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Last Updated: Sunday, 6 January 2008, 15:15 GMT
Archaeologists dig at cathedral
Archaeologists at work in Salisbury Cathedral
The team will record any burial features found below the floor
An archaeological dig is under way at Salisbury Cathedral to prepare for a new font to be installed as part of the 750th anniversary celebrations.

The dig will ascertain whether the drainage, pump housing, reservoir and water supply can be installed under the cathedral floor.

The new font replaces Sibirica Minor, a water sculpture by William Pye at the north porch crossing.

It was commissioned from William Pye and is due to be designed during 2008.

The main body of the cathedral was completed in 1258, when the nave may have been paved in Purbeck Marble.

This was replaced in 1878 at a cost of 1,250, during the restoration work undertaken by Sir George Gilbert Scott.

The archaeological explorations being undertaken will investigate any surviving evidence of an earlier floor and record any burial features found below the floor.

The team will also open up the area so that the elements for the new font can be installed, with minimum impact on any archaeological deposits.

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