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Sunday, 19 May, 2002, 15:56 GMT 16:56 UK
Star Wars: Your views
Star Wars: Episode II, Attack of the Clones
Episode II has been eagerly anticipated
Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace may have been a disappointment for fans and critics alike but this hasn't stopped anticipation for Episode II - The Attack of the Clones reaching fever pitch.

"This is quite possibly the best Star Wars of the series. It looks lavish and Lucas pushes all the right buttons," wrote the BBC's Tim Masters.

But what do you think?

Is it the best Star Wars film yet? Are you breathing a sigh of relief after The Phantom Menace - or is it another let-down?

BBC News Online users had their say.

Total drivel. Does not begin to provide entertainment. Go to a video store, rent episode 4 (again) and watch some good Star Wars. This junk makes episode 1 look great!
Crusty, USA,

I cannot understand why Star Wars Episode II has been so viciously ripped to shreds by critics. Nobody ever watches Star Wars for the dialogue; anyone who says they watch the Star Wars installments expecting Oscar-winning scripts are frauds and have no business watching them anyway. The move was excellent. I haven't seen a movie since The Matrix that I've had a sense of wonder afterwards (that movie had poor dialogues and performances too). For those whining Episode II, I suggest that you not watch Episode III and stick to your Oscar-worthy melodramas.
Lynn, Philippines

I think that this Star Wars movie surpases them all by far, I mean you get to find out how Anakin became Darth Vader, a question that has been in every Star Wars fans mind.
Bobby Ramos Jr, America

I would like to voice my disappointment over Stars Wars: Attack of the Clones. In my opinion, bad acting and dumb story line were the main characteristics of this movie. This movie tried too hard to appeal to be grand. But all I could see is its rip-off of The Sound Of Music and its grade school dialogues. I will never go to see another Star Wars movie again for the rest of my life!
Minh H. Nguyen, USA

I thought the movie was good but the plot was a little thin in the beginning. The sets were amazing but the fighting between the jedi wasn't necessary... if there hadn't been a war I would've left the theatre, I preferred Episode I so much more. Hope Episode III is better .
Emily, Canada

Overhyped, overlong and over here

Derek Blyth, UK
What a disappointment! I was unsure whether George Lucas was aware that there were four other films in this series, the story was weak and boring, the next episode has got a lot to do.
Andy, UK

Top five thoughts from the movie: 1) This pathetic, surly, whinging teen is going to turn into the Darth Vader that sent shivers down my spine?

2) Thank God he restricted his animated village idiot to two scenes!

3) Yoda's fight sequence was quite something! But I resent the fact that the Sith are so much stronger than the Jedi.

4) Why oh why must Lucas attempt to reintroduce characters from the original series in this contrived fashion. R2, C3PO, Jabba, Bobba Fett... who next? Will we see Frank Solo dying in prison in front of a despondent Hans in episode III?

5) When's the next one coming up?
Dilip, US

To paraphrase a well known WW2 saying - overhyped, overlong and over here. A fairly mediocre film raised to cult staus by the media machine.
Derek Blyth, UK

A visual rollercoaster of a film. The romance scenes were too long and the plot looked distinctly shaky in places but I loved it. It was great to see Tenemuera Morrison as Jango Fett after his brilliant performance in Once We Were Warriors. Yoda's light sabre fight was the high point of the film for me.
Rohan Moorthy, UK

This has to be the worst acted, worst scripted big budget load of rubbish ever foisted onto the big screen

Piers Gormly, USA
I think Episode 2 will be forgotten, while the old original Star Wars movies will continue to be classics. The reason is that Episode 2 has a very weak story line and makes it only because of the incredible special effects. One day when those special effects become the norm, people will not be interested in such a weak plot. George Lucas needs someone to look over his scripts for him.
Gerard, Togo

Starship Troopers had better action and a more coherent plot. Better acting too. Thank God for Peter Jackson.
John, USA

With Yoda in full action, bouncing around like an alien pint sized Bruce Lee, this has to surely be one of the better episodes!!!
Claire, England

Ever bitten into a candy floss? When you get it, it looks so big and yummy but it doesn't take long for all to simply melt away leaving you with a feeling of unfulfilment. I think that just about sums up AOTC! Pathetic.
Marcus Mowforth, UK

When will people remember the original target audience for Star Wars? We were all young kids, wanting excitement on our cinema screens. Lucas delivered and we loved it. He's simply done it again, only this time we've grown up a bit. If he delivered a more mature and "deeper" film it would betray the others and be even more disjointed than it already is. Watch it and love it for what it is. It's entertainment, and pretty good entertainment at that.
Graeme, UK

I am staggered that this film has been lauded by your reviewers and readers alike. This has to be the worst acted, worst scripted big budget load of rubbish ever foisted onto the big screen, and just goes to prove that you can fool most of the people most of the time. The acting! Huh, the future Darth Vader and his bride should be killed off before the next movie, and Ewan, what on earth are you doing?

Hayden Christensen's bit of hair hanging down irritated beyond belief! The ex-Queen, even when she fell out of a speeding spaceship, the only damage was to her hair and a strategically ripped t-shirt. Absolute load of rubbish, but I will have to go to episode 3 just so I can be disgusted all over again.
Piers Gormly, USA

It's a Star Wars film. What did you expect? Hamlet?
Mark Allen, UK

George Lucas made an excellent choice with Hayden Christensen - good acting, good fighting and easy on the eyes!

Sam, UK
Episode I was much better. I loved the special effects in "Clones," but way too much of a love story. The beginning and end were exciting... but the middle... yuck!
Rashaad Jorden, USA

Two and a half hours of boredom. The script feels like it was written by a teenager. Grindingly slow moving, especially the love scenes. Clunking politics. Unconvincing motivation. No character development or sympathy. Even the usually superb Euan McGregor seems to have given up, spending the entire film perfecting his Alec Guinness impression.

The fidgeting and impatience from the audience in the cinema was audible. As usual, scenes and ideas were plagiarised from every recent blockbuster. Admit it everyone, the real dark side of the Force is this money making franchise that you keep feeding.
Jeremy, England

Absolutely fantastic! Loved every minute of it. Never seen a Star Wars film on the big screen before - what an adventure! George Lucas made an excellent choice with Hayden Christensen - good acting, good fighting and easy on the eyes!
Sam, UK

WOAH!! Those that didn't like it obviously were never children!! This is the best yet by far....assassinations, car chases, light sabre duels, massed armies fighting, political intrigue, good against evil, a real from the heart love affair, references to other story lines from other films, and Natalie Portman.

I have just ended a long-term relationship with Helen Hunt for Natalie Portman, she has stolen my heart!! It's all fantasy and in this hard world, any form of escape has to be good, and this is the best!!
Neil Fellowes, United Kingdom

These reviews point out an interesting paradox as people are loving and hating the same elements. This shows that Lucas knows exactly what he's doing. If you don't like it, he didn't make it for you so go and watch something else.

Everyone seems to have missd the wonderful irony that it is Jar Jar Binks who initiates the death of the Jedi.
Ayd Instone, UK

Only the technical brilliance that is Yoda brings some respectability to this poor incarnation

Bad acting, terrible storyline, fell asleep twice. two hours of my life I can never get back!
Michelle, UK

Naïve, boring and extremely enoying. People who have seen The Fellowship of the Ring found the Attack of the Clones pretty poor in FX.
alina, Romania

Incredible. Superb special effects, filming and direction. Thoroughly enjoyable throughout.
Douglas Thomson, Hong Kong

Oh dear, what a disappointment. Once again, Star Wars meets Disney. Mr Lucas appears to have been seduced by the promises of his special effects department with huge worlds and a myriad of aliens at the cost of the original gritty, dark story. No longer do we follow a few strong characters but are wallowing around with endless cartoon like characters.

Ewan McGregor has shown in other films that he is a fine actor but he fails completely to bring substance to Obi Wan Kenobi. Only the technical brilliance that is Yoda brings some respectability to this poor incarnation. Last chance next time George, please don't blow it.

The Force is definitely strong with this one! Great SFX and action but the acting is poor and the love scene between Anakin and Amidala pretty dire. But as a whole the story held together nicely although there are a few holes in it, on a par with the original trilogy. To be honest Star Wars has always been for its fans, you need to know a bit about the Star Wars galaxy, the characters and the plot to fully appreciate it. Roll on Episode III!
Dan Chang, UK

OK, the script had its ups and downs (the downs being C3PO's cheese and the ups being the Obi-Wan-liners). The acting wasn't too good. There was a huge amount of CGI. Jar Jar was still in it.

Why then, with all these negatives, did I sit for two hours plus with an almost constant grin on my face, lapping up every single flawed second of it? The truth is, I can forgive this film its flaws because I had a great time watching it. I thought that was the point?
Rich, UK

When we watched the film, the entire cinema was laughing at the horrendous script throughout

David Snelson, England
It seems people again are eager to complain and whinge about the film. You are supposed to go to the cinema and enjoy the film, not sit there and be critical, after all, it is entertainment.

Most people I have chatted to and the audiences reaction was that they found the film to be amazing... People who got to see the originals the first time around seem to have built the franchise up to much.

As for people my age group, in their late teens, they will probably feel that the first three episodes were the best and if they ever did episodes 7, 8 and 9, then maybe we will be complaining.

Hey its Star Wars enjoy it!
Ben Smith, Cambridge, UK

First of all, this film is quality, anyone who is finding fault with this film are not Star Wars fans, they are just trying to rip apart what was a fantastic movie that I have wanted to see since I heard about it. Good effects, characters, action, the love story was a little cheesy, but Anakin said that he has thought about her everyday, now that's love! Yoda does kick ass, for an over 800 year old he's pretty agile. Great movie, go and see it. By the way why does everyone rave about Empire? Return of the Jedi was the best Star Wars film ever.
Dave, England

Utterly woeful. The only high spots are Yoda's fight, Natalie Portman's outfits and the performance of Christopher Lee. The rest of the film is absolute tripe. Ewan McGregor's impression of Noel Coward just gets worse and the sooner Anakin gets a mask and the voice of James Earl Jones the better! I was amazed to read some of the reviews. When we watched the film, the entire cinema was laughing at the horrendous script throughout. Added to the fact that there was a high number of sci-fi geeks in the audience shouting things like "You the man Yoda", it made for a very poor night out indeed.
David Snelson, Hove, England

Very mediocre and a great disappointment for Star Wars fans. Having sat through one and a half hours of banality we are rewarded with 30 minutes of action at the end - by then it's too late. Hayden Christensen delivers a cringingly bad performace as do most of the characters (with the exception of Christopher Lee). The actors rely too heavily on the Star Wars name and lack passion. CGI is all well and good but the film is wooden and sadly lacks the enchantment of the sequels. There was so much potential - if it wasn't Star Wars I wouldn't have bothered. Lucas has lost his magic - perhaps he should hand over the reins before Star Wars becomes a poisoned chalice.
Andrew, UK

It is a movie!!! I loved it because as a Star Wars fan I wanted the next installment in a long story and because I wanted a couple of hours of entertainment. I got it. My life did not change and neither did the world end. There is something to be said for enjoying a movie without analysing it to death. Give it a go.
Cat, Australia

I had the great privilege to watch this film, as I did the previous ones, in the Odeon at Leicester Square. I thought it was fantastic, putting Lucas back on the map with an excellent masterpiece!
Richard Parsons, UK

This is the worst episode I have seen. The R2D2/C3PO pseudo-humour does not wash well at all in what is supposed to be a life and death struggle.This episode raises more questions than it answers; why and how did Anakin's mother die? Why can't the Republic remain united? Who really is Yoda to possess such powers? And where did the evil force come from? etc etc etc. I will wait until Episode 6 to give it my verdict. Disappointed.
Abe, Australia

Most of the movie was basically just "therapy" for Anakin. The love scenes were very cheesy, the most basic romantic clichés was all they said, and there are too many of these scenes, they ruined the movie.

The whole save my mum thing was also cheesy and non-effective, I didn't feel sympathy for the mum because she was only shown for about a minute and the whole dying in his arms thing was way too convenient.

On the plus side, we get to see Yoda in action and watch the very spunky Hayden Christensen for 2 hours!
Mi, NZ

Best Star Wars ride I ever went on in my life!

Rick Jedi, USA
Hard to describe how Lucas is able to make good actors look like rejects for a low budget soap. Christopher Lee is the only one who emerges unscathed. The script writers probably come from the same soaps! In a word - rubbish!
Doug, Canada

Millions of dollars spent on production, spoiled by lousy scripting, wooden acting, and inept direction. If you are going to spend so much money why not get the fundamentals right at the cheapest stage: putting words on paper? Lucas has a sense of story, but no sense of dialogue or character devlopment. The average student straight out of film school would have a better grasp of scriptwriting, and particularly "Show, don't tell". If Lucas doesn't want the Star Wars franchise to fizzle out in disappointment he had better hire a real writer and a real director for the next one.
Gary Pollard, Hong Kong

I saw Clones at 12:15am and again at 9:45pm on May 16th. Best Star Wars ride I ever went on in my life! Can't wait to go again and again...
Rick Jedi, USA

A huge improvement on Phantom Menace. The Blade Runner sequence at the beginning was sensational, and as others have said, it was great to see Yoda in action. Felt the film was a bit derivative at times - apart from Blade Runner, also touches of Lord of the Rings and Gladiator (particularly the arena fight sequence). There was even a Harry Potter moment (Yoda with the junior Jedi)! Still an absolutely fab movie - go see.
Sue, UK

Digital technology has a lot to answer for, stilted acting in front of blue screens does not create realism or depth

Chris, England
A great job done by George Lucas and his team which only shows that the FORCE is still strong with everyone, especially after 25 years. Episode number 2 was superb in all aspects and I really can't see what's wrong with the love story between Anakin and Padme Amidala which irks a few undecided morons....oops, sorry, fans! It's already my 3rd time watching Episode number 2 since the launching and I believe my son who is 2 years and 10 months also enjoyed himself. Can't wait for 2005 where we'll see the complete changeover of Anakin to Darth Vader. To all die-hard Star Wars fans out there, MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU ALL !!!
Muhammad Firdaus Christopher bin Abdullah, Malaysia

Buy a ticket then go and get something to eat for an hour or so. Wait outside the auditorium until you hear the final battle starting. Go in and watch Yoda. Then leave. This film was two thirds soap opera to one third space opera.
Rob H, UK

This was a vast improvement from Episode 1, and did have more comedy elements, it was bascially about half a dozen other films rolled into one, Gladiator an obvious choice and even similarities to Mission to Mars! Nice little touches and visually stunning, so who really needs good acting and good script when a film looks as good as this did!
Anakin, UK

Lucas seems to be making poorer films as he continues this trilogy

Doctorir, UK
Having been a lifelong Star Wars fan, and less than impressed with Episode I, I watched AOTC with some trepidation. I've read some of the reviews on this site by people who say it's the best Star Wars film of all and better than is definitely NOT.

Digital technology has a lot to answer for, stilted acting in front of blue screens does not create realism or depth. The dialogue suffers some embarrassing dips, the film is over-long and the love story lacks realism. In short, better than Phantom Menace, but nowhere near the original trilogy.
Chris, England

Being a big Star Wars fan I was let down by the Phantom Menace. This is a return to the original form...the graphics and battle scenes are quality. The plot is thin in places but after leaving the cinema I'm just blown away...go watch it...
James, UK

AOTC is a best average - good special effects and set pieces - very wooden acting and implausible plot.

I will go to see EP III just to see if there is any of the old magic left - based on tonight's offering I am not hopeful.
Geoff, UK

The excellent battle at the end unfotunately does not justify sittng through what is otherwise two and a half hours of puerile rubbish. Every scene of the romance stunk of miscues, and as for the majority of the acting - more ham than a butcher's shop!
Pat, UK

I'd hoped after the luke warm Episode 1 that this installment would be better but have to say that it was not - Lucas seems to be making poorer films as he continues this trilogy - disjointed story and acting that wouldn't be out of place in a timber yard - heaven help us when episode 3 arrives (I can hardly wait....NOT)
Doctorir, England

Well, I thought it was great fun and definitely an improvement on The Phantom Menace

Ben, UK
Lucas is getting back to some style! I was very pleased how good he managed the connection of Episode I & II. The special effects are awesome but not as revolutionising as in the first three movies. I think he lost some touch and creativity. But Yoda does indeed kick butt.

Hayden Christensen was a very good choice and so was Christopher Lee. I hope George is running his mind hot one last time to finish a masterpiece by building a solid bridge between a 25 year gap without letting it look too different. Good luck!
Lars, Germany

Depressed? I am. CGI monsters smacked of Jason and the Argonauts, Obi Wan has gone from an apprentice in Phantom Menace, to a much weaker Jedi than I imagined...will he shine in Star Wars III? The "love story - will she won't she" saga went on far too long. Yoda's fight scene was good, but if he can use the force to fight Dooku, why does he need a walking stick? And R2-D2 with "boosters", since when??!!
Lin, Romford, UK

Well, I thought it was great fun and definitely an improvement on The Phantom Menace. Too many people seem to be forgetting that these are primarily kids films just like the originals. The only problem with the fool was the token Star Wars idiots in the cinema who felt it necessary to cheer Yoda on. Thankfully the few that started clapping at the end were embarrassed back into silence by the lack of response. I mean who are they clapping? The projectionist!?
Ben, UK

During the first hour I was amazed to find myself actually bored!

James McGregor, Scotland
Okay, it's better than Episode 1, but when will the scripts get better, there were so many ropey lines. Good CGI special effects but dodgy painted backgrounds. Ewan McGregor sounds like he's desperately trying to be Kenneth Brannagh and Natalie Portman, while easy on the eye, was wooden. Even Mr Samuel L Jackson took a while to wake up.

The romance was overplayed and heavy handed, on the up side no one plays a baddie like Christopher Lee and the battle at the end was excellent. It's still a good story , but the telling spoils it.
Richard, Uk

Very disappointing overall (from a SW fan). The good - special effects (of course). The bad - where has all the energy, feeling and spirit gone in the finale and battle scenes? While visually excellent, the battle scenes in I an II have nowhere near the passion and suspense of the originals (especially Empire). They are also too short. The ugly - during the viewing I went to, the audience was openly laughing at some of the Anakin and Amidala "love scenes" - terrible, terrible script! Special effects alone does not a good (or memorable) film make!! May the force be with Lucas for Episode III.
Henry, Germany

It'll do - and having the UK release in the Odeon Leicester Square introduced by Anthony Daniels was a great touch for the UK, having been made to wait two months for the lacklustre part 1.

But the film is going to be out for four months so I'm not rushing back to watch it again - if at all. Having said that I only watched Empire Strikes Back once as well.
A different Ken, England

Once again, the CGI is fantastic and the action scenes breathtaking. However, during the first hour I was amazed to find myself actually bored! The acting seemed to be labouring under delusions of being grandiose, but it came across as merely wooden and unconvincing, and the romance between Amidala and Anakin Skywalker didn't have the merest hint of life or originality.

However, things perked up a bit in the second half when the war machine rumbled into life, and the fight between Yoda and Count Dooku has to be seen to be believed! But when will Hollywood learn that flashy CGI is no substitute for a decent script?
James McGregor, Scotland

Anakin's move towards becoming Darth Vader is teasingly revealed and it sets us up for a fantastic third installment

Barry Roberts, UK
It doesn't feel like a Star Wars movie. The magic is gone. George Lucas seems to have gone special effects mad.
Zeli, Croatia

A standing ovation to Christopher Lee and Yoda's perfomance... by far the greatest in the movie, it totally blew me away. The love scenes could have been left out of the movie because they were as fake as Jar-Jar. The CGI was impressive and...yes, I will go and see it again.
Abubakar Cissé, Denmark

It's only worth going to see the last 25 minutes the rest was quite boring and strung out. Bad acting and poor story line really takes it toll during one hour of dialogue.

I don't think I will see it again, I feel very let down by the first couple of movies.
Martin Walker, Australia

Saw a midnight screening last night (this morning?), and was genuinely pleased.

Attack of the Clones (dodgy name, great film) is certainly a return to form, with plenty of dazzling action, humour, character development and - my god - a plot!!!

Anakin's move towards becoming Darth Vader is teasingly revealed and it sets us up for a fantastic third installment.

Oh, and can I please just mention that Yoda rocks! He really does get an opportunity to shine in this film, showing more sides to his character than ever before and he (literally) kicks butt!!

Should allow even the most disgruntled (after The Phantom Menace) fan to forgive Lucas and have some real optimism for Episode III. Roll on 2005.
Barry Roberts, Stockport, UK

Hmmm, not a bad movie. It improves toward the later half as the film moves beyond the poorly scripted and acted romance scenes (did anyone else notice the cheap looking boat/craft on the lake - it looked as though they had just stepped off of a ride at Disney World). Again, disappointing CGI with regard to the characters - at points it looks more like a scene from Shrek rather than a Star Wars Epic. The CGI involved in the battle scenes make up for this.
Simon, UK

If it weren't for an unbelievably force-strong Yoda, I think the movie would have been very disappointing

Brian, USA
Thank you George Lucas for ruining a great night. Champions League Final in my home town... a great night out... then Star Wars at Midnight. I thought I got it all, until I saw the film... Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish! I am so gutted!
Rob Shorthouse, Scotland

Well, this Episode is much better than the previous one. More entertaining, and quite a few pretty cool characters like Jango Fett and his clone brothers, "The Clone Troopers".
Chong Chun Cheong, Los Angeles, USA

Many people reviewing AOTC say that it is on the same level as the first three movies. I don't think that anything should ever be compared to the original Star Wars movies, and especially not AOTC. The movie had a good intro, and a spectacular finale, but the middle lacked good dialogue and action. Some of the lines said by Anakin to Padme were quite ridiculous and childish. If it weren't for an unbelievably force-strong Yoda, I think the movie would have been very disappointing. However, I will still go see it again!!
Brian, USA

What a total load of tripe. These films get worse worse and all they serve to do is line arrogant Hollywood producers with vast sums of money. DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE!!!
Saul Roberts, UK

Better than Empire Strikes Back. This is the best one so far

Derek Graham, UK
I was fortunate enough to see this film prior to the midnight release in a near empty theatre void of crowd reactions influencing me. I was also dragged to see it with little desire to do so, but I must say, it was almost a perfect orhcestration of what Lucas set out to do. So much better than Epsiode 1 and even Star Wars itself. What it may lack in acting and dialogue, it made up for with sheer moviegoing experience.

None can complain they didn't get their $7 worth. Jealous, naysaying critics and other "serious" directors such as a Robert Altman or a Ridley Scott may trash it, but to those who truly matter (the fans), this is a titanic moviegoing experience rivalling a theme park experience. Naysayers need to be reminded that this is merely an installment, not a stand alone. I did not go for subtle storytelling and rich character development, I went for rich visuals and over the top story telling, and I left the theatre more than satisfied.
Doug, US

Went to the US for Phantom and was gutted by how average it was. I thought Clones was a real "Star Wars Fans" movie, as is Empire.

All the characters are more realistic and less plastic, but some are unnecessarily generated. The story ties up some loose ends and features some great new scenes and introduces worthy new characters - Count Dookoo could have the red stripey faced bloke for breakfast!
Olly, UK

Overall, yes, MUCH better than Episode I and I would say close to Return Of The Jedi. However, not as good as the other two (and it's definitely not the best, as some stupid person in a review said). There's one way to make it much better though: introduce an Anakin filter (next to the Jar Jar filter necessary for enjoying Episode I, which also comes in handy for this one too).
Tony Printezis, Scotland

A brilliant film for all so long as it's not taken too seriously. It's Star Wars as it should be!

Neil, UK
It's amazing. The effects are out of this world. The story is so deep and well written. It's funny. The fight sequences are superb. Hayden Christensen looks seriously disturbing in some scenes. Yoda fight scene is cool. Jango Fett effects are amazing. Jedi Knight battle is fantastic. Clone troopers look great. All in all, its excellent. Where would I rate it? Better than Empire Strikes Back. This is the best one so far.
Derek Graham, UK

Terrible dialogue, dodgy CGI and corny romance. This film wasn't worth me staying up and going to the midnight showing and is not as some people say, "The best film ever". I could name twenty films that are better without having to tax myself too much. That said, it was a "good" film. I suppose this will be over-hyped by all the real Star Wars geeks, but to anyone else, don't rush to's not worth too much effort.
Guy, UK

Watching Episode 2 actually made me appreciate Episode 1 a lot more, even though I thought Phantom Menace was poor at the time. This time round, Lucas has developed the characters well and you can understand why Anakin turns to the dark side. Excellent attention to detail - a bonus for fans, and some great humour too. A brilliant film for all so long as it's not taken too seriously. It's Star Wars as it should be!
Neil, Leeds, UK

Personally I loved the film. It was something to get totally lost in for 2+ hours. A lot of people I have spoken to have gone on about bad points to this film from bad CGI to even worse acting. I think that a lot of the general public has forgotton how to enjoy a film. People seem to have gone into this movie wanting to take it apart. No one seems to go to see a film to actually enjoy it anymore, they are more interested in disecting it and pulling it to pieces.

I enjoyed it and will see it again. People need to learn how to enjoy films rather than being so negative all the time! Good job Lucas, can't wait for the 3rd one!
Matthew Hearne, UK

I watched it last night at Leicester Square, and I have to say it was awesome. If you¿re a Star Wars fan then have no fears, it just gets better and better as the film goes on. This is way better then the Phantom Menace, with Lucas actually playing with the audience throughout the film. Where sometimes the acting and the jokes seemed a little forced in the first film, this time round its way better as the actors finally seem to have settled into their roles. There are also some genuinely funny moments and excellent battles. I loved it.
Scott Brown, UK

I was surprised how Lucas seemed to be able to laugh at himself - loads of in jokes and references to the original films

Benny Har-Even, UK
Just below the surface of Attack of the Clones is a grand and epic story; a story fraught with danger, romance, and intrigue. However, Lucas couldn't handle the most important element of the story, the romance between Anakin and Senator Amidala, in any way that resembles a good story. Is Anakin Jedi stricken between a forbidden love and the faction to which he devoted his life? Or is he a creepy, over-attached stalker who forces unwanted advances upon the subject of his affection? Either would have been good or at least interesting.

Georgie gaves a muddled, middle of the ground treatment, unintentionally or not. The fact that it could be unintentional after so many years of development is even more scary. Please Mr. Lucas, hand the next, more important episode off to a better director (Empire, anyone?) Oh...the special effects were amazing.
Kyle, USA

Was at the midnight showing at Leicester Square. The film is great. It's a blast. If you don't like this film - you don't like Star Wars. (It also looked amazing projected digitally - really clean picture with such bright colours).

I was surprised how Lucas seemed to be able to laugh at himself - loads of in jokes and references to the original films - yet it's also the darkest, moodiest Star Wars film ever. Empire Strikes blah blah blah - this is the real deal. It's not perfect - the love scenes are not exactly subtle and border on the comical, thanks to cheesy dialogue and cheesier acting. But the rest more than makes up or it. Grand epic cinematic entertainment - in others words - Star Wars. Roll on the next one...
Benny Har-Even, UK

I will admit the film was a bit slow in the middle, but otherwise possibly the best Star Wars film yet

Dave Francis, UK
It's no Empire Strikes Back but thankfully it's no Phantom Menace either. Some questions answered, some superb new characters (Christopher Lee is terrific) some unfortunate old ones (Jar Jar Binks *ahem* ) and a little too much on the romantic interlude side. However, the action scenes and those parts which develop the plot are excellent. Interesting though; for all his magic and machinery a few of Lucas' shots look a little rough. I'll be seeing it again, though. And it's a nice thought that my favourite two characters so far are played by Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. Heh!
Chris Diamond, Scotland

Childish rubbish, but my 7-year-old nephew loved it!
Jonathan Roberts, England

I was lucky enough to see it on Saturday at one of the Leicester Square previews, getting up at 5 am to be there for 0930, but it was worth every second. Apart from a couple of "dodgy" CGI moments the film totally recovered all its old fantasy qualities. The Force is certainly strong with this one!
Joe Franklin, UK

Being a life-long Star Wars fanatic - and one who did enjoy Episode 1 - I could not wait for this film.

It was worth the wait - explosive action, incredible scenes, brilliant chase sequence and what a finish.

I will admit the film was a bit slow in the middle, but otherwise possibly the best Star Wars film yet.
Dave Francis, UK

Well it's not perfect, but I still can't get the grin off my face. Yoda rocks!

Nicholas, Australia
It's time to tell the truth about the Star Wars "phenomenon" - it is largely responsible for Hollywood's endless conveyor belt of total nonsense. There's no need to see this film, you KNOW it is the same feeble, derivative codswallop as all the others. It is truly incredible that this is the same George Lucas who co-wrote Apocalypse Now.
Rattus Rattus, UK

Erk! How disappointing given the rave reviews!! The dialogue was terrible and the plot weak. It was a bit of fun but I've got to admit that I preferred the low budget Dog Soldiers to this latest Star Wars incarnation.

Oh, and why did the CGI characters look so bad?? The CGI scenes weren't too bad but, for example, when Obi-Wan is finding out information from his chum it looks like a scene from Roger Rabbit!
David Massingham, England

Who said this had "Wow" factor? In all honesty having stayed up late to catch this sci-fi nonsense I can confirm this is twaffle of the highest order - remeniscent of a partial episode of Battle Star of the Planets. George Lucas directed one semi-decent film - American Graffiti - after which he spent the remainder of his career pushing merchandise propaganda. Flying Yodas? Cyber Kinectic Skoda marines?? Please spare me - my child wanted to leave half way through this half this and seek out the new Barney in Space film - which I would consider far more mature. Old children brainwashed once more by Lucas's Tights and Tragics!
Victor Stetson, UK

Amazing! Lucas has saved the series and recovered from the setback of Ep1. THIS is Star Wars! I'm now going to watch the whole trilogy (ignoring Ep1) which is something I haven't done since seeing Phantom Menace 3 years ago, such was my disappointment. Then I can decide how close Ep2 is to matching Episode 4...all I know is its close... George, the Force is strong with. I hope you did not find my lack of faith disturbing.
Obu Wayne Kenobi, Southampton

The film more than makes up for the Phantom Menace. Yoda fans are in for a particular treat.
Dave Aston, England

Well it's not perfect, but I still can't get the grin off my face. Yoda rocks!
Nicholas, Australia

Ladies and gents, the force is with us once again

Derek Warner
The film is a winner. The acting laves a lot to be desired and there are a few scenes which look fake. However, the stunning visual effects and heart-stopping action make this film an absolute must to see.

The George Lucas saga is finally unravelling into the storyline that so many of us adore. Ladies and gents, the force is with us once again.
Derek Warner, Canada

I'm just back from seeing the first showing of Star Wars Episode 2 in Glasgow... All I can say is oh my God! Wow! Definitely the most amazing Star Wars movie yet.
Roony M, Glasgow, Scotland

We saw it at 00:05 this morning (last night !?!) in Worcester. It's as good as ESB...
Nik, UK

I can only say, George Lucas, you are forgiven

Cam Smith
Despite some flaws, this is a massive improvement on Episode I. The battle scenes are the best yet, and there is the usual humour. And of course, Natalie Portman, mmm.
Lee, England

Just got back from one of the midnight screenings and can only say, George Lucas, you are forgiven.

A total blast of a ride, the pace kicks off from the first few minutes and doesn't let up. Plot-wise, we know the start and the ending of the saga, but the sheer scale at Lucas has chosen to flesh out this chapter is stunning, both visually and in pace.

Christopher Lee's Count Dooku is allowed to shine with an all-too-brief show of authority, leaving a tantalising glimpse of things to come in the next instalment. Can't wait to sit through it again to see what I missed - there's just so much happening on screen.
Cam Smith, England

More childish banality - but Natalie Portman shines like a supernova.
Robert del Valle, USA

It's only been an hour since I saw the film, and I already want to go and see it again

Alan McMorran
After the disappointment that was The Phantom Menace, at last a Star Wars film that feels like the movies I grew up watching on endless repeats at Christmas.

The storyline is fantastic, with some twists and turns along the way, and some hints at what's to come (both in the next instalment, and links with the original three films). There is far more humour than the first one, with Ewan McGregor's Obi-wan Kenobi delivering some classic one liners, and a welcome return of the banter between C3PO and R2D2.

The effects are out of this world, truly breath taking. Sometimes it's hard to know how they managed to achieve such believable worlds and locations. Yoda finally feels like a real character, and not just a puppet with a strange voice.

It's only been an hour since I saw the film, and I already want to go and see it again, and I don't know how I'm going to last three years until the next one. Roll on 2005!
Alan McMorran, Scotland, UK

Having decided at the last minute (just two hours before) to book tickets over the web, the first public showing of Clones at five minutes past midnight this Thursday morning was certainly worth the wait.

Much more than aimless battalions of CGI characters duelling it out amongst themselves, it is a true story-teller and leaves viewers itching to find out more right from the start. A truly mesmerising script with every ounce of Lucas' genius, from subtle comments made by characters to complete fields of battle-hungry clones, entertain in an impressive fashion. Certainly worth seeing if only to witness some remarkable combat manoeuvres by an old legend. May 2005 isn't that far away is it?!
Michael McCartney, UK

George Lucas has indeed redeemed himself after The Phantom Menace. I did not dislike Phantom Menace, but thought it was, lets see, "average". Attack of the Clones, however, is on a par with the original trilogy. A good combination of a romance we knew had to develop and an evil which had to be unleashed. This is a brilliant movie and one which I imagine would require multiple viewings to truly appreciate.
Kristian, Australia

I think it will come close to being one of the best Star Wars movies of all time

Wow! This film entertains and amazes right from the word go and continues its relentless pace until the end. Ewan McGregor has now truly taken over the role of Obi-wan Kenobi. Hayden Christensen plays the young Sith Lord with exceptional and astonishing skill. The various action sequences from the chase through Coruscant to the mother of all battles at the end of the film are the most breathtaking I've seen in any film for a long time. Yoda - well, you'll see...

If you only go and see one film this year, see Attack Of The Clones. If go and see another film, see The Attack Of The Clones again.

Best film ever.
Dave B, UK

I didn't really think The Phantom Menace was a bad movie like many said. The Attack of the Clones may not be like The Empire Strikes Back, or the Return of the Jedi, but I think it will come close to being one of the best Star Wars movies of all time.
Daniel, USA

Well, I'm not going to print any spoilers in here, but I can tell you now, this is one of the best Star Wars films to date. It is on a comparable level with Empire, and there are some really cool things thrown in that you really aren't expecting.

The acting is really quite good, Hayden Christensen pulls off an excellent Anakin Skywalker. Natalie Portman looks mighty fine, donning a tight white outfit for the latter half of the film. Ewan McGregor is a much more convincing Obi-wan, which makes you believe that he is a younger version of Alec Guinness.

One thing that was disappointing is that Darth Sidious only plays a very small part in the film - I would have thought that he would have played a more major role in this one - but I suppose the next one will be his domain.

It's a PG - that's probably because we see lightsabers doing what lightsabers do if you cut something down the middle - dismemberment city.

The film was about two-and-a-half hours long. IMO, Episode III could be anything up to three hours, as there is going to be a hell of a lot of ground to cover, with Anakin becoming Darth Vader quite early in the film and the purging of the Jedi from the galaxy, etc.
Matt Charlton, England

Yoda fans are in for a particular treat!

Dave Aston, UK
WOW! This film entertains and amazes right from the word go and continues its relentless pace until the end. Ewan McGregor has now truely taken over the role of Obi-wan Kenobi. Hayden Christensen plays the young Sith Lord with exceptional and astonishing skill. The various action sequences from the chase through Coruscant to the mother of all battles at the end of the film are the most breathtaking I've seen in any film for a long time. Yoda, well, you'll see...

If you only go and see one film this year, see Attack Of The Clones. If yougo and see another film, see Attack Of The Clones again. Best film ever.
Dave B, UK

The film more than makes up for the Phantom Menace. Yoda fans are in for a particular treat!
Dave Aston, England

Absolutely outstanding! To see Yoda battle is one of the most pleasurable things I've ever seen! I am gobsmacked....
Rick Carr, Leeds, UK

Awesome film, tying together so much of the Episode 1 with Episode 4 whilst leaving plenty more to come in the next installment. Go Yoda!
Phil, United States

The actors handle their roles well enough though Lucas still delivers some stilted lines in the script

Ken, UK
Woooaaa! I was expecting it to be good, but not that good. I still think Empire Strikes Back is the best, but this one is level with A New Hope and Return of the Jedi.

Ewan McGregor is fantastic as Obi Wan ...... and Yoda! He is the master, 'nuff said.

Let's hope Lucas can keep it up with Episode 3. There is certainly the potential now for that film to succeed TESB as my favourite Star Wars film.
Gavin Thomas, UK

A good sequel but what's the point of a good sequel when The Phantom Menace is terrible in the first place. AOTC is a fun action romp though.
Duddy, UK

From the word go the pacing was slow and forced. THe characters have shown no signs of growth and remain less than one-dimensional. I hate to say this but the film has no focus. It feels fragmented throughout. And why in the world would anyone fall for a whinging self centred character like Anakin? Sadly I'll stick to the originals, at least the ewoks aren't CGI.
Oisin, Ireland

The Force is stong with this one! I pulled a Star Wars marathon before catching Episode II. I was blown away, this rivals ESB. Visually breathtaking. Character driven. Lucas didn't pull any punches on this one. It's impact is as strong as the originals were when they were first released with all the essential elements of Star Wars storytelling. You wont be disappointed.
Elton Litzner, USA

A rollercoaster ride from beginning to end. The film is well paced throughout with a stunning finale.

The actors handle their roles well enough though Lucas still delivers some stilted lines in the script.

The CGI is immense, none finer. The vision is exquisite and competently underpinned by a John Williams score which has frequent flashbacks in theme to the earlier films.

I guess it is easy to pick fault in any film and this film has it faults. However, as an experience, a film to go to the cinema and be entertained, it is unsurpassed.
Ken, UK

It's a film of three parts - the beginning and especially the end are excellent, but the love story in the middle is slow, overblown and contains some embarassingly duff dialogue - with quite a lot of laughter where it definitely wasn't expected by the writers! But all this can be forgiven when you get to the battle scenes in the last segment, where everybody - on both sides of the camera - gives everything they've got, and everything you want!
Andy Hain, UK

Top Class film. A lot of deep dark undertones which reminded me of the classic Empire Strikes Back. Good to see Yoda in his role as the "Master Jedi". "....Hmmm Master Jedi may I be.."
Andrew Skinner, England

A great improvement on Episode 1. The film is fantastic with outstanding performances, great music and the usual Lucas humour. Can't wait to see it again
Fiona Cameron, UK

Top class. Lucas is back to his best and keeps you glued to the screen throughout. Yoda and Obi-Wan are both superb characters and we get a solid insight into what it takes for Skywalker Snr to turn to the Dark side. Lucas has really teed us up for the best film yet with episode three - 2005 can't come soon enough!!
Alex Goldsmith, London, UK

A very good film, despite suffering from a lot of stilted dialogue and a pointless romance/cheese fest in the middle. Anakin's onanism session whilst dreaming of his mother is particularly disturbing.
Jez Thomas, UK

This film you have to see over and over. There are so many plot twists, character revelations and hints at it all going horribly and fatefully wrong. Yet it is a movie in itself, its cliffhanger ending is less intense than Empire's but how can I be expected to wait another 3 years to know how it all happens?

Unobjectively, this is the best Star Wars experience I have ever had but then again I was seven when Return of the Jedi came out and I didn't get it back then, I just knew it was cool. This was new fresh Star Wars and no let down this time. No really annoying would-be Darth Vader kids and only a couple of minutes of Jar Jar "Spake". It was funny, exciting and visually amazing and any of the longer proceedings were always chopped up and spliced with the DNA of mystery and excitement.

In conclusion, I am glad there are three years to wait for the next one, why you may ask? Well what will life be like when there isn't a future Star Wars movie to see? Not good, it won't be the same life.
John Fitzpatrick, London

Worth queueing for the midnight showing...oh yes. Yoda is fab, the action is great. You could almost forgive episode one.
Karen, UK

The latest in the Star Wars saga was very good, could have been edited a bit more though and edits stored for DVD. I found the best point of the movie to be Yoda's battle with Count Dooku, good points was the story telling of how Darth Vader came about, bad points being over use of CGI and some sickly Natalie and Hayden scenes. Personal Rating: Well worth the money even if just to see bad boy Yoda.
Freddie Onuma, England

Very impressed, being one of the few people who actually liked Eposode 1, the extensions of character development I thought were brilliant. As well as the obvious fight scenes I was very impressed by the way in which Anakn's steady decent is portrayed, listen out for the Darth Vader theme!

Overall, despite the occasionally wooden acting, a very impressive film both visually and on a deeper level. Something for both those who like visual films and those who like films that make you think.
Kieron Lyons, Birmingham, UK

Really enjoyed it. The scene after Anakin's mum dies really sets the scene for what's to come in ep3. Yoda fighting looked a bit silly though.
Kerry Wilkinson, UK

One question remains after just seeing the previews... how on earth does the princess remain so young? Afterall, Anakin has grown into a pubescent teenager... surely this had to do with contractual obligation between Lukas and Natalie Portman?
Phil McCammon, Switzerland

The most awesome, fantastic Star Wars episode to date. See it NOW!
Mary Hinge, England

Thank you Mr have restored my faith in you. Make episode 3 the best SW film ever. Like a rollercoaster it was a slow build but once it reached the summit I couldn't take my eyes off the screen for one minute. Fantastic.
Chris Taylor, UK

George Lucas took the hint and went for a "proper" Star Wars film rather than the family-oriented Phantom Menace. Less of Jar Jar is definitely a good thing. Brilliant effects and some excellent tie-ins to EP IV. I can't wait for the next one!!
Rob, Wales

AOTC very nearly pips Empire Strikes Back for stunning grandeur visuals, heightened tension, cinematic glory and amazing, amazing revalations. Absolutely out of this world!!
Kai Jones, Cardiff, Wales

I was sure I was watching a cartoon with human actors?
Henry, England

It's better than Episode 1, but that's scarcely a recommendation is it? The usual problems are in situ, namely the amazingly awful dialogue. And the romance subplot is completely undermined by Hayden Christensen's apparent inability to act. Would a Senator really fall for an intergalactic version of Kevin The Teenager?

No magic in here guys, and that's what the original films had. Technical wizardry is no substitute. Would this film make a bundle if it didn't have "Star Wars" in the title?
Peter Walker, UK

The dialogue is really ropey in a lot of places. However the action scenes more than make up for it.

It's nearly nine hours since I left the cinema, and I'm still gobsmacked by the visual effects in this movie. This definitely ranks close to The Empire Strikes Back as the best Star Wars movie. Imagine if George Lucas had this kind of technology available when Empire was made. That's a scary thought!
James Straughan, Wales, UK

Maybe it's me but most of your contributors seem to have watched a different film from the one I saw. Laughable plot, pathetic acting, ridiculous dialogue and those were the good bits. Don't see this film, save your money and go down the pub, at least you'll meet some believable characters.
Andy, UK

The set and special effects are great. Most of it actually felt real! The romance was ... comical.
Will, UK

Mace Windoo is the coolest Jedi ever
Matt, England

Episode 2 rocks! I want to see it again.
Chris, UK

I came out of the movie wanting to see part 3 straight away. Brilliant visual effects, fantastic soundtrack, and the fight scenes, well, you'll have to see it and judge for yourself, he sets up a gripping finale to keep us waiting for the next installment, all in all 10 out of 10.
Ali, Lebanon

A great film. Would have been made better if they had killed off that terrible Jar Jar Binks. The Phantom Menace suffered terribly with that character. Reminded me of Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
Matt, UK

Many will still attack this film for the acting and character directing, but for me this is hugely overshadowed by the sheer scale of the film. Lucas may be an easy target after episode 1, but his ability to deliver such a visual feast is more than impressive.
Joe Carter, UK

The film bears almost no relation to the original trilogy. The reliance on special effects is absolute - the film is so clean it resembles a cartoon. It is lifeless - the plot non-existent, the dialogue frequently cringe-inducing, the jokes pathetic and the actors uninspired. It is incredibly light-weight entertainment compared to the wonderful blend of menace and adventure that made Empire Strikes Back a classic motion picture. Any belief that this is a come back after the total failure of The Phantom Menace is totally misguided. Episode II is more of the same - a childish CGI run around against the backdrop of a perverted cut and paste Star Wars mythology.
Matthew, Australia

Utter rubbish. Episodes IV, V and VI were much better.
Rob van Braken, Australia

A lot of the early comments are going to be uncritical. We queued for the 00:05 showing. We cheered the warm-up act. We cheered the storm troopers. We cheered the producer. We cheered the opening titles. When the STAR WARS logo finally came on screen the cheers were deafening. Even Jar Jar was viewed through the warm and fuzzy glow of what has become one of the strongest brands in the world.

To try to be critical, I think the dialogue is actually an all-time low, even for Lucas. The acting is deeply average (Ewan McGregor particularly disappoints). The jokes are quite good. The special effects are astonishing. And - it has been said before but needs saying again - Yoda rocks. I would see this again just for Yoda.
Sian, UK

George Lucas has obviously had an anyurism or two since the original Star Wars trilogy. He had a second chance to redeem himself after the travesty of The Phantom Menace and again, through over-reliance on CGI, pathetic dialogue and terrible acting by ALL characters (especially Hayden Christensen's "peformance"), had managed to transform one of the world's best-known franchises into a joke. Maybe he can let SW: Ep3 be without having to muck around with the script or directing, we'd all be a lot happier for it...
Evan, Australia

O.K. great special effects, but that should not be what makes a film. I think Lucas writes like a child for children. Why must he do everything to the lowest denominator? I think an English director should be employed to write and direct the third episode - perhaps Ridley Scott.
Ben, UK

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