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Potholes making road 'dangerous'

Stan Bagwell
Mr Bagwell wants Wiltshire Council to repair the road properly

A Wiltshire man has called on the newly-formed council to sort out the potholes that he claims are making the A345 a dangerous road.

Stan Bagwell, a parish councillor who lives in Enford, said the road is in a "terrible condition".

"It is a dangerous road, we've had several accidents... it's not just potholes, speed comes into it as well."

Wiltshire Council said it was aware of the problems at Enford and that it was investigating.

The council also have responsibility for care for the elderly, for education, collection of refuse
Graham Hay, Wiltshire Council

Mr Bagwell said the road was being patched up, rather than being resurfaced, and that when he asked the council it said it came down to a lack of funding.

"That's been going on for years and the whole point is the reason the roads are in a state now is because [a lack of funding and] that's all they can do, to put patching jobs down and that's unrealistic," he added.

He wants the newly formed Wiltshire Council to repair the road properly.

Council spokesman Graham Hay said in many respects he agreed with what Mr Bagwell says.

"Certainly to the north of Enford over a period of a few years we did have some awful crashes up there, [but] there's some awful driver behaviour associated, but we re-surfaced all of that, so we are responding where there are problems," he said.

"We could always spend more (on Wiltshire's roads).

"(But) when the council allocates funds to road maintenance they also have responsibility for all care for the elderly, for education, collection of refuse and all sorts of other things."

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