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Thursday, 22 November, 2001, 18:02 GMT
Jagger doc comes over all Hello!
Mick Jagger
Jagger can rely on his celebrity friends to buy the album
By BBC News Online's Keily Oakes

Mick Jagger is everywhere. There is no escaping him and now he is on your television screen.

Being Mick is an 70-minute look at the life of one of the biggest rock and roll names in history as he puts together his new album.

But thankfully it does not concentrate too heavily on the creative process of his solo CD offering Goddess in the Doorway.

This is pure Hello! TV and it is easy to tell that it was put together by the star's own production company Jagger Films.

For those that know little about the man himself, other than what is written in the tabloids, this is a real insight.

Jerry Hall
Jerry Hall is still a constant presence in Jagger's life
His persona is one of a man who does not know how to grow old gracefully.

But after an hour and a bit of watching him care for his children and basically have a good time you think: "Well, good luck to him."

He comes across as a very funny person, always there with a one liner or a hearty laugh to lighten the mood.

He also has an inordinate amount of celebrity chums - and children.

Forget Geri

Viewers see Jagger and daughter Elizabeth attend the lavish Tie and Tiara Ball hosted by Elton John.

A particular comedy moment is when he asks her to point out who people are as he has trouble remembering faces.

He particularly forgets who Geri Halliwell is and she is in the papers more than him.

Jade Jagger
Jade Jagger is just one of Mick's children taking part in the documentary
As well as the "family man" and "joker" we also see the cynical and biting side of Jagger as he snipes about Kate Winslet dropping out of the Enigma première at the last minute.

He and Elton John, another elder statesman of pop, also rip apart Madonna's concert.

Pink shirt

All good fun for the viewer but you wonder what the conversation will be the next time they meet.

Another unintentionally funny moment is when Jagger struts around a swimming pool in a pink shirt looking every inch like Popstars judge Nasty Nigel Lythgoe.

Of course the programme is a vehicle to promote his album and with the likes of Wyclef Jean, Pete Townsend and Lenny Kravitz collaborating it makes talk of poor sales all the more confusing.

For non-Jagger/Rolling Stones fans the musical interludes can get in the way of a good snoop about the life of a true rock star.

But Jagger comes across as a thoroughly nice bloke.

If the solo career goes belly up we will continue to want to know about every detail of his exciting life, true or otherwise.

Or he could always go back on the road with the Rolling Stones and make megabucks.

Being Mick is on Channel 4 on Thursday 22 November at 2100.

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