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Sunday, 4 November, 2001, 14:17 GMT
The Others: Your views
Nicole Kidman struggles to keep a grip on reality as Grace in The Others
A horror story with not a drop of blood in sight
Nicole Kidman's latest film The Others is a ghost thriller about a mother trying to protect her children in a haunted house.

Directed by Alejandro Amenábar and produced by Kidman's ex-husband Tom Cruise, the film stands in stark contrast to her last project, Moulin Rouge.

"There is no blood and guts in this chilling tale but that allows the imagination to go into overdrive, with real 'hiding behind the sofa' moments," wrote BBC News Online's Keily Oakes.

But what do you think?

Is this the scariest movie of the year? What do you think of Kidman's performance?

Here is a selection of BBC News Online users' views.

I had the opportunity to see the film during my last visit to Madrid, where it was an absolute success. Nicole delivers an amazing performance, making the viewer immerse themselves in the dark and thick atmosphere that her character Grace inhabits. The film is extremely well structured, keeping the suspense until the very end. Your pity for the contradictory Grace (sad, strict, caring and loving) grows throughout. And it is very scary too! This is a must see.
Patricia, UK/Spain

I have to say that it has to be one of the scariest films I have seen in a long time. At one point (and you'll know the part when you see it) I literally screamed out loud in the cinema. Super scary with a fantastic end. Out of all the films I've seen this year, this is the one I'd say you should see.
Sally Lock, America

Totally kept you going. I screamed out loud at points and the mood was very creepy. I love the twists and turns. It reminded me of the old film, Turn of the Screw, based on Henry James's novella. Excellent.
Stella, USA

A sophisticated horror, in the vein of The Turn of the Screw or The Sixth Sense, that relies on a constant subtle build up of tension rather than big bangs and gore. Kidman continues to take her place as one of her generation's most talented actors.
Olivia Moore, UK

The performances in this film are outstanding - the child actors were very convincing

Rik, UK
All the movie reviews for this film said it had a fantastic, stunning "twist in the tail" ending. Rubbish. As soon as this film started, you could tell exactly what was going to happen. This has to be one of the most clichéd, hackneyed, obvious ghost stories ever seen.
Dick Masters, UK

I saw it a few weeks ago and thought it was very spooky. I can honestly say that I screamed out loud at some moments. A definite must-see.
Andrew Tolputt, Bahamas

The performances in this film are outstanding - the child actors were very convincing. Ms Kidman holds the film together wonderfully, the contrast with her performance in Moulin Rouge demonstrates what a talented actress she is. Although the clever plot twist is not original it is nevertheless unexpected and better executed than in the last film that used it. Definitely a film well worth seeing.
Rik, UK

Absolutely stunning. Great acting and direction combine with a creeping, chilling story. The scares, when they come, are all the more effective for the steadied but involving build-ups. And the final pay off? See it soon before someone spoils it for you....
John, UK

The Others was a touch disappointing for me. Kidman is a very fine actress in my view, but she seems - at least initially - a little wooden and uncomfortable in the role of Grace, whose very "English" formality doesn't seem quite real. As the story progresses the acting improves, however, and the whole cast is able to operate a tale of suspense and horror, quite effectively.
Euan Roddin, USA

Utter, utter rubbish. The Haunted with the lights turned out. It's so obvious!

Darren Jack, England
I went to see the rubbish Jeepers Creepers which was labelled "The best horror film in years" but The Others should rightfully have claimed this honour. Nicole Kidman was brilliant as always, after her great performances in Dead Calm, To Die For and Moulin Rouge. Isn't it about time she got an Oscar?
Mel, Ireland

I saw this film over the weekend, and thought it was excellent. A 'proper' film that works because of a combination of a clever story, good acting and good direction.
Stuart Mingay, UK

Utter, utter rubbish. The Haunted with the lights turned out. It's so obvious! Twists in the tale? They're not twists. They are slow meandering bends that have been sign-posted about an hour before.

Advice? Don't bother. And Kidman's awful too.
Darren Jack, England

A good film that has you jumping out of your seat, but it shows its hand within the first half of the movie.
John Gibb, UK

The film was fantastic. It deserves all the praise it is getting, and none of the criticism.
Bill Smith, UK

Quite simply it is probably the best ghost story I have ever seen

Simon Wilson, Canada
At last, a Hollywood movie that relies on great character acting and perfect pacing, rather than explosions and gore. This is a measured and intelligent horror movie, which builds the tension perfectly towards a shocking conclusion. And to think that Kidman tried to pull out of the movie!
Conal Presho, UK

Certainly a well done film, however, I would humbly suggest that its nuances and plot development could have been more woven and elaborate. It did bear a slight resemblance to an elongated episode of TV's The Twilight Zone. One would expect a little more from a feature film.
K. Manchester, Hong Kong

One of the worst movies I have ever seen. Painfully slow. It did have a good twist in the tail at the end but overall a very dull movie with only a few thrills!
Jean, USA

The last time I screamed out loud in a cinema was during Carrie. The twist was not obvious - well, not to me anyway. The acting, especially by the children, was superb. An excellent spooky, scary film. Go and see it!
Karen, England

I had the good fortune to see this film a month or so ago. I still dream about subjects related to it - not exactly nightmares. Quite simply it is probably the best ghost story I have ever seen. All performances are masterful, and throughout a "more is less" approach prevails. This equates to great direction; the actors themselves and the art of the possible not being undermined by trashy special effects. See it... and you will dream...
Simon Wilson, Canada

A great performance once again from Nicole Kidman. She'll be one to watch at the 2002 Oscars

Iain Rawlins, UK
It's a refreshing change from the usual Hollywood big-budget splurge and Nicole is rightly praised for a great, emotional performance. However, the first half of the film did tend to drag somewhat and could have been edited better to make it more taut in places. However, a great twist to the story more than makes up for any slow bits and this is a movie that will you have talking in the cinema lobby and on your way home. Make sure no-one spoils the ending for you!
Ingmar Collinson, UK

This film is excellent, tense, scary, edge-of-seat stuff, with a terrific twist at the end. Definitely a film in the Hitchcock mould and certainly one not to miss.
Elene Viganò, Italy

A truly superb movie for 2001. The film lays down its setting and characters in a slow to start fashion but feeds the pyschological fear to the viewer as it runs. The film setting, although shot in Spain, is surreal and spooky with mist encapsulating the afflicted house. Kidman is on edge throughout as a clearly unhappy and stern mother of two whose husband is away fighting the war.

There are some genuinely frightening moments in this movie and the music only adds to the suspense build-up that is superbly crafted. One of the "must see" movies of the year!
Patrick Hearn, Canada

This is one of best films of 2001. It is totally chilling and leaves you feeling numb. The film is full of thematic elements and frightening moments and a great performance once again from Nicole Kidman. She'll be one to watch at the 2002 Oscars.
Iain Rawlins, UK

Great story, great acting, but too slow and not scary enough

Tom Skinner
I saw this a few weeks ago in the US, and it's a great film. Nicole Kidman gives the best acting performance I've seen this year, and the children are excellent, especially as these are their first acting roles. It's the only film recently that's managed to scare me (as opposed to Jeepers Creepers, which is in no way unnerving). Besides, how can you not love a film with Eric Sykes in?
Steve, UK

Great story, great acting, but too slow and not scary enough.
Tom Skinner, UK

Well crafted, spine tingler with superb lead performance from Ms Kidman. Highly recommended.
Carl Beetham, UK

One of the spookiest films I've ever seen. The suspense is almost too much at times. Anyone who doesn't jump out of their skin at some point just isn't paying enough attention.
Rachel, UK

The Others is a triumph of ensemble talent. Alejandro Amenabar's script, direction, music and the masterful performance of his cast combine to create a film that is breathtakingly compelling and atmospheric! Particular praise must go to Nicole Kidman who draws the viewer into the film, fraying your nerves to breaking point, as you witness her tension and fear mounting slowly towards the inspired conclusion of the story. The only movie to thrill me as much as The Others this year has been Moulin Rouge. The question remaining now is which one of these excellent films might help Nicole Kidman secure her first long overdue Oscar?
Liz Sahn, England

Continuing in the impressive line up of the director's films (Tesis, Abre Los Ojos), The Others provides a very subtle build up of suspense. Kidman is impressive, as are the supporting cast. A must-see.

It says something that a director like Amenabar has to do an English speaking film before his films get widespread showing and recognition. Anyone who has seen the previous two would have known already that he is a master of suspense and the thriller. It's about time the American dominated cinema industry woke up and realised that the rubbish they churn out is not up to the calibre that is widely available in non-English speaking countries.
Andy, UK

I love movies. I love Nicole Kidman. I sat through one boring hour of The Others and had to left the theatre before I fell fast asleep. A big bore!
Jessica, USA

Nicole Kidman was excellent, and the movie was worth every penny. Love it.
Suzanne Dubeau, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Contrived, second rate chiller. Ponderous with few special effects.
Simon Burton, UK

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