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Last Updated: Friday, 6 July 2007, 11:13 GMT 12:13 UK
Action on 'misleading' flight ads
Airport passengers
Calls for fair flight deals have come from trading standards
Budget airlines are "continuing to advertise misleading prices", trading standards officers have claimed.

West Sussex Council is spearheading a drive for fair deals, spokesman Bruce Treloar said. He gave two examples of the problem, which he found on the web.

He said a 10 deal claimed to include charges but charges were later added. Another 234 deal ended up as 358.

The council was working with the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) which will consult airlines and firms, he said.

It's time-consuming, frustrating and an outright rip-off
David Gleave

The 234 deal for two people to fly to Turkey showed a price of 358 after the dates were selected, and "a massive list of supplements" was then added, Mr Treloar claimed.

They included fuel supplements of 80 per person, a "late booking charge" of 30 per person, an "adult supplement" of 28 per person, air passenger duty [government tax] of 10 per person, and an air passenger levy of 10 per person, he said.

And the principal trading standards officer for West Sussex said an air safety investigator who flies as a passenger up to 300 times a year had told the council he still gets caught out.

David Gleave, from Crawley, told trading standards officers he took up one "free" flight offer, but ended paying 225 in "extras" such as fuel tax, insurance and government taxes.

"It's time-consuming, frustrating and an outright rip-off," Mr Gleave said.

In June, the OFT threatened legal action against some airlines over "misleading pricing".

The airlines said they were working towards compliance.

The OFT had previously given carriers and travel companies three months to include all fixed non-optional costs in their basic advertised prices.


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