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Last Updated: Wednesday, 25 January 2006, 09:16 GMT
Ban for exclusive Christian body
A Christian group at the University of Birmingham says it has been banned from using facilities after refusing to open membership to those of other faiths.

The Evangelical Christian Union (CU) said the Student Guild wanted it to change its constitution and impose a Guild leader onto its executive.

The CU said it has also had its bank accounts frozen by Guild authorities.

The Guild has said any of its students should be able to join any of its societies.

Concern raised

But Andy Weatherley, from the national support body the University and Colleges Christian Fellowship, said: "Christian Unions should be permitted to restrict membership to only those people who profess faith in Jesus Christ."

The CU added that the Guild raised concern at the words men and women, as it could be seen as excluding transsexual/transgender people.

It said that when it tried to book rooms with the Guild it was told it could not be accommodated, as the CU was involved in too many activities.

President of the Guild, Richard Angell, said: "We have to ensure by the 1984 Education Act that all of our societies are open to students' membership and that the procedures by which we go through to allocate those resources are fair and equitable across the board.

"We have to ensure that all of our members have the right to hold positions within the organisations.

"By being a society you are a member of our governing body."

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