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Last Updated: Wednesday, 24 May 2006, 09:53 GMT 10:53 UK
CCTV crackdown on bus lane cheats
CCTV camera
Parts of the city's existing CCTV network could be used
Drivers who clog up bus lanes in Sheffield could soon be caught out by a network of CCTV cameras under plans being proposed by the city council.

Councillors are meeting to approve plans to use the cameras to enforce bus lane restrictions.

Culprits face fines of 60 as the local authority tries to reduce delays to public transport caused by congestion.

The scheme would be launched at the Hillsborough bus/tram gates where 5,000 drivers a day flout the restrictions.

If approved, the plans would be introduced this autumn and would be extended to Glossop Road shortly afterwards.

'Thoughtless behaviour'

Terry Fox, the council's cabinet member for transport, said: "It is vital that we start enforcing our bus lanes as the levels of abuse are leading to significant delays to thousands of people who travel on the city's roads every day.

"In the case of Hillsborough, we know that around 5,000 vehicles per day are abusing the current restrictions.

"This thoughtless behaviour causes queuing, which badly affects public transport and adjoining roads."

He said two and a half minutes was being added to tram journeys passing through Hillsborough Corner compared with journey times when the bus/tram gates were first installed.

Buses were being affected just as badly.

Mr Fox said: "When we first introduced the bus/tram gates, most drivers complied with the restrictions, but, because there is little threat of enforcement, abuse has escalated to the levels we see today.

"We are not looking to raise money from motorists, we just want them to respect the restrictions, which are there for a very good reason."

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