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Last Updated: Thursday, 11 October 2007, 09:50 GMT 10:50 UK
Motorway sign 'biggest in Europe'
The main entrance to the Bescot Stadium
The sign will be built on columns on the stadium car park
A football club has been given permission for a large illuminated advertising sign which will be seen from both sides of the M6.

Walsall Football Club said the v-shaped sign, measuring 115ft (35m) by 39ft (12m) and 30m by 39ft (12m) will be the largest sign by any European motorway.

Walsall councillors said they believed the sign, by junction 9, would make no difference to drivers' safety.

However, road safety campaigners said they feared it will distract motorists.

The sign will be built on columns on the stadium car park in front of the Homeserve Stand and will be visible from the motorway.

It will be used to advertise the club's sponsors and an estimated 200,000 vehicles will drive past it every day.

A spokesman for the club said it would be "a major landmark".

'Attract attention'

Councillor Mike Bird said they believed there were already many signs along that stretch of the motorway and the club's board would make "little or no difference".

Mr Bird said: "Walsall Football Club is a very important part of Walsall town life .

"They are one of the biggest employers in the borough and if we are to assist them in bringing in revenue to make that happen and keep them as employers in the town then we should do so."

Tim Shallcross, of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, said: "The whole point of an advert is to attract your attention and then give you some information so it's not just a landmark like the Angel of the North, this goes further.

"It's trying to take your attention away from driving and then distract you."

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