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Friday, 3 May, 2002, 09:26 GMT 10:26 UK
Harry Potter DVD: Your views
Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) arrives at wizard school
Will fans of the film be impressed by the DVD?
It is only a few months since Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone took the cinemas by storm as millions of fans rushed out to see the screen incarnation of their wizard hero.

Now the film has been released on DVD, which includes various interactive features and deleted scenes.

"One of the most inventive DVDs you are likely to see all year, this gives a bunch of standard extras a genuinely unique spin," wrote the BBC's Caroline Westbrook.

But what do you think?

Does this push the boundaries of DVD capability? Is there enough extra excitement if you have already seen the film?

    BBC News Online users had their say.

    I've had the DVD for about three days now, the film quality itself is as good as the original and the exta content is great. The only bit I find annyoying is that the deleted scence section is hidden, and you have to go looking for it.
    Steve, UK

    Good movie, but the extra features are worthless, pointless little games.
    FM, UK

    Brilliant! One of the best I've seen. Spellbinding.
    Jim Parnell, UK

    The great thing about Harry Potter was how it was written, a film can't capture that.

    The technical transfer of the film itself seems to be fine. It's annoying there's no commentary, and the majority of the special features seem to consist of re-edited portions of the released film. There is some original footage of the sets (the highlight is seeing the reflection of a camera in Hagrid's hut), but it's highly vexing having to follow a trail of clues before you get to the seven cut scenes.

    There's a minimum of behind-the-scenes footage, and the whole package is tied up by an annoying voiceover. In short, it's far more annoying than enlightening for a film fan.
    Michael Hall, UK

    The DVD special features which include a tour of Hogwarts School and a visit to Diagon Alley are good although I would have preferred a livelier voiceover, perhaps provided by one of the movie┐s stars. Those expecting more behind the scenes information on the movie such as the filming locations, or interviews with the cast might be disappointed.

    Having said that, fans should be kept entertained for hours as they journey from the muggle world to the world of witchcraft and wizardry in their quest to locate the deleted scenes which are well hidden on the second disc. As one of the first ever truly interactive releases, this has a lot going for it and despite its shortcomings, fans will find much to delight. Whatever other releases may come out during the year, the Philosopher's Stone, even with its limited behind the scenes material, is, in my opinion five months into the year, the top DVD of 2002.
    Chris Kinnen, Northern Ireland

    It was great seeing the film again and the quality was superb but the extras were far too short. No commentary, no "making of" documentary, no trailer for the next film etc. It was fun to follow the clues to the deleted scenes but I'm sure it will be tedious to do it again and again. As for the deleted scenes I could see no reason why they weren't in the original cut as they were all short and some were actually important to the plot
    Tony Gray, UK

    The film itself is brilliant, but the second disk is totally baffling! After watching the film for two and a half hours I spent a further hour trying to access the deleted scenes before giving up. Luckily I've just found a website which tells you how to get there.

    Interview section was interesting but I felt the game aspect was making up for the lack of other bonus features. Us Harry fans love to know every little detail. Maybe there'll be a director's cut special edition in 10 years time.
    Amanda, UK

    I feel that when this DVD was put together the studio forgot that a large proportion of Harry Potter fans are older than 12. As an adult the only extras which really interested me were the deleted scenes (which took far too long to get to) and the interviews with Chris Columbus et al. I would have loved to see a commentary or a documentary on how they got the Quidditch scenes to work or where they found the locations.

    I was also disappointed with the DVD-ROM portion of the specials. They kept crashing on me. I wonder how much or how little testing was done.
    Roz, Germany

    Good quality, however, I was disappointed that there was not an option to integrate the deleted scenes into the film and watch a longer film. Also, a lot more scenes were filmed than were included so I would imagine the publishers will be doing a "directors cut" in the future - what a scam to sell lots of people two DVDs.
    Paolo Sammut, UK

    The film was excellent. I was interested to see the deleted scenes, and so far, haven't found them. I'm frustrated and bored by it. Children might find it interesting, but to me it's just irritating.
    Debbi, UK

    I agreed with Michael Hall. The second disk was a major disappointment after all the hype. As a Potter fan I had hoped for a better designed release, as disk two was no fun at all. Hopefully it will be re-released as soon as a director's cut with the deleted scenes is added to the film along with Peeves, new trailers, behind the scenes etc.
    Richard, UK

    I commend Warner Brothers for produced a DVD which will no doubt appeal to countless children out there who will have plenty of fun with the games on the second disk.

    But there are a lot of film fans, such as myself, who wanted to both own this film on DVD, and go behind the scenes in detail to see its construction in more detail. By all means, this is a DVD aimed at children, but try to appeal to all ages, Warner! And, please - next time, include a "boring" menu for those of us who don't want to wade through game after game to see the extras!
    Michael Griffin, United Kingdom

    A brilliant film, but the second disk comprises little more than seven deleted scenes, a 15 minute featurette and a small gallery of production artwork. The games are there to disguise this lack of content. This is presumably so Warner Bros. can justify releasing a proper Special Edition - complete with commentary - to coincide with The Chamber Of Secrets DVD next year.
    Chris White, UK

    The "games" to get to the deleted/changed scenes are infuriating as is Jim Dale's voiceover. What would have been better would be to optionally link the deleted scenes into the main disk so the film could be watched as it was on the big screen or expanded. Oh, and were there really only seven extra/deleted scenes - was nothing filmed of life at the Dursleys after Harry went to Diagon Alley ?
    Douglas Smith, UK

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