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Last Updated: Tuesday, 30 October 2007, 22:19 GMT
Detective work for vague letter
Roy Ashby and his violin
A music shop eventually tracked down Mr Ashby
A letter vaguely addressed to a "brilliant violinist" has found its way to a Staffordshire village from the other side of the world.

Postal workers said they were puzzled when a letter from Australia turned up at the Tamworth sorting office with hardly any address.

It simply said: "Roy Ashby (violinist - a brilliant one?) living in a village close to Tamworth, Staffs, England."

But after detective work, Royal Mail workers found its rightful owner.

'Detective agency'

The letter had come from Mr Ashby's long-lost friend John Bussey, who he had lost contact with decades ago.

The vaguely-addressed letter
The letter was addressed to a "brilliant violinist"

Postal workers said they asked colleagues and van drivers to see if they knew Mr Ashby.

They also checked phone directories and the electoral register, but failed to track him down.

Postman Peter Armitage said: "Then someone came up with the wonderful idea of ringing a local music shop and they knew him and were able to give us his address."

Mr Ashby said: "When it came through the door I looked at the envelope and thought, 'how the hell did they find me?'.

"It was very vague, wasn't it? But it arrived. The Royal Mail must be a fantastic detective agency."

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