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Last Updated: Thursday, 13 December 2007, 15:24 GMT
Polish warning over drink driving
Drink drive poster in Polish
Posters will be offered to places where Polish nationals work
Posters written in Polish warning of the dangers of drink driving are being put up in a former steel town in County Durham.

An estimated 1,500 Poles live and work in the Consett area, and police want to make them aware of the national Department for Transport campaign.

They are being distributed around local pubs and other premises, as well as factories and construction sites.

Police said they were not suggesting it was only Poles who drink and drive.

Dozens of A3 and A4 posters have been printed in Polish and English.

They bear the image of a bell asking: "Jakie bedzie twoje ostatnie zamowienie?" Translated, it means: "What will your last order be?"

Underneath drinkers are advised that "Jesli piles na imprezie, zamow do domu taksowke", which means "if you've enjoyed a drink tonight, then order a cab home".

Local interpreters have told police that while the relevant legislation in Poland is similar to the laws in this country, it is not actively enforced.

Inspector Andrew McConnell said: "Of course I am not suggesting it is only Poles who drink and drive but there does seem to be a cultural gap which needs looking at.

"It is up to us to make our Polish residents aware that drink-driving is not tolerated here and anyone found breaking the law will be arrested."

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