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Last Updated: Sunday, 30 July 2006, 10:40 GMT 11:40 UK
Priestesses to open temple doors
The Goddess Temple
The mysterious cult is mentioned in the Da Vinci Code
Mysterious priestesses from Glastonbury say they have been forced to reveal more of their beliefs after being mentioned in the Da Vinci Code.

The Priestesses of Avalon are preparing to throw open the doors to their temple in the Somerset town.

Since their cover was blown in the best-selling novel and movie, they want to be more open.

Next week, hundreds will travel from around the world to attend their 2006 Goddess Conference in the town.

Christina Zaba, of the temple, said: "The conference is the main event of the year.

"It's a time when so many people come to attend and it's five days of finding out more about the feminine divine and having a lot of fun.

"The book alerted everybody to us and we are no trying to raise money for a bigger temple. People are now very curious about us."

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