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Monday, 7 January, 2002, 18:46 GMT
Your views: Star Trek
The cast of Star Trek: Enterprise
The crew are relative novices to space travel
The new series of the enduring hit sci-fi TV series Star Trek, Enterprise, has begun in the UK.

The BBC's Peter Bowes says: "It is debatable whether it was a bold move for the Star Trek franchise to jump on the prequel bandwagon.

"Certainly there are many questions to be answered about the decades that preceded the adventures of Kirk, Spock and company.

"However, some fans may be disappointed by the emphasis on fast action rather than intellectual depth."

But what do you think? Is the Star Trek prequel series a bold and refreshing step from its makers? Or should they have stuck to the original winning formula?


A good solid performance for the first time out, particularly enjoyable was the way the crew were discovering how their new "toys" worked in the field. "Neptune and back in six minutes" and "stun works" highligted this. It has an appalling theme song though. What happened to the enjoyable and superb orchestral pieces we've had before?
Jon, UK

I think the new series is pretty cool, but still focuses more on "do the right thing" and peace before death, rather than the good old sci-fi shoot 'em up we all want and need.
Karl, NZ

On the whole I thought it was a good start to the series. It was always going to be very difficult to make as we know what actually happens later on in the Star Trek universe which is something the other series didn't have to do.

I was particularly impressed with the way they made the interior of the Enterprise look modern but still look as though it pre-dates the first Star Trek series.
Simon, England

In response to Peter Bowes's comments: "First episodes of the various Star Trek incarnations are rarely the best of the series", I feel intellectual depth plays second fiddle to trying to introduce the new faces; after all, the popularity of the crew is as vital to the show's success as the storylines.

I thought episode one struck a nice balance between the story and the references to keep the die-hard Trekkies happy: Klingons, Vulcans, Cochrane etc. But the last line was as corny as hell: "We mustn't be afraid of the wind." That's the kind of cheese that puts off people who were put off Star Trek in the 60s by William Shatner's ridiculous posturing.
Pat Sissons, UK

Quite impressed with the first episode, but I think they need to work on the theme tune - bit cheesy!

Alison James, England
Refreshing to see Scott Bakula back in a role that suits him. It will be interesting to see if the series will continue to not take itself too seriously, there was some good humour in there. It is a bit too early to say that it is a success, but the characters need time to develop in the same way the the other Star Trek spin-offs have. For the moment though, yep, bring it on
Clive, Dorset, UK

Do you remember the Next Generation pilot, terrible wasn't it? Compare this to Enterprise pilot, wow, great start.
Tim Mead, England

Star Trek is the only series I can be bothered to watch on the rare occasions I am in front of the TV. Star Trek was deep, dealing with many cross-cultural issues and even historically relevant. Star Trek's last series was free from nudity and sexual innuendo, which made it refreshing and intellectually stimulating. The new series needs some getting used to. I also don't like the constant sexual undertone. I guess I just miss the old crew too much.
Pernilla, Saudi Arabia

I've been watching the show for a couple of months now and have been loving every minute of it. I love how it ties in with the original series.
Dana Bonn, USA

Quite impressed with the first episode, but I think they need to work on the theme tune - bit cheesy! Good start, let's hope it gets better and better.
Alison James, England

It's the best Star Trek pilot I have seen

Matt, UK
I was hugely looking forward to the new series of Star Trek and I was not disappointed. It is a shame about that theme tune though! Bring back the orchestral one! I look forward to seeing the new series unravel.
Gary Stevenson, England

I thought it was great, it showed the human feelings of outsiders very well, and that we can learn to take advice from others, if only grudgingly.

It's the best Star Trek pilot I have seen, but I agree with Jon that the music just isn't right.
Matt, UK

A very good start - Bakula brings a little of Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap to the role of Capt Archer, which is a good thing. I like the new crew, but the ship looks a little too modern. Dodgy theme tune but great graphics on the opening sequence. Can't wait for next episode though. A solid start.
Dean Osborn, England

I believe that the first episode of Enterprise showed a lot of promise. The crew are inexperienced in space travel and it was refreshing to see them squabble and look lost. There is a lot of room for character/friendship development and the look of the show is more utilitarian. I think many Sky viewers will be tuning in to this each week, even my wife enjoyed it! One more reason to turn over from BBC!
Matt Gunn, UK

I felt the decontamination scene where two scantily clad members of the crew rubbed gel into each other, was somewhat gratuitous, and completely unneccessary as far as the plot was concerned. I'm all for the series dealing with mature issues, but this was just Baywatch in space, I half expected Pamela Anderson to come jogging past in her bathing suit.
Richard, UK

I was prejudiced against TNG, Voyager and DS9 before watching them as I thought they were leeching off a legend. After watching them I rated them as highly as the original. No prejudice this time and I was riveted from the start to the finish of Enterprise. Given the rich characters and themes already created from the earlier versions, it would be difficult to make a hash of it.
Robin Chakraborty, England

That scene in the decontamination chamber seemed to copy from cheap soft-porn films

James Swift, Austria
I thought it was excellent, the first episode seemed to bring us all the best parts of what we have come to expect from Star Trek. It has the guts of the original series, the intelligence of The Next Generation, the action of DS9 and the sense of humour of Voyager. By the end of the first episode I was left wanting more. One thing I will say is, the theme tune is a but cheesy, but I'm sure it'll grow on me.
David, UK

A great start though having a theme song rather than a theme tune will take a hell of a lot of getting used to. There is a good balance between humour, action and storylines. Of all the series this is probably the best pilot episode. Let's hope the rest of the season lives up to the start.
Pete Burtenshaw, Eastbourne, UK

The opening titles seem to represent humanity's first steps into space but I didn't see a single reference to Russian achievements. This is strange considering they were first in space.

That scene in the decontamination chamber seemed to copy from cheap soft-porn films.
James Swift, Austria

This is exactly the progression I've been waiting for with Star Trek. It's good to see some of the "holier than thou" aspect toned down.

Perhaps my main criticism is that the crew appeared to take remarkably well to a series of events which must have been far beyond their personal experience.
Matthew Revell, England

It was distinctly average except for the theme tune, which was awfully amusing, won't last until the next season I'm sure, I hope. I also think it is interesting how nearly all women in Star Trek seem to be large bosomed, even shape shifting aliens, doubtless there is a pseudo scientific reason for it. Oh, and that scene with the decontaminating gel was pathetic, the most blatant flesh revealing piece of television I have ever seen, a cheap porn flick would have been embarrassed. How I laughed.

Scott Bakula is a great first captain

Toby, UK
Being a Star Trek Fan I have to say this was not star trekky but "Star Tacky".
Viv, UK

Things looked promising at the start.....and then the title music started! Here we have a group of intrepid explorers who are about to explore uncharted regions of space and tackle the various dangers that may beset them and they're doing it to the theme from Howard's Way. Well, not quite but you know what I mean. Motorhead may have been more appropriate Paramount. Other than that it wasn't half bad for a pilot. Nice to see the guy from Desmond's in the new series. A cameo by Porkpie would be nice. "Yah..."
Clive, UK

Disappointing Star Trek spinoff, which hardly brought anything new to the genre, and failed to capitalise on the historical aspects that could have brought so much depth to the series. It's a real shame considering that the last ten years have brought so much in the way of innovation and ingenuity to TV sci-fi. We all got together and sat down to watch a landmark that turned out to be a huge turkey.
Ken Price, UK

I've been watching this for quite a few episodes now, and personally feel its the best in the series. The crew feel real, the ships interior seems plausible and the storylines are great. And Scott Bakula is a great first captain.
Toby, UK

A great start but please change the theme song and get rid of the sex (it's not necessary) and we'll be there!
Jane Kirk, UK

Very poor. The pioneering spirit is what they are after in this series, morons in space is what they have achieved. Picard is the ultimate example of how a Captain looks and acts, this new crew and its officers have the look and feel of first year sailors on shore leave. The basic idea is excellent, the effects are good, even the basic plots work, but please stop making the humans look like morons.
Julian Wilton, England

The best of Star Trek pilots so far and very promising

Nektarios Liolios, UK
Very impressive first outing. Agree that the theme music is bad, but in general they have made a good attempt at pre-dating Kirk's Star Trek. Only things that jarred were the exterior of Enterprise which looked much more modern than the original and the Space Dock which also looked more modern. Scott Bakula makes a good captain.
Doug Futers, UK

Following such all time favourites as Star Trek and Next Generation, it was always going to be very difficult to live up to everyone's expectations but I think the producers did very well. I agree that the intellectual side need to continue to be explored but using the pilot as a history lesson might have killed the show off at the outset. However the mixture of action and tantalising glimpses of the recent past (i.e. our near future) was just right. A very good start.
Rich, UK

It took a moment to overcome the urge to throw up after hearing the theme song, but it was worth it. The best of Star Trek pilots so far and very promising. I am looking forward to the next episodes!
Nektarios Liolios, UK

Maybe I was expecting to much from this. It was terrible! The acting was wooden, the vulcan wasn't logical - more snide. The theme song? The less said the better and finally how come all the technology looked more modern than the stuff in the original Star Trek? This was set before it yet it looked like they had better stuff. Overall, a waste of two hours.
Chris, England

Just saw the first two episodes - wow! Finally a Star Trek with pizzaz; still has all the ingredients of the original, but done with flair.
Dave Griffin, UK

Time to stop flogging a dead horse and come up with something new

Mark, UK
Great! I especially enjoyed the opening titles. The song really sums up the emotive element that the final frontier can hold for all of us.
Greg Bengtson, UK

It certainly looked as though there could be some promising storylines in the future, especially if they concentrate on relations between the species and the various possible conspiracies. Hopefully it won't become a succession of boring punch ups and trite "love" scenes.
David McFarlane, UK

My favourite piece of last night's new Star Trek Enterprise series (and I bet missed by the majority of fans) was the minature half llama/half robo-clone played by none other than William Shatner! Fleeting glance towards the camera (proton-blink and your pattern buffer will keel over and whimper like a Remmington fuzz away zap gun). Enjoyable all the same - roll on episdoe 2 - and who's to say we actually need girlfriends?!
Brenton Chepstow, Scotland, UK

I have seen the first 5 episodes and I think it is the best start to a Star Trek series so far! The theme music takes a lot of getting used to though.
Sam, Australia

It is just great. Has lots of stories and slowly releases the past. But I do feel that casting could have been better.
Chuck Harries, Canada

As a huge fan of the orginal series which was fast paced with action I believe the new episodes will recapure audiences lost when the modern series writers became too interested in intellectual depth and less in action.
Max Robb, New Zealand

I'm an avid fan, but see no point in going back to before Kirk etc. It's the future we're interested in

Dorothy, England
Disappointing and dull. Time to stop flogging a dead horse and come up with something new.
Mark, UK

Enjoyable and left me wanting more. Yes, the theme tune is a bit naff but the end piece made up for it. If you work in a submarine, boat etc., then you are going to get scenes of a"sexual nature", come on guys, it happens in real life! How can you make a series look older than the 30-year old original? My only problem is that it clashes with Monday night football (argh!)
PJ, Sotland

Being an avid hater of all things Star Trek, life has never been easy for me living with a girlfriend whose life revolves around some bland spaceship and cardboard acting, boring plots and pathetic story lines, but, and this even my girlfriend can't believe, I actually really enjoyed the first programme of the new series. I may even sit and watch some more episodes! Not bad at all!
Neil, UK

I'm an avid fan, but see no point in going back to before Kirk etc. It's the future we're interested in. TNG and Voyager by far the best, but Voyager should go on for years, it's fantastic and the crew are the best by far, although Picard and crew are also missed.
Dorothy, England

Yummy. Scott Bakula back on the telly. What more could a girl ask for? Then there's the added bonus of a good show with a lot of potential to entertain. Maybe the theme is a little cheesy, but there's no reason why what follows it shouldn't be good. I can see there being a few good storylines and some excellent character development as well. And all this from a girl who hates Star Trek, what is the world coming to?
Kathryn, UK

Really disappointed. What utter cheesy cornball dialect. The characters are so predictable and shallow, in all the other series there has never been a captain like this. He looks more at home in something like Cheers. Must do better.
Robbo, England

I particularly enjoyed Scott Bakula's performance. He has the right balance of authority and understanding

Yiannis Seglias
Star Trek goes soft porn! What was with that jelly scene? No wonder Tucker has the hots for the Vulcan, who is the best character of the bunch. This series will get some getting used to. It started off very good, but it will never be a Next Generation. I've seen the following four installments, and they were excellent, though I hear they begin to cool down rather quickly. No more sex please, just some great storylines, and non-humaniod aliens.
Leeann, Canada

I thought this was one of the best Star Trek pilots I have seen. I particularly enjoyed Scott Bakula's performance. He has the right balance of authority and understanding. Can't wait for next week!
Yiannis Seglias, UK

I was quite wary to begin with; I tend to think spin-offs are a bit tepid when compared to the originals. However, I was quite impressed by last night's pilot episode, the overall feel was cleverly nostalgic - I enjoyed the very basic bridge on the Enterprise, and the simplistic weapons. A couple of problems though - I thought the Enterprise itself looked too modern on the outside, and seemed to resemble the ship used in the Voyager series more than it did the one featured in the original series. The other problem is that I fancy the Vulcan Subcommander T'Pol to the point of distraction, which puts me off the plot.
Rob Holman, Chislehurst, England

Very definitely a slow start... I've been looking forward to this for months, but I was a little disappointed. The cast seemed too small. A lot of it was not that believable - the idea that the very first phasor happened to be invented just in time for the first (unexpected) mission, and that the captain should have never seen one until he needed to use one. Too much of what someone already called the "do the right thing" attitude that's patronising and cringeworthy - it might appeal to the wholesome all-American audience but here it's painful to watch. And the sex? OK, I know the original series was nothing but sex and violence, but surely we can enjoy a sci-fi programme without being subjected to tight blue underpants at every turn!

But there was one good plus point, in the character development. The tension between the vulcan and the humans was very well done, but it was rather sad to see it almost evaporate in a single episode. It seems unlikely that they can successfully resurrect that important dimension now that they're all best of mates.

I'll be watching some more - I'm sure they'll get better - but for now I'll feel that it was a wasted two hours of opportunity to really get things going!
Alex, UK

Reasonable plot, plenty of cheesy lines and a leading lady to rival seven of nine! Far superior to the Next Gen pilot, but what on earth were they thinking of with the theme tune? Sounded more like Dukes of Hazard than the atmospheric classical pieces we've become accustomed to, tut tut.
Kris, UK

I had been looking forward to this new series for quite some time and it hasn't failed to impress. Highlights from the first episode include the captain saying he won't use the transporter to rescue the Klingon because he "doesn't want to return him to his home inside out." Lots of subtle humour, a tight script and excellent effects made for a good first time out.

I just wish they would get rid of that absolutely awful theme song!
Jason, UK

I thought this was a superb pilot, and I did enjoy Diane Warren's theme tune. Is there anything she doesn't write? I look forward to more starefleet development and understanding how Kirk and Picard went where no-one went before.
John Meadows, UK

A tired script, no tension, apart from the cheap and simplistic effort to bring sex to the fore with the rubbing of the gel on the body scene. One sulky sexy Vulcan does not make a series. But I suppose it does appeal to the pubescent teenage boys who are the majority viewers of this kind of TV.
Chris C, UK

Excellent start to the much hyped series. I think it struck a good blend of action and technical information, with something for the men and the ladies to enjoy! I thought the producers have made a fantastic job of making the programme more up to date with a more relaxed attitude but still in keeping with the prequel concept.
Duncan Goodfellow, UK

The crew is portrayed as a bunch of buffoons. I've quit watching it, although I've been a Trek fan ever since the original series appeared on TV. STNG was the best of the lot.
John Doe, USA

Having watched the pilot last night, it wasn't bad compared to previous pilots. The real test will be in how long it takes to get going. Previous Startreks have gone to the fourth series before reaching their best quality, with weak early series.

My biggest gripe has to be with the teen-soap style theme music, and the whole new style titles. Change the title, start with a high quality series and good storylines and they probably have another winner.
John, UK

I have been following the show since it was released here in the USA. It took several weeks and some repeats but it has grown on me and I think it is an excellent series. The designers have managed to integrate pre-Kirk/Original Series Star Trek Technologies with our modern expectations of future technology without straying too far from the original design. For example, communicators have the familiar call sound, the bridge sensor arrays have vision ports without creating a dated 'Rocketeer' type of look.

I like Enterprise and eagerly await each new episode and watch the Saturday night re-runs.
Stephen, USA

It wasn't the greatest trek episode by far, but I think that there is a lot of promise there. If they can keep the Klingons in the story line then this could be a lot better than the disappointing Voyager.
Ross, England

Thoroughly enjoyed the first episode and it was a well-worked change from the usual Star Trek stuff. Scott Bakula doesn't quite have the character down yet but there's plenty of potential there. The only downside is the crew seemed a bit uninteresting and that could possibly do with tweaking a bit. Hated the new theme tune though!
Andy Brooks, UK

The show is exactly where it should be. It's not trying to be an exact replica of the other shows that fuzz together like deep space, blah, blah. This new series has more humour, better graphics, and Scott Bakula who is great in the role. I'm very glad they didn't try to be another Deep Space 9 or Voyager.
Billy, USA

I've been a Star Trek fan for about 27 years, (not the sad kind who dresses up in costumes and attend conventions) and I enjoyed the first episode of the new series, it shows potential. However what where they thinking about with that new theme tune, it is like a really bad Rod Stewrt record! They should have stuck with an instrumental theme like all the series before it.
Simon Lunn, UK

Utter rubbish, acting was wooden and the cheesy fist fights are back. Not only that but the aliens cannot shoot straight as usual .....
Mark Hill, UK

I am very impressed with how enjoyable all the new episodes I have seen so far (three), and am delighted that it has been diverted from the Voyager format. There is also some really great humour in it also. A great step forward for Star Trek, well done. I am a committed Enterprise fan now.
Michael, Dublin, Ireland

I'm ambivalent about the new series. So far, it does lack depth and the action is pretty predictable. The acting is good, as are the production values; it's just the writing that's suffering. It's as if the producers don't want to take any chances with the series despite it's enormous potential in terms of creating an interesting history for the Star Trek story.
J. Herman, USA

I have learned to enjoy this new Star Trek series. Of course I have been able to watch this new show for some weeks now in the USA. I have been pleased with the plots and do think there is intellectual content in the series. It is refreshing to have a series were the heroes are learning how to be heroes and not born to the job. In some ways the crew of this Star Trek future is closer to modern humans in the sense of wonder and excitement of new discovery.
Bill, USA

A lot of comments seem to have a go at the show because it looks more modern than the original. Get real folks, my PC looks more modern than the original, it would simply be impossible to produce a show that was even remotely plausible whilst looking older than the original.
Andy, UK

After reading much negative publicity I wasn't expecting much. In the event I thought it was great. It is difficult to give historical background and get a story going at the same time but I thought they did well for the first show. I'm looking forward to the next. But that theme tune!?
Mike, England

I agree with everybody about the theme tune, but otherwise I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I do hope we see some more crew members though as it might be hard to scour the heavens with only seven people piloting such a large craft.
Barry, UK

You cannot improve on the original. Keep it as it is.
Hurschel G, Dunn, USA

Like many viewers I eagerly awaited the new series. And in many respects I have not been disapppointed. Although the prequel concept can be limiting, there is already the suggestion that temporal issues might resolve some of these limitations. However, some of the writing has been terrible, some episodes seem to have existed purely for character development, with their plotlines suffering. Assuming they can resist this urge to "make" the characters meaningful to us, and instead allow the characters to grow naturally, then the series will live up to its promise.
Mark , Canada

I thought the new series was great, after the months of agonising waiting it was finally here, and it lived up to my very high expectations of it. I think looking at the foundation of the federation and starfleet and how they formed will be an intersting ride. I cant wait for the next episode!
Martin Richards, UK

I liked the first installment of Enterprise, a bit of humour never goes amiss and as a first episode, it was quite good. I thought the balance between making the ship and equipment look pre-original and yet new was well done but that song - yikes.
Steve Kynman, UK

Having looked forward to the new Enterprise series for some time now I feel that my anticipation was completely unjustified. I switched off three-quarters of the way through as I was left completely numb. Im sure it will still prove popular with Trek enthusiasts who cant get enough of the type of mind numbing drivel. Its sad to see such an accomplished actor as Scot Baluka in this type of role. His performances in Quantum Leap prove that he is capable of better things than this.
Griff, UK

Why are there new races? Are we to believe they were wiped out before Kirk et al and then never mentioned? It seemed to me that the crew were all a bit dim, especially the guy who amusingly crashes every ship he flies. All in all it could have been a lot better but it was pretty good if you suspend your disbelief, I just wish I could do the same with the theme tune.
Matt Callaghan, UK

Well, I guess Voyager's status as the best Trek series so far hasn't been challenged yet. Taken as a whole, though, this wasn't a bad start. Some of the scripting was terrible, and Rick Berman's prediliction for schmaltzy American cheese was too much in evidence, but the acting's okay, and the "temporal cold war" could prove interesting. The sexual dimension was overplayed and gratuitous, but at least it was balanced: the men and the women were equally exploited.
Jon, UK

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