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Last Updated: Tuesday, 14 September, 2004, 05:09 GMT 06:09 UK
Red meat and alcohol bowel 'risk'
Eating a diet high in red meat and alcohol may triple the risk of a bowel disease relapse, according to research carried out on Tyneside.

Scientists at Newcastle University found those who ate larger amounts of red meat and drank more than two units of alcohol per day were at risk.

Researchers studied 183 men and women with ulcerative colitis in the north-east of England.

Those who eat over 100g of meat a day are three times more likely to relapse.

The risks increased further for those eating red and processed meat, with patients five times as likely to suffer a relapse.

The researchers also found that patients who had a high intake of animal protein in general - meat, fish and eggs - tripled the risk.

The same increased risk of relapse was seen for those who drank large amounts of alcohol.

The findings were published in the medical journal, Gut.

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