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Last Updated: Thursday, 2 November 2006, 16:40 GMT
Fight to stop theatre demolition
People in a Surrey town are fighting to save their theatre from demolition.

Waverley council plans to knock down the Redgrave Theatre in Farnham as part of the East Street regeneration scheme.

Nigel Morley, from the New Farnham Repertory Actors' Company, claimed the council had failed to tell people about its plans to demolish the building.

The council said the proposal had been public knowledge for many years. A public meeting on the scheme is to be held in the town on Thursday evening.

Last chance

Mr Morley said consultation with Farnham's residents about the East Street Development failed to mention that the theatre would be demolished if the development went ahead.

He said: "People were being asked to comment on things they didn't know were going to happen, so the council's interpretation was that not many people mentioned the theatre on the survey.

"We have a petition that was taken in the streets of Farnham about four or five years ago where we got 7,000 signatures in favour of the theatre."

He added Thursday's consultative meeting at the Church House in Farnham was the last chance for people to make their feelings known.

A spokeswoman for the council said: "After lengthy consideration some years ago it was decided that Waverley could no longer continue to subsidise the theatre out of public funds and the decision was made to focus Waverley's support for performing arts in the Maltings."

She said the East Street Development had "always provided for the demolition of the theatre building, albeit with the retention of the adjoining Bridewells House".

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