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Friday, 19 July, 2002, 13:25 GMT 14:25 UK
Devdas: Your views
Madhuri Dixit plays the courtesan Chandramukhi
Devdas is a well-known story in India
The remake of Hindi film Devdas is the most expensive Bollywood film ever made, at a cost of over $11m (7.4m).

The protagonist turns to alcohol to get over his first love and soon embarks on a self-destructive downward spiral.

"The sheer doggedness of Bhansali's creative vision appears incredibly grand in today's cinema and Devdas looks set to be a summer sizzler," wrote BBC News Online's Inderpreet Sahota.

But what do you think?

This debate is now closed. You can read a selection of your comments below.

Nice picture, please keep it up.
Kashif, Pakistan

Spectacular and stylish. But I am afraid it looks like a drama, not a film.
Hari, UK/India

Really,it is a fantastic movie.
Shaji Philip, Kuwait

Devdas is simply stunning!!! Even in the modern setting, it has represented the twenties very well. The script has always been a classic one. Everyone has really performed, matching the script. Only problem is a few out-of-place songs. Still, Devdas is a must-watch movie.
Biswajit Dash, Australia

This movie has an outstanding cast, great cinematography, great music and terrific screenplay. This is one of the best Hindi movies I have seen.
Khalid, USA

Even though the downfall of Devdas has not been potrayed with as much fervour as the older versions of Devdas, if looked at as a brand new love story it's surely worth the watch

Ria, India
Nice dresses, modern outlook.
Asim Sajjad, Pakistan

I saw the movie, and I was so disappointed by acting and same old story that I left the theatre during the first half, only attraction was the palace.
Mahesh, Canada

Devdas is nice film which conveys a great love story. All actors are nice and well done. Thank you.
K Kassapa, Sri Lanka

A rich saga of the essence of love, the adaptation of Devdas in Bansali's movie seems to be quite different from the previous ones. Money well spent in a very splendid setting and costumes although for a movie on Devdas, the women in Devdas's life stole the show. Even though the downfall of Devdas has not been potrayed with as much fervour as the older versions of Devdas, if looked at as a brand new love story it's surely worth the watch.

Earlier versions of Devdas never showed any interaction between Paro and Chandramukhi, in this adaptation, they are almost great pals, But I guess it does work in the new modern settings.
Ria, India

This film leaves an impact of a big film on your mind. Acting of Shah Rukh Khan, Madhuri and Aishwarya Rai is superb. Direction is very good. But big sets are irrelevant and inappropriate. In South Asia there are no landlords who have such big palaces. Also, the music for this film is very poor. Overall it is worthwhile to watch this movie.
Zahid Gill, Canada

The movie does not work in a modern setting

Anupam Batura, UK
I thought the movie was very deep. Everyone acted excellently and the background score and costumes were amazing. After watching the classical film, it was he only thing on my mind. A job well done by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and the team, as well as the actors.
Ish, Canada

It was visually brilliant. Madhuri Dixit was at her best.
Gaurav Bansal, USA

It is the most boring film. In the whole film Shahrukh tries to copy Dilip Kumar and badly fails. Though dresses and jewellery were out of this world.
Agha K. Haider, UK

The best was the very first version in Telugu. Tai Nageshwara Rao is the best actor. The Hindi version was okay as Dilipkumar had declared he coud be the best compared with Rao. The modern hero Sharuka Khan is no way a match. His hair style remains the same in every one of his movies. He is too immature and needs to learn a lot. Madhuri and Aswari are the best of bests. Both of them have given superb acting.
Ananda, USA

The movie does not work in a modern setting. The sets and costumes are pretty good but the movie seems more like a theatre performance then a motion picture, it is so grand that it seems ficticious. An ordinary man cannot relate to the movie.
Anupam Batura, London, UK

The character of Devdas is a loser but the movie is very well made. Madhuri Dixit's role was remarkable and Aishwarya looks absolutely gorgeous.
Smita, India

This is the most repetitive and famous story of millions of Hindi movies made after the 50s

Henry Prevann, UK
Great sets etc but the movie sucks. This movie proves that Bollywood can never undertake a big budget project. They lack "serious" originality.
A.Chandra, USA

Devdas may be an expensively made film. This may have qualities to woo viewers due to its extravagant media reviews and excitement. But if thought about properly, it is nothing new as such, as Indian movies including this have not been able to portray any new message except "Rich-girl-poor boy", "Poor-boy-rich-girl2. This is the most repetitive and famous story of millions of Hindi movies made after the 50s.

Devdas is made under the same principle and with the same old faces who are already popular. Also, Devdas cannot show a way to change society which Indians do need to change their overall social problem of caste and so on. Therefore, in my view it is nothing exceptional and viewers shouldn't be disillusioned. Because this movie is made in India with typical Indian formula of the same story. So what's new?
Henry Provenn, UK

After watching an Indian movie for 10 minutes, I usually know the complete plot of the movie. Where is the creativity in Indian movies? Spending lots of money will not bring creativity to the Indian movies!
Nav Bala, USA

I have not seen the earlier versions of Devdas. However, having seen Bhansali's version a few days ago, I have nothing but praise and admiration for the entire crew for entertaining us with a masterpiece. A great story which includes great culture, music, costumes and performances. A perfect recipe for a perfect Indian film!
Piush Patel, England

After carefully reviewing each and every details of all sets and scenes I couldn't find a single mistake in any of them, everything was perfectly done

Umair, USA
Boring, typical feeling sorry for youself depressing usual Hindi film, with the overloaded song stuff.
Randi, USA

It was great. A spectacular treat for everyone. Madhuri Dixit gives a delightful performance and Aishwarya Rai was magnificent as well. Some of the sets were a little bit too extravagant, but it was good overall.
Manish Thakur, USA

Bollywood has entered into the new level of film industry. Devdas has obviously set a new and highly competent standard for other movie makers, which will take a long to beat these standards set by Devdas. After carefully reviewing each and every details of all sets and scenes I couldn't find a single mistake in any of them, every thing was perfectly done. I think all credit goes to the most brilliant and innovative director Mr. Sanjay Leela Bhansali.
Umair, Chicago, USA

The two leading ladies of Devdas represent perennial themes of ideal Indian womanhood. Parvati represents courage and Chandramukhi, selfless, unrequited love. What is surprising is that Devdas becomes a hero in India when his weak character is unable to rise to the challenge of these two women. Says something deep about impotent Indian male. My hope is that Indians re-evaluate Devdas, not so much as a story of a man's heroism but as a commentary on how Indians have failed to harness the unmatched character of India's selfless women.
Grace, USA

One of the best movies ever. The dresses, picturisation, dialogue, dresses, locations, songs,and the performance was absolutely fantastic and out of this world. I have never cried in a movie but in this one I felt like my heart was going to burst. Excellent.
Shinaahmad, USA

I honestly felt the movie did not have an editor - they had basically included every piece of film that they had shot

Tanisha Tamang, Nepal
There is some sort of Devdas in every Indian male. Devdas is written by one of the most popular writers in Bengali literature, as a Bengali I think it's a must see!
Maksood Mohiuddin, USA

For old timers like me, I was disappointed with the remake. I think the original is classical and you can't compare to Khaleep Kumar.
Sunita Patel, US

The movie seemed to go on forever. It was "unreal" in the extreme, with a song a minute to add to its soporofic nature. I honestly felt the movie did not have an editor - they had basically included every piece of film that they had shot.

I watched the Tamil version many years ago, and thought that was far superior - in all senses of the word.
R. Paranthaman, United Kingdom

The film itself was exquisite. The sets were marvellous and simply breathtaking. A bow to director Sanjay Leela Bhansali and the team behind Devdas. The love story was narrated simply and the direction of the movie somehow reminded me of Moulin Rouge, I sensed the similarities. I have seen the other works of Mr Leela Bhansali. I am glad the man has a midas touch to bring the remake version of Devdas to such a great height with different direction in filmmaking and the film will be remembered for its lavish sets and costumes...
Tanisha Tamang, Nepal

I was disappointed. Considering the money they spent, it was just another Hindi film with a little twist

Amit Chandarana, London
This is the most wonderful movie ever, which is a remake from the Bengla films (story written by Bengali writer) and Bollywood has done an excellent job by doing it and puting Sharuk Khan in the leading. Director Sanjay Leela Bansaly should get the credit for doing it.
Rubayat Rahman, Canada

Except for Mahduri Dixit the other actors do not have any talent. Aishwarya as always is there just for the looks and Sharukh Khan always does the stereotype action. You cannot even begin to compare this movie with the old ones where the heroes like Dilip Kumar are memorable. This film may have been an expensive movie but most of the Bollywood movies these days are funded by underworld dons and this is nothing new to spend this kind of money. Indian movies should try to get actors but not Miss Universes or Miss Worlds who don't know anything about acting.
Kumar, India

I was disappointed. Considering the money they spent, it was just another Hindi film with a little twist. Could have done better. 5/10
Amit Chandarana, London

Unlike films directed by Satajit Rai, there is hardly anything new or artistic in the Bollywood film industry! Most if not all Bollywood productions are superficial and have no artistic appeal.

Madhuri shows that there is nobody else of her calibre in Bollywood

Jay B, USA
It's a fantastic, powerful portryal of love and emotions.
Sam, UK

Movie-making at its most magical. SLB works through the story like a wizard! The performances are exceptional.
Nadir Ehsan, UK

The film is very dark, the same old story as all the other Bollywood films, and also it does not look like this is the most expensive film ever made in Bollywood. My opinion, not worth getting out of bed for!!
Mits, UK

I think the movie was just too good to be true. Everything in the movie from sets to actors is just perfect. It felt so good watching such a touching movie. Each character did justice to their role. They were beyond imagination. I can watch this movie again and again and will not get bored. It was a beautifully picturesque ending but on the other hand it was really emotional and sad to watch. I cried and couldn't stop thinking about it the whole night
Shivani, USA

By far the best movie to come out of India in a while. Technically brilliant with mind blowing performances. Madhuri shows that there is nobody else of her calibre in Bollywood. Hers was a truly great performance. SLB has outdone himself. A visual delight of epic propotions and an ending fit for a classic film. Simply superb!
Jay B, USA

What a film. Devdas has arrived and how it has arrived!!!!!! Brilliant, no other word can be used to explain this. The dialogues, the shot direction were absolutely exquisite. "Paro told me leave the drink, you tell me to leave the house, one day he will tell me to leave this world". WOW!!! I cannot wait to get this on DVD.
Chik, UK

Devdas has already set a new, challenging trend for Bollywood

Pangash, USA
It is powerful and sticks in the mind after you leave the cinema. What really shone was the performances and the dialogue. For those people who say the story is not new, of course it's not, it's a remake! Also I think that the interaction between Paro and Chandramukhi sounds as if it wouldn't work but in actual fact it did. There is nothing wrong in Bhansali wondering what might happen were these characters to meet and without this there would be a sort of gap in the film leaving a feeling of incompleteness.

I also liked how symbolic certain things were, for example when they are signalling jokey messages to each other during the moonlit song: Devdas to Paro "You will marry an old man", Paro to Devdas: "You will never marry."

However it could have been better in many ways, such as the screenplay, and there were a few pointless scenes. The songs were outstanding, and somehow the picturisation of some of them such as 'Maar Dala' and 'Hamesha Tumko Chaha' didn't really do them justice, as they were so fantastic musically. Despite its faults as a creative piece of work it is extremely absorbing and a treat to watch.
Kajal, UK

Great movie. Sharukj was just superb and so were the others.
Guppu, India

Devdas definitely ranks as one of the finest Bollywood has ever produced. It is rare that a director can bring out the best from every member of his team and Sanjay Leela Bhansali has that rare distinction. A wonderful romantic melancholic masterpiece!
Radhika Chopra, USA

It's a great movie. Everyone needs to see this at least once.
Vinod, USA

The new Devdas will be a remarkable movie even after 50 years. Kudos to all the casts and crews. Excellent film making. Devdas has already set a new, challenging trend for Bollywood.

Those who are saying that Devdas is the same old story without any creativity or originality, please remember that it is an interpretation of an early 20th century Bengali novel. The director's creativity lies in his interpretation of the story and the treatment, which were unique in this movie comparing to the earlier versions. That is the success of the direction and screenplay.

Those who are saying that no Indian landlords have such grand mansions, please read the history again (Calcutta has a history of more than 300 years). I would never compare this film with a Satyajit Ray masterpiece. These are two different types of filmmaking in India. Devdas is out and out a commercial film with all the necessary and effective elements. It is unfair to make comments on a movie after leaving the theatre during the first half.
Pangash, USA

Devdas was an absolutely stunningly magnificent movie. It was a pleasure to watch and contained all the essential elements that a movie should do - wonderful sets, enchanting music and impeccable actors. Madhuri was as usual phenomenal, Aishwariya was very convincing as Paro and looked superb and my heart went out to Shahrukh as Devdas - very dramatic ending - it could not have been better.
Farrah Mauladad, UK

Devdas rocks!!!! The best film I have ever seen in my life, swear! Madhuri steals the show from all. I tell you all the Madhuri is the best actress in India who acts from her heart. Devdas is a very well made film. People who find it boring, can go play with something fun! But for me Devdas was an exhilerating experience.

I was so moved by the emotions of all the actors. Mads, you are the best. Ais looks awesome. Srk was good as well but Devdas belongs to Madhuri Dixit and Sanjay Bhansali for making his father's dream come true. BETA HO TO AISA!!! 10/10.
Raj, Canada

People let's face it, did we watch the same movie? It was way too long and there were far too many irrelevant boring parts. The dresses were not that great - too much glamour. In the second half, there were too many unnecessary songs and the story dragged. However, the acting was really good. Spending tons and tons of money, dressing up the actresses until they are about to fall over because of the amount of jewellery they are wearing does not make the film worthwhile.
Kam, Canada

The only thing astonishing about Devdas is the way it is being marketed!

I and my friend forced ourselves to sit till the end of the movie in West Palm Beach, Florida. It was an embarrassment and a relief to watch people walk out of the theatre all the time. The crowd was very displeased and did not hide their disappointment. There was jeering, mock clapping and whistles at the intermission. I was completely with the crowd though I did not jeer and whistle.

The director never had a hold on the movie, the music blares and the settings were made for a Dracula movie. What was the director hiding? Why did he go for unrealistic settings with lighted torches instead of showing the town of those days? The first reaction of the audience to Shah Rukh Khan's entry in a suit and hat was Charlie Chaplin!!

It hurts me to see the media and the critics trying to push the movie as a marvel. Some of the ordinary movie-goers are scared to speak the truth! Are we fast becoming a make-believe society? I have lost faith in the media and will never believe the previews or the reviews that appear. God save us all.
Balakrishna Surat, USA

A visually stunning film with gorgeous costumes and magnificent sets but alas, it lacks a believable story, or at the very least a plausible execution of the story and its characters. At three and a half hours, I was bored and frustrated by the second half. Indian film makers have to learn to cut down on superfluous footage, which ultimately harms the plot and rushes character development.

Shahruq did alright, probably one of his better performances, but his character was pathetic, and I felt no sympathy for him. Aishwariya was as beautiful as ever but again fell short of being totally believable. The woman who played her mother was brilliant and spontaneous. Mahduri was clearly the best. She was radiant, dangerous but warm-hearted. Her beauty and talent for dance took my breath away.

At times though her role was exaggerated as well. I'm glad I saw it, but I left the theatre feeling quite disappointed. A good plot with good acting and directing is the soul of a motion picture or any form of storytelling for that matter. Devdas had the body, but not the soul.
Mubashir Din, USA

It's simply EXCELLENT.
Sudipta, India

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