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Last Updated: Monday, 22 March, 2004, 16:55 GMT
Farmer swaps Somerset for Siberia
Michael Ware
Mr Ware says he is now "closer to nature"
A Somerset farmer who left England to farm in the frozen waste lands of Siberia says he has no regrets.

Michael Ware set up home 3,500 miles away in Russia and began sheep farming after his marriage failed.

Temperatures often reach minus 50 degrees Celsius in Dubinka, Mr Ware's new home.

One woman living in Dubinka told the BBC: "It's incredible anyone would want to move to our God-forsaken village."

Russian wife

There are no buses or shops in the village, and the nearest phone is three miles away.

But Mr Ware, the first foreigner the villagers had seen, said: "Maybe they missed the meaning of life in England a little because everything is so easy there.

"Whereas here in the village you're closer to nature really."

Mr Ware has a Russian wife, and also keeps cows and chickens as well as the sheep.

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