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Tuesday, 9 July, 2002, 09:46 GMT 10:46 UK
Minority Report: Your views
Tom Cruise
Minority Report is more than a sci-fi film
Minority Report should receive a fair amount of attention this summer - it is directed by Steven Spielberg, stars Tom Cruise and is based on story by Philip K Dick, who also inspired Bladerunner.

The crime thriller sees cop Jon Anderton (Cruise) working in a futuristic "pre-crime" division which, thanks to new technology, can predict murders before they happen.

"From the lengthy opening sequence in which the pre-crime division go about preventing a murder, this is genuine edge-of-the-seat stuff tempered with a healthy dose of dark humour," wrote BBC News Online's Caroline Westbrook.

But what do you think?Is this an improvement on AI? What did you think of Tom Cruise?

Have your say

That ending. It doesn't make sense. So much good work goes into setting up a real tragedy with good people mangled by a system and then all their efforts are thrown away. Somebody throw Spielberg out of the cutting room for the last third of his movies.
Bill Birtles, UK

I loved the visuals and the way the action unfolded. However I feel this movie lacks a soul. It seems to lack the heart of his earlier films, and as in A.I it took way too long to end.
Wes Harris, Canada

Great film but I agree with a comment made below that it should be a 15 certificate and not a 12. The younger members of the audience did not understand the film and the older members heard all their comments for most of the movie.
Dean, Ashford, UK

I am the odd one out. I have only one word to say about this film: Rubbish.
Dafydd Eveleigh, UK

I thought the film was excellent. The storyline was engrossing, the concept fascinating and the action and special effects were amazing. My only small - and pedantic - criticism would be the strange mix of ultra-futuristic items and contemporary items both being present. For example, 3D holograms in one scene, then standard kettles and oven hobs in the next just seemed a bit odd to me.
Luke B, UK

Cruise acted well, but, the movie was a big disappointment. The plot seemed cliched and failed to evoke any appreciation. Only the glamour of Cruise, and the reputation of Spielberg prevent the movie from being outrightly dismissed as a B-grade flick
Nachiketh, USA

Steven Spielberg is famous for making a movie with a complex plot and turning into a simple story for the general audience. I think here also with Minority Report he has turned out to be a winner.

Everything in the movie makes sense if you pay attention. Speilberg has made a prophecy about how the world might look in the future if we do not limit our government's interference in our lives. Post 9-11 governments of nations have changed drastically and the general public is becoming more gullible.
Harshil , USA

I went in expecting a Mission: Impossible 2 film and ended up with a Mission: Impossible 1. It was totally different to what I was expecting but well worth it.
Phill Gillespie, Edinburgh, UK

Was I the only peson who did not like this film? It was incredibly overrated.
Natasha, UK

This is a film the could have been so much better but it is still well worth seeing. Issues are touched upon and then left. There is at least one glaring plot hole, that could have been covered within the script.
Martin Virgo, UK

I thought it was excellent. Almost a cross between The Matrix and Memento. Back in the 80s Spielberg was known as the maker of movie dreams, this sci-fi fantasy has placed that hat back firmly on his head.
Richard Shelton, Wales

A very nice film indeed.

The film is beautifully shot, and Cruise acts well, but the plot holes and the exposure of the villain are very poor. I find it hard to believe that so much can be spent on a film like this that contains all the ingredients that should make it a classic, without someone going through the script and pointing out the glaring errors that require more than a suspension of disbelief.

If you can switch off the rational side of your brain, it contains great eye-candy, but it cannot be compared to either Bladerunner or even Total Recall. Finally, I think it should be a 15 certificate - there are scenes in this film which I don't think would be suitable for 12 year-olds.
Ben Smith, UK

The film is engrossing, but far-fetched and really quite silly

James Green, UK
Although not a blockbuster I thought this was a very good film. A bit of action, some comedy, a whodunnit, how and why, some nice gadgets and special effects. Visually it was an impressive imagination of a future D.C. I found the dialogue sometimes rather rushed and hard to follow but generally well worth seeing....except for the bits with the eyes! Ugh!
Kevin Pearson, UK

The best film I have seen this year. Great story, wonderfully executed, I was on the edge of my seat until the last frame. Forget what you think you know about Spielberg or Cruise, this is an ingenious and intelligent thriller. Go see it.
Mark, UK

An excellent fast-paced futuristic thriller but ruined in the closing minutes with that ever sickening American ending!
Col, UK

The film is engrossing, but far-fetched and really quite silly. It carries you along while it is on but as you walk out you think "Crikey, that was all rather ridiculous". The classical music was most welcome, and it is good to see Max von Sydow still going strong.
James Green, UK

Sheer class throughout, full of inspired ideas and imagination

Alex, UK
WOW - what a film! I went in without high expectations and was delighted with what I saw! Amazing effects backed up by an even better plot full of clever ideas and a number of twists! HAVE IT!!!
Rick Carr, Leeds, UK

Great film which has something of a rarity for recent films, a story. Just one question, why did he still have authority to use his eye scan to enter secure areas? Oh and did anyone else notice Jon's prison number ? 1109, coincidence or a subtle remark on innocent people suffering for the system?
Ivor Fran, UK

Fantastic film. Sheer class throughout, full of inspired ideas and imagination, with a great potboiler of a story to match. With the current decline of real quality films at the cinema, especially at this time of year, it is refreshing to see a film made by a director who is willing to make a film which although can be watched for sheer enjoyment also allows the audience to at least keep their brain in gear during the film as well. Overall a must-see and without question an early and maybe only contender this year for Best Picture at the Oscars.
Alex, UK

This was a great film, plenty of action and plot twists. Cruise was engaging as was Morton. My only complaint is that it could have been darker. That said, one woman in the cinema screamed out loud!
Jacq, UK

Breaks the Hollywood mold of predictable thrillers

Satnam Bains, UK
Absolutely fantastic. Laughs, frights, screams, surprises. Tom is gorgeous. This is the movie of the year so far. The effects are great. There are bits when you guess what will happen but they are few and Samantha Morton is great. TOP FILM!!!
Jane Fergusson, UK

Great fun and some very good effects with a few shocks and good comic moments thrown in. Based upon a book by Phillip Dick so what more could you hope for? Well worth seeing.
David, UK

Excellent!! Amusing, touching, exciting, thrilling. What more can I say?!
Isobel, USA

Let's be honest - it really wasn't that bad. Yes, the script left a lot to be desired and the acting was solid (but not exceptional). But it was an awful lot better than AI. Still, don't hold your breath for any Oscars.
James Tandy, UK

Fantastic stuff, moving, thought inspiring, and gripping. Breaks the Hollywood mold of predictable thrillers.
Satnam S. Bains, UK

I thought the movie was well structured. It was obvious who the bad guy was, but the movie was engineered so you had to wait until the very end to find out why and how. Excellent, well worth watching.
Craig Chalmers, UK

I felt that it could have been more sinister, more gritty and much darker

Mark, UK
This was an excellent movie. Not only was the plot well thought out, but the elements of technology in the future are integrated into the story very nicely without being distracting. In many futuristic movies, the technological gizmos often distract from the plot, but in Minority Report, they are used so effortlessly and convincingly.

With the amount of personal information that is gathered from everywhere about us, it is very conceivable to see advertisements talking to us, using our name, etc. While this movie does have its share of futuristic cars, it's nice to see a look into the future that does not revolve around flying cars as the only basis for what the future may look like.
Jordan Medeiros, USA

Well, for one and half hours I was totally enthralled by this gripping, lively and at times spectacular film. But, as I had heard, Spielberg fails to maintain the pace till the very end. Which I found a little disappointing. The car chase down the side of the building is insane, and there are many nice little touches which lift this film above your average sci-fi cyber action movie. Spielberg knows how to make a great film. But I felt that it could have been more sinister, more gritty and much darker. He tried, but not hard enough I think. Still more Peter Pan than 2001.

Few words about Tom Cruise. I know a lot of people are not a fan, me neither. This was still very Mission Impossible, but he is definitely watchable. He gets a "not bad" from me. I will definitely be recommending this to my friends, just try and get past the Tom Cruise Mission Impossible act and the Steven Spielberg corniness (to be fair there's not too much of this ) and you have a pretty good film.
Mark, Brighton, UK

Excellent....bit cheesy in places though

Marco, UK
I agree with most of the movie's strengths already mentioned, and really enjoyed watching. This movie goes to great lengths at times to put you on the edge of your seat (the spider scene); It certainly worked and was full of suspense.

And then there is the message about the emerging police state.

However Spielberg eally pulls the punches in some places: plants that are engineered to attack people are called "hybrids". And people are constantly identified by automated adverts but this is never shown as information shared with the police (the present conditions in USA trump the MR dystopia in this respect).

And the ending totally lets everyone off the hook (sans one dead, bad guy). It is sickening-sweet and very out of place.
Chris, USA

Excellent....bit cheesy in places though...
Marco, UK

It's a good film and entertaining. Much more satisfying than AI. Tom Cruise is a good action actor and there was a fine supporting cast. Thought the ending could have been better but some good action sequences and effects. Spielberg is back on form!!
Jonathan Lighthill, UK

Minority Report restores Spielberg to the top of his field

Ollie Lin
At last, a film with an intelligent and thought-provoking script. True, there are holes in the movie, but the overall result is an intoxicating combination of action suspense and most importantly a film that requires thought and attention. From the first frame the film had me, I couldn't take my eyes off the screen, (no pun intended). A brilliant film. One of the best this summer, and one the best of this genre, since Bladerunner, almost on a par if not for a few cheesy lines. Wonderful, SEE!
Mike, UK

Wow! One of the best films of the year along with Spider-Man and Clones and is destined to become a cult classic. If it wasn't for the action scenes being clearly influenced by Star Wars, both musically and visually, this would have been perfect. However they were not in the same vain as the rest of the movie and didn't seem to fit quite right. Definitely a must-see film though!
Bradley Turner, UK

Minority Report restores Spielberg to the top of his field. Although long, the pace of the action kept me entertained throughout. The film presents a stylistic future but also shows aspects of the darker and everyday aspects of the society. Tom Cruise is excellent and is supported by a very well assembled cast. A fantastic film.
Ollie Lin, Uk

Over-exaggerated, over-billed, and overrated. I hope this doesn't start a new genre of smart ass American junk.
Donald Lilly, UK

Entertaining but not stimulating or one to remember

Jaja, UK
Wow - best movie I've seen in a LONG time. A few ever-so-slight plot niggles and a softer ending than I would have liked, but on the whole, everything came together beautifully. The look of the movie in particular was magnificent (e.g. the freakiness of the introduction to the precogs, the creepiness of the metal spider thingies, those great pre-crime hover-copter things, the annoying but oh-so-believable wall adverts, and the brilliant "image-scrubbing" scenes, for instance). The directing was spectacular - Spielberg is back on top form.

Top-notch sci-fi, jaw-dropping action, and a great who-dunnit all rolled into one! Definitely brought back memories of Blade Runner. A monumental film. What's next from the master??
Duncan Armstrong, Scotland

Great film with a twisting plot that ever thickens portraying a interesting approach about the future. Great idea.
Andrew Price, Wales

It did manage to keep one on the edge of the seat. However the movie seemed to be sawing together pieces of seen-before footage or story-line from several other movies. So nothing new or refreshing came out of it. Entertaining but not stimulating or one to remember.
Jaja, UK

I would not normally reply to this kind of poll, but on this film I feel inspired. Two weeks ago I saw Minority Report in Boston; it is the biggest, most unmitigated pile of crud I have ever had the misfortune to have to pay for. Tom - every film - head in hands - what a fool I have been - Cruise (see the same gesture in Top Gun, Rain Man etc. etc. ad nauseam) teams up with the appallingly syrupy and trite Spielberg to make a vomit inspiring, illogical and conveniently problem avoiding turkey.

Suffice to say the last scene shows Tom with his hands on newly un-estranged wife's pregnant belly. Yuk, and the final scene is even more incomprehensible. What hurts most is that this is going to gross more money than any other film this summer, and such uncreditable rubbish will be vindicated at the box office.

You will like this film only if you have no taste, have a suicidally sweet tooth and a full frontal labotomy.

Good luck, and remember that at least Bladerunner was original.
Matthew Hayes, France

Entertaining but not stimulating or one to remember

Alex Phillips, UK
Huge improvement over AI, which was a poor, uninteresting view of the future. The gadgets are very Bladerunner-like and the pace and intensity are spot on. The attention to detail adds to this making Minority Report a thoroughly enjoyable film.
Tim Gough, UK

Pretty good, but why did they choose to replace the ending of the original story with a feel-good, uplifting ending ? The original PKD pessimistic ending too bleak for audiences or something?
John Burnham, UK

How can anyone doubt the Cruiser!! Sublime as always. Matching one of the greatest box office actors of all time with one of the greatest directors of all time. c. I can easily recommend!
Alex Phillips, UK

Excellent movie - ignore the anti-Cruise naysayers, especially those who are clinging to 2001 as a good movie. Sheesh! MR was superb, and aside from one or two cheesy moments, is both an entertaining rollercoaster ride and very touching in parts. Go see it! :)
Shea Bennett, UK

Another case of Hollywood not understanding the need for a good screenplay. When will they ever learn that glitz and swagger do not a good movie make. It is even sadder in this case as the concept is wonderful, and the issues it raises are both relevant and provocative. Alas Hollywood, as most of America, is dedicated to the short atttention span, and the undereducated.
Philip Newman, Australia

This film is really bad. I cannot understand all the praise it has received. I agree the visuals and some of the smaller ideas throughout the film are intriguing (e.g. the future state of advertising). But the bad mix of Benny Hill-style humour and ill-thought-out plot lines makes for a terrible waste of time and money.
Andy, UK

People seem to be complaining that the ending was too "sickly sweet". Well, I agree. However, if you recall the guard as he puts Cruise's character into the tank: "People say they have dreams... that they see their life the way they want it to be...", I think you'll realise that the film's ending is merely the dream of John Anderton, locked in his tank and his dreams of free will are just that... dreams.
Gord Mackenzie, Canada

A great movie, but like AI it has a 20 minute lapse in any form of excitement during the middle. Luckily this film is not pants. Which AI was. There are a few scenes which are a bit extreme, but people, come ON! Why make it a 15 certificate? I'm 15, but when I was younger I could easily stomach films like Aliens which are far more violent than this. There is one vague sex scene, one swear word and a few scenes with disembodied eyeballs, and that is it. A 12 certificate is perfect for Minority Report. By the way, the holographic screen that they waved their hands at was incredibly ace, and I could do with one of them for my room. See this movie and be amazed, basically.
David Ross, Scotland

Excellent in the tradition of violent thrillers. Rated badly in the States, I won't let my 12-year-old go and see it - too violent and disturbing.
Margaret, USA

A few others have commented that the movie has one or two small plot holes... Actually folks, the entire thing is one big plot hole. As with most sci-fi movies that dabble in time-travel or pre-cognition, this fails to come to grips with its own premise. And this one is even sillier than usual, since it actually tries to confront and explain the issues, but fails miserably.

Gary Bartlett, New Zealand

I love sci-fi films that make me dread the future. Cruise was less annoying than usual, so that was an unexpected plus, too. Here's hoping that people who enjoyed the film will turn to its original source - author Phillip K. Dick, who also gave us (through Ridley Scott) the modern classic Blade Runner.
Robert del Valle, USA

Minority Report
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