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Addicts banned from school gates

Their actions had led to drug paraphernalia scattered in the area

A group of drug addicts who had been openly injecting drugs outside a primary school in Leeds have been banned from the area.

Eight men and four women have provoked considerable fear in the Little London community by using drugs in public places, Leeds County Court heard.

Drug paraphernalia had been found in the area and their actions also led to intimidation from dealers.

Community leaders welcomed injunctions granted against the 12 addicts.

Leeds County Court was told all 12 had a history of drug abuse and had been seen using drugs outside Little London Primary School and Little London's Children's Centre.

'Strong community'

Jill Wood, head teacher at Little London primary, said: "It's absolutely fantastic that these people will now be prevented from coming into Little London.

"We will be more confident about walking the streets, day or night, and parents will feel a lot happier about picking up their children from school without fear of intimidation.

"Little London is a strong community and these injunctions show what we can achieve when we stand together."

The injunctions were granted as part of a campaign by West Yorkshire Police and Leeds City Council to tackle drug dealing and drug-related crime in the Little London and the Woodhouse areas.

Insp Fran Naughton said: "The granting of these injunctions against these problem drug users should help to improve the situation even further.

"For too long their drug-fuelled behaviour has impacted on the lives of local people and now we have orders in place to keep them out."

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