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Last Updated: Friday, 17 March 2006, 11:50 GMT
Serial killer gets six life terms
Daniel Gonzalez

A man who fantasised about being a serial killer has been given six life sentences for knifing four people to death and trying to kill two others.

Daniel Gonzalez, 25, from Woking in Surrey, showed no emotion as Old Bailey judge Ann Goddard told him that in his case "life should mean life".

Gonzalez was convicted of killing two men and two women in Sussex and London over three days in September 2004.

He will start his sentence at Broadmoor maximum security hospital.

The killer is considered to be one of the Berkshire institution's most dangerous patients.

As the 25-year-old was led to the cells on Friday, a relative of one of his victims clapped in the public gallery and shouted "goodbye".

After his arrest Gonzalez told police he had wanted to kill at least 10 people and be remembered as a "famous serial killer".

From left to right clockwise: Derek and Jean Robinson, Marie Harding and Kevin Molloy
From left to right clockwise: Derek and Jean Robinson, Marie Harding and Kevin Molloy

He said he wondered what it would be like to be Freddy Krueger, a grotesque serial killer from the Nightmare on Elm Street horror films, for a day.

The defence had argued Gonzalez should only be found guilty of manslaughter through diminished responsibility because voices in his head told him to kill.

The prosecution agreed he had a personality disorder, but said it was not a mental illness.

The jury took just 90 minutes to agree and convict him of murder on Thursday.

His victims were: Marie Harding, 73, who was stabbed to death in West Sussex; Derek Robinson, 75, and his wife Jean, 68, who were attacked in their home in Highgate, London; and Kevin Molloy, 46, who was murdered in a north London street.

The men who survived his attacks were Peter King, 61, in Portsmouth, Hampshire, and Koumis Constantinou, 59, in north London.

Footage of the arrest of Daniel Gonzalez

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