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Last Updated: Wednesday, 13 July, 2005, 21:09 GMT 22:09 UK
Rural road speed campaign starts
Drivers using country roads are being urged to watch their speed as safety campaigners target summer drivers.

Recent government figures show that approximately two thirds of collisions happen on rural roads.

In Northumberland, 46 people have died, 255 were badly injured and 1,097 had minor injuries on single carriageway roads in the last three years.

The peak months for collisions are July and August and Safe Speed for Life is reminding drivers of speed limits.

Northumbria Safety Camera Partnership spokeswoman Sarah Cossom said: "Most drivers recognise the dangers of driving too fast in built-up urban areas and have slowed down accordingly in recent years, but speeds and collisions continue to be a problem on rural roads in the region.

'Not a target'

"We're seeing far too many people killed and seriously injured due to errors of judgement on rural roads, with many of these due to either overtaking at speed or failing to adjust their speed for bends and corners.

"When you see the national speed limit sign of a white circle with a diagonal black line across it means that's the maximum speed for the road, not a target, as it's often necessary to drive well below that."

But she said it was also important to drive at the appropriate speed for a road to prevent other drivers from making dangerous manoeuvres out of frustration.

Organisers said a public opinion survey carried out in the region in June showed just 46% of car drivers questioned knew that the speed limit for a rural single carriageway was 60mph.

The limit is 40mph for HGVs and 50mph for caravans or trailers, buses and light goods vehicles.

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