocchio's 19th Century author Carlo Collodi was brought up.

Strong support for rolling requiem

A group of Seattle singers organising a series of simultaneous worldwide performances of Mozart's Requiem on 11 September say they have received thousands of e-mails in support of the idea.

The Rolling Requiem already has 30 choirs from around the world including groups in Taiwan, Latvia and Wales, where a backer has invited another 200 choirs.

Each performance is to begin at 0846, the moment at eastern time of the first attack on the World Trade Center in New York.

They will start at the international date line and move westward by time zone.

Cruz to head India charity

Actress Penelope Cruz has announced plans to take the helm of a charity benefiting poverty-stricken Indian women and children.

The Spanish actress will head the US branch of the Sabera Foundation which supplies food and shelter to India's needy.

The co-star of Vanilla Sky has already worked with the organisation in Calcutta.

Sabera is planning a fund-raising event in Los Angeles on 10 October.

The money will go toward the construction of new hospitals and schools in Calcutta.

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