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Last Updated: Wednesday, 10 May 2006, 11:26 GMT 12:26 UK
Grave raid remains to be reburied
Police remove the human remains
Police began searching the woodland after a tip off
Arrangements are being made for the body of a woman removed by animal rights activists to be reburied.

Gladys Hammond's remains were taken from St Peters Church in Yoxall, Staffs, in October 2004. They were recovered from Cannock Chase on 2 May.

Mrs Hammond was related to the Hall family, targeted by animal rights protesters because they bred guinea pigs for medical research.

Four people are awaiting sentence on Thursday for blackmailing the family.

They previously admitted a charge of conspiracy to blackmail at Nottingham Crown Court.

Further DNA tests carried out on the remains have conclusively proved the body is that of Mrs Hammond.

"Mrs Hammond's family have been informed and arrangements will now be made for her re-burial at St Peter's Church in Yoxall," a police spokesman said.

The David Hall and Partners' Darley Oaks Farm, in Newchurch, was involved in breeding guinea pigs.

In January the family said the farm had closed and its certificate, allowing the breeding and supply of animals for medical research, had been returned to the Home Office.

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