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Last Updated: Friday, 7 January, 2005, 19:39 GMT
Backpacker's family sets up site
Leanne Cox
Leanne had arrived in Thailand just before Christmas
The family of a backpacker from Hartlepool who is missing following the Asian tsunami has set up a website to give support to others affected.

Leanne Cox, 23, arrived in Thailand just before Christmas and was last seen on Phi Phi island on Boxing Day.

The website tells Leanne's story and invites others to make their own contributions to the site.

Her parents say they hope it will offer comfort to other families and be a place they can put their own tributes.

Her father Alan said: "I felt they would be helpful to other people like ourselves to have somewhere where we could go and talk about people who we have known and loved and possibly lost.

Jean Dogan
Leanne's mother says she is looking for some comfort

"We felt it would give some comfort to people and other people can go on there and input their stories and their pictures and messages."

Leanne left England in November 2003 after graduating from university to go travelling with friends.

They spent a year in Australia, then went on to New Zealand and Singapore before arriving in Thailand.

Friends told her family how they had seen her trying to climb a tree when the wave struck.

Her family have visited Thailand, where they put up posters and gave DNA.

Leanne's mother Jean Dogan said: "I don't want to believe my daughter is dead. I want to believe a miracle can happen even though I know the chances of it are very slim.

"So I am not looking for a closure, but I am looking for some comfort."

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