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Last Updated: Monday, 25 February 2008, 15:02 GMT
Staff call for safe route to work
People who cycle to work on an industrial estate in Suffolk have said the roads are too dangerous to use.

Staff at the William Clowes printing works at Ellough Industrial Estate near Beccles, are calling for a cycle path.

Workers have said they are worried about the risks of death or injury because of the speed of traffic.

Sustrans, the charity that funds cycle paths said it had no funds for the project, but encouraged workers to keep campaigning for financial backing.

William Clowes moved from its site in Beccles town centre to a new purpose-built printing works three miles away at Ellough in 2004.

My main fear is someone is going to get killed
David Mummery, worker

The move allowed the site to be redeveloped by Tesco and the land sale paid for investment in new technology.

Some of the workers cycle to the new site, but one said the hazards on the road were becoming too great to make cycling a safe option.

He said: "The speed of the traffic at night time is especially worse, and early in the morning.

"There's no light around and you've got your lights flashing, but the cars do get really close and the road isn't that wide. A cycle route is definitely what's needed."

David Mummery, leading the campaign for workers, said: "My main fear is someone is going to get killed eventually.

"There's been no end of near misses.

"One of my colleagues has nearly been knocked off his bike about three times at night.

"Myself I was involved in a near miss with a lorry on the same route.

Nigel Brigham, from the cycle charity Sustrans, said: "I'm afraid to say it's not the only the only case we get.

"We get an awful of people saying they'd love this type of facility.

"I would say keep going even if the county (council) is saying no at the moment. Things may change and if you've got a strong case, keep going."

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