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Last Updated: Tuesday, 24 June, 2003, 03:17 GMT 04:17 UK
Speeding councillor caught on own camera
Mobile speed camera
Mobile speed cameras will help tackle road deaths
A Staffordshire county councillor has been caught speeding - with the mobile speed camera he bought for the local police force.

Robert Marshall had paid for the detector with money given to him by the council to spend on good causes.

He was caught doing 42 miles per hour in a 30-miles per hour zone but said he was glad to know the equipment was working.

He said: "I was chugging along and slowed down a bit but obviously not enough.

My experience proves that the cameras are totally indiscriminate and that they are working
Robert Marshall
"Being caught has slowed me down, hopefully it will do the same for others."

Mr Marshall, of Old Farm Drive, Codsall, now has six points on his licence following a previous motoring offence and can apply to have them removed after four years.

However, he could be banned from driving if he accumulates 12 points during that time.

He said the authority gave each councillor 10,000 a year to spend on good causes and that he had responded to residents' concerns about high-speed drivers.

'Caught sooner or later'

Mr Marshall, who represents Wrottesley ward, said: "I thought that helping to buy this mobile speed camera would be good.

"With fixed cameras people know where they are and slow down for them before speeding up afterwards.

"Mobile ones could be round any corner on any lane. If you are speeding, sooner or later you'll get caught."

He added: "My experience proves that the cameras are totally indiscriminate and that they are working."

Councillor Robert Marshall
"I am definitely driving considerably slower now"

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