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Last Updated: Tuesday, 11 May, 2004, 15:38 GMT 16:38 UK
Talks aim to ease city congestion
Students are already discouraged from bringing cars to the city
Students are facing a crackdown on car use in a drive to ease traffic congestion in Durham City.

Talks are under way between Durham University and the students' union to try and come up with a solution to the problem of parking and traffic flow.

The university says it already tries to discourage students from bringing cars.

The students' union says one proposal is to restrict students' car use in some areas, which it opposes, but says it has a number of ideas.

The university says the discussions are at an early stage with no firm proposals being put forward for approval yet and it is working with student representatives.

It says it tries to discourage students bringing cars because of the small size of the city and its colleges division has been looking at parking and traffic issues with local authorities for a number of years.

Craig Jones
The students' union wants incentives to use public transport
Dean of colleges and student support, Professor Tim Burt, said: "We are exploring a set of proposals to discourage some of the present car usage in central areas of Durham by extending our current licensing system.

"The ongoing discussions provide an opportunity for the views of student representatives to be fully incorporated in the process."

Student Union president Craig Jones said many students needed to use cars because they had part-time jobs outside the city.

He also said the issue should be looked at in terms of the whole city and not just focus on students' car use.

He believes issues that should be considered include providing incentives to use public transport, like concessions, enforcing a limit of two cars per household for students and residents alike and exploring park and ride schemes.

He said: "I think it started off with a bit of a divisive situation but I am positive we will be able to achieve a consensus."

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