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Last Updated: Monday, 26 September 2005, 09:28 GMT 10:28 UK
Rescue for Atlantic kite explorer
Little Murka, the kite-boat
The craft was named Little Murka by Mee's friend Uri Geller
A Somerset explorer has abandoned his latest venture to cross the Atlantic after being scuppered by hurricanes near the United States.

Dom Mee was 39 days into his plan to travel from Canada to Devon on a 14ft kite-powered boat when he hit bad weather, including 60 knot winds.

Emergency beacons were activated and supplies dropped to Mr Mee from a rescue aircraft.

The Canadian Coastguard has since rescued Mr Mee, 34.

Uri Geller

His spokesman said: "The combined effects of four hurricanes have taken their toll on Dom's communications. It was time for him to pull the plug.

"It is horrendous out there. It is 50 to 60 knot winds with enormous swells.

"Eighteen months of planning has turned into a 39-day epic. The weather let us down."

Mr Mee had hoped to travel the 3,500 miles to Devon in 35 days.

Mr Mee's friend, magician Uri Geller, named the boat Little Murka.

In the past, the former Royal Marine commando led a team of seven people on a six-week trip retracing the steps of the Victorian explorer Sir John Ross.

On another expedition he became trapped in pack ice while trying to paddle across the Arctic in a canoe.

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