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Last Updated: Friday, 13 January 2006, 17:34 GMT
Church condemns radio wedding
Greg Cordell and Carla Germaine
Will a new couple last longer than Greg Cordell and Carla Germaine
A Birmingham-based radio station has rejected church criticism to re-run a contest to find two strangers willing to marry live on air.

BRMB denied claims from a Warwickshire vicar that Two Strangers and a Wedding 2, was a cheap publicity stunt.

The Rev Mervyn Roberts said: "This is an affront to the institution of marriage - they are not giving commercial radio a good name."

But BRMB said the contest promoted the institution of marriage.

The station came under fire from religious leaders during the original version of the competition in 1999, where the couple split three months after the wedding.

In a statement, BRMB breakfast presenter Elliott Webb said: "It is our job to engage and challenge our audience.

"I was there during the previous event and am looking forward to Two Strangers & A Wedding 2 - it's already got everybody talking."

'Totally hypocritical'

But Mr Roberts, spokesman for the Diocese of Coventry and vicar of St Chad's Church in Bishops Tachbrook, near Leamington Spa, accused BRMB of a cynical attempt to raise its profile.

"They have got their heads together and said 'This got us publicity last time, it's going to get us publicity this time'.

"Throwing in luxury items is immoral and it's totally hypocritical to stand up there and make those vows when they have not been committed in love to each other - I think that's absolutely shocking."

More than 250 people have registered to become the bride or groom.


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