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Last Updated: Thursday, 26 January 2006, 12:14 GMT
Denture expert to fix hen beaks
Cosmetic surgery is to be done on two hens with clipped beaks after they were rescued from a battery egg farm.

Beryl and Ginger are to have shortened top beaks repaired by a dental expert.

The pair were among 50 hens facing the chop - at just nine months they were judged too old to lay quality eggs - but the flock has been saved.

It was taken in by the Jaybeth Animal Sanctuary near Haverhill in Suffolk and owner Carol Harris has already found homes for 48 of the birds.

She said: "The top part of the beak goes further back than the bottom one so that they cannot feed properly, but otherwise they are in quite good condition.

"A vet suggested a dentist could make a false top beak which could be glued on.

"Nobody normally lets these hens live beyond nine months, but I am hoping there will be a happy ending for them."

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