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Last Updated: Thursday, 12 January 2006, 20:02 GMT
Cancer woman paints a new future
Shona Masters
Shona Masters had her left breast removed two-and-a-half years ago
A woman who had a breast removed after being diagnosed with cancer is looking for contributors to a charity calendar.

Shona Masters, from Crowborough in East Sussex, wants other breast cancer sufferers to follow her and have their naked bodies painted and photographed.

Ms Masters, 43, spent eight hours being covered in body paint as a way of trying to rebuild her confidence.

She now wants men and women who have had breasts removed to volunteer for a calendar to be published in September.

Ms Masters said being painted and photographed was very liberating and made her feel "more empowered".

"As soon as the jacket was painted on I felt clothed. Then the trouser part went on and I felt like I had a suit, so I was just sort of wandering around like nothing had happened," she said.

One woman who has already signed up for the calendar is Tracey Sturgeon.

"It's slightly outrageous," she said.

"My kids are absolutely horrified but coming to terms with it now.

"But I think it'll be a really good way to show that even tough you've had a mastectomy you still are beautiful and you're still the same person underneath."

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