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Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 November 2005, 15:14 GMT
Engineers create new iris reader
Human eye
The unique pattern around the pupil is turned into a barcode
A new iris recognition system has been developed by engineers who claim it is more accurate than any other available identification technology.

Engineers at the University of Bath came up with the system which captures the unique pattern around the pupil.

Prof Don Monro, from the university, said the new system had done the same job as systems already in use but with much greater accuracy.

"The computer procedure has been 100% accurate in initial trials," he said.

"Accuracy is very important in iris recognition because as well as ensuring that the person in front of the technology is who they say they are, you also don't want people turned away should the system make a mistake, the so-called insult factor," Prof Munro said.

The system works using algorithms (computer procedures) to "unwrap" a digital image of a person's iris and create a unique encrypted "barcode" that can be stored on a database.

"No two irises are identical, even the left and right eyes on the same person differ," he said.

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